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  1. Since you are using ace, just use the ace interaction system to load the injured player into the chopper. When you get to the destination use ace interaction to interaction>passengers>name of passenger>unload make sure you are running the ace compatibility pbo located in the ace mods optional folder for the RHS mod you are using.
  2. Are you attempting to set up multiple respawn points for players with one being on the Aircraft Carrier? The way i set up my respawn system on Tanoa was by using the BIS respawn templates (Works like the respawns in the Apex campaign) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn The way i added a respawn position on the carrier was by adding a position to the via BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition initPlayerLocal.sqf [west,[x,y,z],"Name of Respawn on menu screen"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition Doing the respawn point this way causes the player to spawn with a parachute. Im spawning the players like 0.2 above the deck of the carrier. Their is a rare occasion that you can be killed by the parachute when it hits the player lol. I have not found a better way since running a trigger to telaport was not a viable option for me.
  3. Cytreen

    Terrorist Organization Black Order

    Love the mod but since the new 1.4 update CBA started throwing this error from this mod. Soon as i reverted back to version 0.3 it went away. 1:24:59 [XEH]: One or more children of class Car do not support Extended Event Handlers. Fall back to loop. 1:25:00 Error in expression < ((!(_value isEqualTo [])) && {!(_value isEqualTypeAll 0)}) exitWith {true}; if > 1:25:00 Error position: <isEqualTypeAll 0)}) exitWith {true}; if > 1:25:00 Error isequaltypeall: Type String, expected Array 1:25:00 File x\cba\addons\versioning\XEH_preInit.sqf, line 51 1:25:00 Error in expression < ((!(_value isEqualTo [])) && {!(_value isEqualTypeAll 0)}) exitWith {true}; if > 1:25:00 Error position: <isEqualTypeAll 0)}) exitWith {true}; if > 1:25:00 Error Generic error in expression 1:25:00 File x\cba\addons\versioning\XEH_preInit.sqf, line 51 1:25:00 Error in expression < ((_this select 1) select 1)}; I am building a 16 player multiplayer campaign ware this mod is featured as the main enemy. They dont make an appearance until later though. Been working on the first mission for a long time now. Hope you can figure out what in the update caused CBA to have a fit though.
  4. I've never released any missions publicly but im sure some of you have played the 15thMEU ACE insurgency missions at some point back in arma 2. Back in arma 2 i always attempted to keep the MP mission under 5MB, but my missions were big sandbox missions for the 15thMEU recruiting servers (15thMEU ACE Takistan Insurgency and their Fallujah Insurgency variant). The mission file size was small because they needed to be for the recruiting server so JIP players wouldn't affect the current mission performance (Yes JIP players DL files do have an impact on mission in performance depending on server scale). In this scenario the number one priority should be mission performance. The only time i ever heard anything regarding mission file size was some of my experiments mashing MSO and Insurgency into one mission which made the pbo file almost 10MB. That complaint was from mission file size and had nothing to do with JIP performance. I dont know if player sin arma 3 are still touchy on file size anymore as mod packs for servers are getting to be around 20+ GB. Personally, i say it depends on the what the mission is designed for and what are the goals of the mission maker. For big servers like a realism units recruiting server, the substance(story/reasons of why/fluff) of the mission is not a huge priority and the mission is often completely devoid of such things. Missions for servers like these need to be bullet proof against pubbers doing what pubbers do best, and thats breaking the server lol. Mission performance and game-play experience are the top priority as they need to bring players in and have engaging game-play that require teamwork. No amount of custom music or sounds is going to do that unless it is integral to the mission. The missions ambiance takes a backseat to almost everything else when it comes to big server missions like these. Most players don't even take the time read the briefing for the current task as they base their actions off of the task name. IMHO for missions that are just pure co-op mission i dont think file size will have much impact on it when playing with a group of friends or ad-hoc groups of people in teamspeak but If the mission is so large that it take 5min to 10min to download then you might want to restructure it to an addon or put it on steam so people can pre-download it. You also have to take into account for JIP if it makes since for the mission. If your like me and dont do respawns then JIP is not something i want. Just make sure anything your adding actually has meaning and a reason for being their. If the mission is good then people will play it. Having to download mods to play the mission in the first place is the biggest deal breaker but if the mod is popular like CBA/CUP/ACE/ALIVE some of the various unit mods then it should not be a problem since most arma players will likely already have them. For my own arma 3 mission that i have been working on this past month it's projected to sit around the 10MB to 15MB mark when complete. It has a 3:30 min intro sequence(skip-able by mission parameter) but it has substance. Half of that opening is credit sequence like you see in many old movies as it will have many voice actors and people who will have helped me that id like to credit during the opening. Is the sequence needed? No, but neither is the opening credit sequence of James bond movies either. Does it serve a purpose? Yes, it helps set the tone and pacing for things to come in the mission which is the main purpose for