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  1. Okay, thanks for the help guys but the solution was nothing to do with pboproject. I already had a model in my map which was an arma 3 sample model (I modified the config files to suit my folder locations). The config file was in the same folder as the sample model. Out of curiosity I moved the location of all the config files to the top level model folder in my map folder structure and now all my custom models are working in game even though they are not in the config files. http://imgur.com/hceHCqd http://imgur.com/YAli0br Once again thanks for the help
  2. I have decided to continue with a map project I started a few years ago and had stopped due to the upcoming release of Arma 3 and it's new tools. I have managed to get my map into terrain builder and finally working in game which is great. My problem is that I had started creating some custom bridge models in oxygen and I was able to add them add to my map. These models were very basic just mostly for show with no physical properties and config files etc. I am using pboproject to pack all my terrain files and models into two pbo files one for my map and one for custom models. I can pack the terrain files no problem but when I add my custom models to my map pboproject stops at my models with the following error xxx.p3d needs to be in temp as binarised. pack your models, or copy over a binarised p3d When I use binpbo I can pack the models and they appear in game so I'm not sure if it is my setting in pboproject. I can pack the models using addon builder but I still get the same error when I try to pack my map with pboproject I am not sure if it's the folder structure I have or my pboproject settings. PC Folder structure and Pboproject settings http://imgur.com/a/D1qNG Models from Arma 2 map http://imgur.com/a/SDeEI I'm running out of whiskey trying to sort this out !!!!
  3. If there are any Island makers or modelers that could give me a sample bridge model in p3d format, I'd be most grateful. I created a simple rectangular bridge with a geometry lod and a roadway lod and all my vehicles worked perfectly. I then modified it to have more detail and since then It doesn't work at all. I cannot replicate the original bridge. All my vehicles come up to the bridge, grind to a halt then travel around. I know this has always been an issue but I'm sure someone has a working bridge out there. I have just started using oxygen and I'm getting to grips with the basics. I have no idea about config files so any help would be welcome.
  4. stoo65

    Sample Bridge Model

    Hi again, tried one of the sample bridges from the zip file (cheers Bushlurker). Vehicles still went mental at the bridge, so tried your idea of removing the road underneath which helped to a certain extent. The vehicles drove onto the bridge but started bouncing around. I'll just have to keep trying different combinations. Sorry to hear you've put your project on hold Bushlurker, is this the Scotland map you were working on. I was looking forward to some Scottish terrain.
  5. stoo65

    Sample Bridge Model

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll try tweaking the overlap as you said Bushlurker. The only problem is that my bridge is crossing a motorway not a river, so I can't have any road showing under the bridge. I'll try the invisible road sections for this. Bushlurker, the link you gave me for the models contains no bridge sections. el76 I'll try the 25m sections if this does not work. I had the idea of inserting a road section as a proxy object but as I said before I have no idea about config files and even where to start.