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  1. I've heard before that you can edit a config to allow more flashlights to be visible at once. As standing in a group of 32 units, only a small handful have flashlights visible. Moving around changes which of these are active. My question is, where is the config and what do I edit to allow more lights/flashlights to be visible. I've searched this extensively and only found different flashlight related questions. Edit: The max I can seem to get on the default setting is 7 units flashlights, or 6 when I turn on my own. Which has always ruined the immersion in dark or night time missions I've made for myself.
  2. I get the same error, validating the files on steam does not appear to work. I've also got Arma 2, Arma 2: OA and all three DLCs. I have tried validating files several times without it being fixed at all. I guess I'll try reinstalling it. Edit: Forgot to mention that none of the buildings on Bystrica appear either. I've not yet tested the other two maps, but I assume they may have the same problems. Edit 2: Reinstalling did nothing, I've also found a few other bugs too. No buildings in any of the 3 maps appear. Shooting at the new soldiers is sometimes weirdly delayed, making them seem unkillable, but they randomly fall over after a short while. Like I unloaded a full clip into one guy's head point-blank and he stood there for ages before dying.