intro sequences. Does this take up mission space? It's about 2.6MB mainly due to the song used and its actually cut in half with the 2nd half of the song being heavily edited with sound effects to give the illusion of being played inside the chopper PA system with layers of crew chatter over it. Is it needed? absolutely not, but arma players are not accustomed to seeing missions that strive to push beyond go here kill _x. Most of my mission size comes from the fully voiced and scripted Briefing that correspond with the Slide show of intel pictures that will be shown on the TV screen in the briefing room as well as piping in live UAV feeds of the Objective Area. The briefing is a complete rundown of what you will be doing in the missions in a contextual way that players can understand. Is it required to sit through the 5 to 10 min briefing given by the NPC? Absolutely not. Will you benefit from sitting through the briefing? Tremendously. For those that replay or restart(No respawns) it they can just skip it all together by going to the mission quick start point. Now is all of this voice over filler? Damn right its filler but It's filler with a purpose and has a reason for being their. Other things like sound effects must be their or players wont locate generators to take out the towns power systems. Above all my main concern is client performance given the object heavy nature of some of the scenes. Does mission size have an impact for players downloading it, not really as it depends on the delivery system of the mission and the missions scope like what i described for my mission.
  5. Ok so after some testing i found something rather strange. All previous videos were captured from local hosting the game via multiplayer hosted session. This is what happened when i put it on the dedicated server: original code i started with in the first video. its not ideal but WHY ARMA MUST YOU BE SO DAMN FICKLE!!!! lol sorry local hosted multiplayer session i dont think its ever going to work right. I think its a transforms problem in the engine.
  6. cameraEffect only create a visual effect in the camera. It does not solve the jitter issue. This is the opening sequence for my mission. You can see why i need help to get this jitter issue fixed. The reason im holding so long on shots are mainly due to the way the opening credits work since the mission is going to be voiced. Like the opening of a movie.
  7. Cytreen

    Mission intro template?

    The code i posted is just for the black title screens you asked. The line with the music is a custom music track i have in my intro. To define custom music in a mission look here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext it will tell you everything about what this file in your mission does. Remove the line about the music if you just want to copy past to use the code as is. Playing music in an intro is quite easy if your just wanting to use the music that is already in arma 3. You can play music from a trigger by selecting a music track in the triggers effects field in the editor. Now their are some problems playing music this way. As far as i know you cant stop the music playing until the track ends if its the default music in the triggers effects. I only know how to stop custom defined music that you have setup in the description.ext file. The code i posted above is what i used for my title sequence. I use comments as a way of describing what the code is actually doing. This way when people look at my code they will be able to follow it and get a good understanding of what that particular code does. So when you see the comment in the code i posted you know the first camera the players see when the mission starts is a "establishing shot looking at the sea". It may be a bit confusing since i removed all of my data for [x,y,z] this way you can put in your own. You can delete that whole code block if all you want is the title card sequence. i included one camera point so you could see how to switch to a camera before destroying it and returning the player to his character. To understand what and how to edit on the titleText take a look at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/titleText pay attention to what DreadedEntity posted on that page. He has a vary good explanation on what the 0.2 does in my code. Build a few test mission and experiment with all of the settings on the wiki This is a rough cut of the intro sequence i have been building for my multiplayer campaign mission. It's missing quite a lot of stuff as i have the intro credits title sequence turned off right now. Now what im doing in this intro may be a little advanced for people who are not conferrable with scripting but with a little work you can get the same result. (im currently trying to solve the jitter issue in another thread of mine so please post their if anyone has advice about it, i dont want to hijack this thread) The code below is the same code i used to do the title cards in this video. If anyone was wondering this is not the the full intro sequence, the full intro about 3 min and is a hybrid of sim-interactive (player controlled ) and cinematic. Yes its long but once all the voice over work is done for the other shots it will be worth it. TitleText intro with no player control at mission start. past in mission file named intro.sqf _cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,1000]; _cam cameraEffect ["internal", "BACK"]; CutText ["","Black Faded"]; sleep 1; titleText ["Text line 1 ", "PLAIN", 0.2]; sleep 3.5; titleText ["Text line 2 ", "PLAIN", 0.25]; sleep 3.5; titleText ["Text line 3 ", "PLAIN", 0.2]; CutText ["","Black Faded"]; sleep 3; titleText ["Text line 4 ", "PLAIN", 0.2]; CutText ["","Black Faded"]; sleep 2.5; CutText ["","Black in", 0]; _cam CameraEffect ["Terminate","back"]; CamDestroy _cam; scriptDone introSeq; past in init.sqf or call from onActivation of a trigger field introSeq = [] execVM "intro.sqf"; if you dont need 4 title cards then delete ones you dont need.
