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    Proman View For Vehicles

    While this is sorta neat, I just want to inform you about a fallacy in how you feel It's fine if you feel this is helping. But a higher fov reduces your ability to "process" as you are now shoving even more information in front of you. Oddly, I'd use this tool to reduce my fov even more.... Lol. (I run a 45 fov while playing racing games x.x)
  2. Of course. I'm speaking in terms of functionality directly. :) TFAR is like an open source acre 1, and acre 2 is a reimagining of acre 1, with what I would say better features (multichannel audio sounds amazing)
  3. And TFAR is functionally the same as ACRE1 for ARMA 2 (which came out a long time ago). In fact, I'd go so far to say that ACRE2 will be way different from TFAR than ACRE1 was. :/
  4. I'm having issues starting the second chapter of the campaign with this mod enabled. It seems like it runs at the load, then tries running again at the cutscene then alternates and fails. Is there a load delay capability? I'd like to set it to 7 minutes to start anyways. ;) ---------- Post added 07-09-2014 at 12:27 AM ---------- Previous post was 07-08-2014 at 11:55 PM ---------- Nvm. I disabled this mod and it loaded fine once, disabled another and renabled this and it works fine! (Plus I downloaded the latest version rather than the PWS version. You should upkeep that ;D)
  5. Make that a hotkey (like Shift + X, which i'll use to explain my next idea) and I'll bite. You should also see about reversing it so you can do a "foot" lift. Example: >_> But I don't know ARMA modding stuff so i don't know how many workarounds you had to make to get THIS working lol.
  6. lithiumfox

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    I think the biggest difference you'll notice is that with culling you're just removing from the render, whereas with shadowmaps, you're now adding shadows to the render requiring more power from the host computer. Culling, in theory and if done correctly, should in most cases retain the same performance, if not increase performance (in some cases). They do this in DayZ a little bit with Object Culling when you're inside a building to help reduce the strain of rendering the inside and outsides. ;) Only now we'd be doing it with lighting (which is something DayZ is actually working on as well to allow for better night-time looting)
  7. lithiumfox

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Just wanted to say you're doing awesome can't wait till the next update ;) DayZ added a huge amount of population to ARMA and sadly most of them of children. Hopefully it'll die back down and we can enjoy our game again haha. ^_^
  8. Well that's disappointing :) Sad to see a majority of people are going away from mods and trying to stick with pure scripts [which when you have a lot of them in one mission, seems to cause a lot of lag] Ah well, I guess it'll do. It's a fine script anyways. ;)
  9. Would all of the gear/jumping work with ejecting out of a player flown jet such as a C17? Our group tends to do all things manually, though this could be pretty interesting if used with Halo Jumping in, say, Patrol Ops (though I'm thinking about removing it and making it so a pilot will have to transport them :D lolol.
  10. lithiumfox

    ASDG Joint Rails

    TBH, they should look into building ASDG into CBA >_> :D It is called the "Community Base Addons" for a reason... although sadly what ends up happening once a game becomes popular because of a mod is that everyone tries to get their popularity more so than actually help the community. Or they let their Ego get the best of them... Hopefully wont happen here ^_^ And I'm seeing a lot of promising modular mods! [Though still waiting for ACE]
  11. lithiumfox

    WR5 M14 pack

    Please add ASDG rail support. Unless BIS optimizes their rail system to be based on a "rail style" system, ASDG is the best we have for compatibility with other scope mods and what not. Also, the bipods in ASDG are animated (foldable) AFAIK, and work well with TMR Modular Realism weapon resting :D (afaik)
  12. Any chance would could get this as a full blown mod? Our group uses a modpack so we tend to like to add as little to each mission as possible (because laziness or whatever lol). If not, is there a chance we could try and find some way to convert it for our own use? I'd prefer to make it so that our vehicles can do this in any mission unless we do a "lock" script on said vehicle or mission (like prevent it for gameplay reasons). If not I mean, i guess its not too hard to just add it to our missions just.. ^_^ That way we could always have the most up to date without having to go and re-edit all our old missions we like to play lol. :) (Plus mods are awesome :D)
  13. lithiumfox

    Secondary Monitor as Map

    Basically, this is what i've gotten out of this thread: