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  1. joker68

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Precious tip! Thanks major!!
  2. joker68

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yes, I'm aware of that. Currently I'm trying to use the Pilgrimage_COOP_1_94wip6.Altis, but tried also the wip5 and another one (I guess it was even older, like 1.84 or something). Always with COOP on the name. When I mention the SP version is just for behavior comparison between the SP and COOP versions (loading time, menus, etc). SP works flawlessly - playing alone, of course. EDIT: Figured out what was happening - I was indeed clicking on the wrong version. There were two Pilgrimage missions appearing on my mission's list, and I didn't noticed the one with "coop" in the name until now (it was way above, not in alphabetical order). It's working fine. Now I'm going to hide somewhere for a few months out of embarrassment. Thanks for everyone who helped me (specially Kremator, whose commentary get me thinking why he was thinking that I was using a non-coop version - only reason would be the presence of the menu - and sure enough there were another entry way above the one I was using).
  3. joker68

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thanks for your answer major-stiffy. Yes, I do have this version of the Altis Pilgrimage (unfortunately I cannot test at Tanoa because my friend doesn't have it yet). I can play coop on a multitude of other missions (I'm always the server for a small bunch of friends - up to 4 or 5 - who play together sometimes), having even made a custom version of Invade&Annex also, so I think I'm ok regarding server ports and general setup (unless for some reason Pilgrimage needs extra ports, which I believe is not the case). As for the Pilgrimage settings, I didn't try to change them (tried vanilla, which is fairly "normal"). As I commented, when I play on the Alpha 2-1 slot, the game loads without problem, but whoever is at the slot 1-1 gets stuck at the "settings" menu (which obviously doesn't appear for the 2-1 slot). One curious thing is that the settings menu cannot be navigated by mouse on the coop version, only using keyboard, which indicates that something is wrong right at the start. This behavior doesn't occur on SP version, which plays just fine. 3570K@4.5Ghz, 16Gb RAM and Arma installed on SSD. Is there some "special trick" like "disabling AI" or setting "companion on/off" that I need to be aware of? What I'm doing> hosting a server, choosing 2 at the number of players (tried with more, no results), and then selecting the Altis version. On the slot assignment screen, we choose our role and then continue. That's the moment where whoever has the 1-1 slot sees a black screen stating that it cannot locate GPS (or something like that), and then presents the player with the settings menu and the blue button "Begin Pilgrimage". The only way to click on that is to use TAB to get across all the options and then pressing ENTER or SPACE to activate it. It then gets stuck, forcing an ALT-F4. Meanwhile, the other player enters the map and keeps waiting until he sees the "player X disconnected" message. When using the SP version, it takes a few seconds to load everything from "Begin Pilgrimage" until the spawn at the beach. I waited until a full minute on coop version before I give up (no disk activities or spike on cpu usage where observed during this time, indicating that the game was stuck indeed). Should I wait more time? Cheers
  4. joker68

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hi everyone. I'm a huge fan of the Pilgrimage mission, and it's the one I played most so far (it alone justifies having Arma3, IMHO). Yesterday I was trying to play it with a friend (coop) for the first time, but wasn't able to make any of the CoopWip versions work. What happens is that whoever is the Alpha 1-1 character can't enter the game and is left at the "island picture screen" (the one that appears as a background for the menu where you must configure the options and then click "begin pilgrimage"). The Alpha 2-1 enters the game normally, and then after a while the 1-1 is disconnected still stuck at that screen (must Alt+F4 out of Arma). Tried without mods, disabling AI, etc. Nothing seems to work so far. Any hints from those able to play it? How did you managed to get past the menu? Cheers, and even if there's no way to play it coop, kudos for this awesome mission. EDIT: Solved (see 4 posts below)
  5. joker68

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    New to 1.24: if you're hurt, your weapon will sway more. Ok. BUT, swaying gun while prone? Seriously? Didn't like it. Also, PLEASE, change the priority on actions: movement takes precedence, always! For instance, if you're crouched, and begin to reload your weapon and suddenly the enemy starts to shoot at you, let the avatar MOVE. I don't want to wait until it finishes his "reload movements" until I can move again (bacause at the time I'll be dead, for certain). Take away these two things, and ARMA3 will be a bliss. Cheers.
  6. joker68

    Exit WITHOUT saving?

    Thanks for the tip. Last question: does this mean that I'll be unable to save at all, or just when I try to "save and exit" from the regular menu? What I'm really after is a way to save during MP missions, so me and my friend can exit and retry the mission right away from the last saved point, without having to restart from the beginning.
  7. joker68

    Exit WITHOUT saving?

    Any way to exit a mission WITHOUT saving it? ALT-F4 sometimes corrupt mission files, and besides, it is annoying to have to load all the game again just for this. First game I see that doesn't have a simple EXIT option. Congrats, brilliant idea, Bohemia. (but not) :mad:
  8. What this game needs *urgently* is to be able to prioritize movement, i.e., if you start to receive fire while reloading your weapon (or doing something else, like changing weapons) and you give a command to crouch, prone, run, roll, or whatever... - this should be *mandatory* over what else the "avatar" is doing at the moment. Any animation should be stopped at once and the character should be allowed to move, obeying to player's commands. Maybe paying a penalti (like dropping the ammo if it was reloading, etc), but this would be a "plus". The most important thing is to be able to move at all times. Period. At present, when you start to reload or do anything that shows an animation, you're stuck (sometimes for several seconds) and cannot move until the animation is completed, and this is nonsense. In real life, you would stop doing anything and start to run for cover if attacked during a reloading procedure, for instance. The way it is now, considering the already slow reaction time implemented in game, if the enemy starts to attack you while you're doing something, it's like you must first wait for your avatar to finish what he is doing, then wait for him to brush his teeth, then wait for him to shine his shoes and then, only then, you'll be allowed to move. Of course, you'll not move because you're already dead. Huge game breaker.
  9. Just for the record: I'm having this issue in ARMA2 as well. Using latest nvidia drivers with my 9800GTX+ 512Mb, everything in NORMAL (video). Since I'm playing in 1920x1080, I plan to buy another card (HD5850?) to replace my 9800, but as far as I know, the problem isn't hardware related.