  8. Cytreen

    Mission intro template?

    I've never done an intro through the intro section of the mission but i know how to do one in a multiplayer mission if that helps. if i recall correctly the intro section of a singleplayer mission is were you can place units down and run a sequence on mission start and once the mission changes to the scenario portion it deletes everything placed down in the intro part. call it from a trigger activation or from init.sqf introSeq = [] execVM "scripts\intro.sqf"; intro.sqf _cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,1000]; _cam cameraEffect ["internal", "BACK"]; CutText ["","Black Faded"]; sleep 1; playMusic "introMusic"; sleep 0.5; titleText ["Text line 1 ", "PLAIN", 0.2]; sleep 3.5; titleText ["Text line 2 ", "PLAIN", 0.25]; sleep 3.5; titleText ["Text line 3 ", "PLAIN", 0.2]; CutText ["","Black Faded"]; sleep 3; titleText ["Text line 4 ", "PLAIN", 0.2]; CutText ["","Black Faded"]; sleep 2.5; CutText ["","Black in", 0]; ;comment "Establishing shot looking at the sea"; _cam camPrepareTarget [0,0,0]; _cam camPreparePos [0,0,0]; _cam camPrepareFOV 0.700; _cam camCommitPrepared 5; waitUntil {camCommitted _cam}; _cam CameraEffect ["Terminate","back"]; CamDestroy _cam; scriptDone introSeq;
  9. I gave it a go, but camSetrelPos will only move the camera to the position of the chopper at that time it was called. It will not stay attached to the chopper unless the position is constantly updated. To force an update i decided to create an infant loop of the camera code block to test it out.(Only way i know of doing it) It did not work out like i had hoped and i think this may be an extremely inefficient way of doing it. Keep in mind this is all being called from a intro.sqf and is called from the init.sqf via introSeq = [] execVM "scripts\intro.sqf"; I would really appreciate the help as i think this problem is solvable. If not through scripting maybe BIS could get an engine side solution to the problem. Loop test of camera code. ;comment "wide shot of chopper"; _car = Caper; for "_i" from 0 to 1 step 0 do { //_cam AttachTo [chopperLogic,[-30,0,5]]; //_cam camPrepareTarget Caper; _cam camSetTarget _car; _cam camSetRelPos [-30,0,5]; _cam CamCommit 0; }; waitUntil {camCommitted _cam};
  10. I have been working on a mission intro sequence and have come across a little problem. I'm attaching a camera to a helicopter for some exterior wide shots while in flight. The problem i'm having is camera jittering during the wide shots. I am attempting to get the camera to follow along with the chopper by attaching the camera to the chopper via attachTO. It seems the arma engine isnt capable of doing stable camera shots when its attached to a moving vehicles. It works well for things at walking speed but not for vehicles in motion. Anybody got some suggestions for a work around to achieve the same style of shot like in my video? Video of what im talking about Things i have tried so far. -attaching camera to Chopper -attaching camera to gameLogic thats attached to the chopper (It helped reduce some jitter) -attaching camera to pilot/units in cargo Gamelogic unit name = chopperLogic Helicopter name = Caper intro.sqf ;comment "wide shot of chopper"; _cam AttachTo [chopperLogic,[-30,0,5]]; _cam camSetTarget Caper; _cam CamCommit 30; waitUntil {camCommitted _cam}; ;comment "Front Right"; _cam AttachTo [chopperLogic,[-1,8,0]]; _cam SetDir 175; _cam CamCommit 10; waitUntil {camCommitted _cam};
  11. How do i install the workDrive P to another hard drive? The default C:\ drive installation is not an option for me as i dont have the space on it and i use my D:\ drive for everything i need.
