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  1. Damu

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    Of course Arma3 development is impacted by DayZ, but not so much to be worried. Rocket is the only person who leaves the team. I think he deserves to be released for his dream project. Of course we share some small resources (far far from fulltime), however in A3 project size and development times it's really nothing. This can change in future, well, I don't think it'll happen. A3 is going it's own way. And more we can gain from DayZ development even for Arma. Can't promise anything for DayZ. I can just say we won't go against each other. So, DayZ team is not recruiting people from A3 so far, just partly using some specialists. And vice versa.
  2. Damu

    Arma 3 & TOH

    Take On helicopter flighmodel WILL BE also in Arma3. Now I can safely confirm it will be also in campaing and it will be DEFAULT flightmodel for ALL the helicopters.
  3. Damu

    Operation E3

    We didn't find a way how to draw such amount of bushes in the distance without killing a performance. It's especially annoying when using optics. We don't see a solution for this, unfortunatelly.
  4. Damu

    Operation E3

    In queue, not started at all yet. Not sure if I understand. Do you mean clutter or the objects? Not physical. Not sure about visual (tessellation), we are just testing this technology, there are more important issues so far.
  5. Damu

    Operation E3

    There is really no community member living in LA or visiting E3 who could come and feel the difference then share his own experience here?
  6. A little. E3: Talon Core i7 960, GTX580, 12GB, Win 7 64, SSD
  7. From our observation, SSD influence on gameplay is low (but noticable), however the loading speeds are very very fast with SSD. So running the game again and again, the SSD is a must.
  8. Damu

    Operation E3

    Unfortunatelly yes. There are several things together. PhysX3 is one of them. We are just evaluating how much we have to postpone the alpha. We don't want to release something unusable. I will announce our result during or right after E3.
  9. General question, general answer - find your bottleneck and tune your settings. Most often it's visibility distance.
  10. Welcome. 32bit. We have already talked about 64bit, but this is not bottleneck, so we have postponed the conversion. We think it's smarter to speed up shaders, particles, make deferred lighting (should help the performance too) and so on.
  11. It could be always better. It's always price:gain ratio. Yes. Yes. "Unoptimized" usually means in extreme cases - very high visibility distance, big scale battles with lots of AIs and thousands of particles. Yes. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Arma3 is not finished and lots of work (also in optimization) is waiting. Often it's a matter of compromise(s). We are unable to catch all the issues on every rig in the world. But we will keep trying. Alpha could help a lot.
  12. Damu

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well, PhysX is not ready yet. We have decided to move from PhysX 2 from VBS2 to PhysX 3, which requires more time than we thought. The result is PhysX in E3 is in the beginning again, however the goal should be much better including bigger potential for the future updates/features.
  13. Damu

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It's the same as the wishlist. Not important if community or BI. Deferred lighting could make it into a patch, DLC or addon. Nobody knows so far. Depends on many many things. But if Arma series will continue, there will be deferred lighting, not so far in the future. Again, not in Arma3 release, sadly.