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    Takistan buildings in Arma 3?

    Do you know of any that has those Afghanistan style houses and huts? ---------- Post added at 02:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:15 AM ---------- I´ve found a way to do so: By using AiA (All in Arma) mod and Dren´s OA Editor Update, I can force Arma3 to show all Takistan/Zargabad buildings. But now, I can no longer load the Arma3´s 3D Mission Editor. I was thinking about using Arma2´s 3d mission editor instead, but I wonder if the conversion .biedi to .sqm from Arma2 will work with Arma3. Does anyone knows anything about it or has any other suggestion?
  2. stormridersp

    Takistan buildings in Arma 3?

    How do I find their class names?
  3. Hi guys, I´m looking for those fully functional Takistan/Zargabad buildings, houses and huts to be used with Arma3´s mission editor, tho I have A3MP-AP installed, I can´t find them anywhere. How can I find/unlock them? Thanks
  4. stormridersp

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Its very weird, I can only connect to it via VPN. Why would my country be blocked from it?
  5. Hi guys, recently I decided to try and improve the Zargabad map to satisfy the needs of some missions that Im currently creating and that means placing new objects, like compounds, vegetation and also improving the existing structures. I´ve been around since early OFP days so I´m pretty much habituated to the in-game 3d mission editor, tho a bit surprised that after 15 years, BIS still didnt improved it, in a matter of fact it was degraded in some ways, like many other aspects of Arma3. Even the current 3d mission editor when I opened it up for the first time I was a bit surprised that it said "Obsolete, Not for Release!", so I´m a bit worried of spending a lot of time in it and not getting the expected results. Also, most threads covering the inbuilt 3d mission editor are at least 150 days old which gives me this feeling that it was surpassed by something else out there. What I would like to ask is what is the current best way and best tools to map edit at mission level. Thanks
  6. stormridersp

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Are you sure this one is working? I keep getting that the webpage is not available.
  7. stormridersp

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Has anyone got valid links for those tutorials? Apparently both nekromantix and armamapmaking servers are out.
  8. stormridersp

    Sangin WIP

    Are you a moderator? If not, just let them do their work, would ya?
  9. stormridersp

    Sangin WIP

    Top top!
  10. stormridersp

    What would you like to see worked on next in ArmA 3?

    Definitely a proper Damage Modelling. They (BIS) had more than 15 years to develop it and they still didn´t, and we´re still crawling with that same lame hitpoints flawed system; its not a top selling feature after all, is it... So, this and a proper medical system are the 2 features that should have been in the series since the beginning.
  11. stormridersp

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi guys, first, thanks for this awesome mod, it gave new life to Arma3. I need to report a bug/issue that we found earlier today when another player from our squad got hit badly and felt unconscious right next to me. Luckly, we´re inside a compound which barely provided any cover but I almost instantly started treating his wound, which were many and for that, I couldnt briefly bring him up. By that time, we´re still taking a considerable amount of fire so I decided to use the AGM´s carry function, so to take him upstairs behind some cover. What happens next was that while the carry function was being initiated, he recovered his consciousness and got stuck indefinitely in that position, floating in the air as if he was on my shoulder. Maybe if there was a "reset" own position function, he could have recovered himself from that awkward position, avoiding an unnecessary respawn.
  12. stormridersp

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    What I would like to see within the domain of this mod is the ability to carry an injured/dead soldier. It could even go further and provide the ability to put them incapacitated in vehicles´ cargos. Other than that, I love this mod, it was a great addition to the 19thMCU Takistan Insurgency Server. Keep up the good work!
  13. stormridersp

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    What I would like to see in Arma3 is a "gameplay realistic" EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) module. The problem: Right now, the community tries to tackle the IED problem by developing overly complex scripts to simulate IEDs and Explosives Handling. Proposed features: 1- New bombs/explosives models using the existing AP Mines code: Instead of developing complicated coding to trigger explosions, why not just utilizing the current Arma3 mines but with new objects like plastic jugs, partially/fully burried artillery/mortar ammunition, a pile of rubbish, debris...? Its an easy and elegant solution and most of these objects are already in the game! 2- The Mine (metal) Detector: Why not "gameplay realistic" simulating this tool? I mean, right now one only needs to carry it in his backpack and it works like a charm detecting all the artifacts in a 50m radius. This mod could a) reduce is effective radius to "gameplay realistic" values and could even go further by b) requiring the operator to activate the tool, thus limiting the character´s movement speed or requiring this tool to be activated by being manned in a weapon slot. 3- The disarming: Disarming IEDs in Arma3 is clearly underrated. In real life, an EOD operator would only attempt to disarm an IED, putting his life on the line, if its really needed. There are far easier and safer methods of E.O. disposal like for example blowing it up with explosive charges, which is the most used technique. If disarming is attempted and sucessfully carried out, then a new object is created, the "pressure plate" (the trigger device), which could be used in modules like @ALiVE or Takistan Insurgency as an Intel Object, hinting the general/precise location of the "Bomb Maker". 4- The EOD robot: Its a small unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that could be carried either as a backpack or in a vehicle´s cargo. This UGV has the capability to inspect bombs/mines (mine detection) and carry explosive charges to be dropped near it. These UGVs could be activated and controlled either by the non-turreted Hunter back passanger´s console, or by a regular UAV terminal. 5- Random IED placement module. Thats it, what do you guys think?
  14. Thank you for your effort, man. I don´t have scripting knowledge either, but I can be of help with whatever you need.