  12. I have been working on a new mission recently and i's having some issues with one of my scripted sequences. What im doing is making the AI have a conversation in game in a multiplayer mission. Right now i have it working using the KbtTell function with ogg audio files and .lip i created from arma tools. Everything works as intended on hosted sessions but on the dedicated servers the lip sync fails after the first few lines. Im trying to avoid using setRandom lip but i dont know what else to do at this point. any help would be much appreciated. im calling the script from a trigger using 0 = [] execVM "conversation.sqf"; my KbTell script conversations.sqf Isley KbAddTopic ["introduction","texts.bikb","",""]; Brann KbAddTopic ["introduction","texts.bikb","",""]; Isley kbTell [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_1"]; waitUntil { Isley kbWasSaid [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_1", 3] }; sleep 0.5; Isley kbTell [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_2"]; waitUntil { Isley kbWasSaid [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_2", 8] }; sleep 0.5; Isley kbTell [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_3"]; waitUntil { Isley kbWasSaid [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_3", 3] }; sleep 0.5; Isley kbTell [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_4"]; waitUntil { Isley kbWasSaid [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_4", 3] }; sleep 0.5; Isley kbTell [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_5"]; waitUntil { Isley kbWasSaid [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_5", 3] }; sleep 0.5; Isley kbTell [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_6"]; waitUntil { Isley kbWasSaid [Brann, "introduction", "IsleyLine_6", 3] }; sleep 0.5; hint "Conversation finished!";
  13. As far as content goes having an updated engine does not help when half of it is not even documented or documented so poorly it does not make since. The only Tools that have been released is PBO maker to pack mods into PBO files and Oxygen 2. Oxygen 2 is more of the same but we have no sample models to work from, config files get broken with every update and the multiplayer performance is beyond shit in terms of performance and stability (dedicated servers included.) As for the whole future aspect, people are over reaction to it when allot of the stuff similar to the in game assets is actually being used in Afghanistan today. The caseless ammo is not fielded but caseless ammo (LSAT started development in 2004) has been in Army Trials since 2008 for its two current configurations. The main reason people have an Issue with Arma 3 somewhat futuristic setting is not having the familiar Stoner design in game aka the M16/M4 or the recognizable Humvee. If BIS wanted to make a compromise on the vehicles side it would be to build manned up-armored turret open top or netted with either a M2/Mk19 variation the Hunter (aka the BRV-O.) I have been working on my own mod since Jun of 2013 and im only about 10% done with it so far. Im doing everything myself from the Multiplayer Mission design, modeling(3ds Max and Oxygin), texturing, animation, script(Story), scripting(code), audio, and voice casting for voice overs. Im going to stay with the 2035 setting of Arma 3 as it allows more freedom with mission designs as i am sick of go here kill/rescue this/that. I want to maintain a cinematic feel for every mission thats realistic in setting and game play. Every mission in the campaign has full intro/outro cinematic sequences in multiplayer along with full voiced overs for all AI interactions and mission briefing. The mod itself is nothing more than a multiplayer campaign but i have to create so much in assets for each mission it has to be released as an addon. Since i am trying to stay away from the typical kill/rescue scenarios, i have to build and/or add unique story objects/equipment/vehicles for a compelling realistic story. To give you an example i will not use the SDV in my campaign (yet) unless i can show how the player arrived there and the reason for being there. This would mean i have to build out a full scale Virgina class attack sub in game along with a few interior section to give a realistic setting to the story. This would include full briefing cinematic intro sequences with voice overs from inside/outside the sub to show the delivery of the SDV to the insertion point. Building this out in game takes time. I dont have access to a motion capture studio so any in game or cinematic briefing sequences i do with an AI that is visible to the player. I must either create the animation hand drawn from key framing or recycle some the bis sequences from the campaign. Have not even got to multiple extraction types and debriefing. Most people would ask why the hell do i go into so much detail. Simply put i love doing it and want everything to be correct. (I went so far with wanting to be correct with a mission i did for the 15th MEU the order of the flags/type of flags at the base was correct to military standards.)
  14. Any way you might combine your ideas with the medical system in Americas Army 3. Would be nice if it was as detailed as the AA3 medical system. It also has the possibility of actually killing the player if the medic makes the wrong choice in treatment based on given symptoms. Here are some videos of how the system functions, I think a medical system like this combined with your ideas would be the best thing to happen to arma in a long time. Videos Inside In the actual game when you examine a wounded soldier you get a pop up with symptoms. When you select treat you get a radial wheel with all available forms of treatments. Obviously if you attempt to use a chest vale when not needed it will kill the wounded soldier or if you OD him on morphine and Epinephrine. With your different zones of damage you can create things like sucking chest wound and a need to stabilize the player for casevac to the battalion aid station for full recovery or something thats flagged as a BAS like how you can flag objects to work as a medical tent in ACE. I know that the AA3 system is a bit too hardcore for most so maybe an easy system like ACE2 Wounds and have a additional hardcore module for mission makers who want full on realism like what you see in the videos. Just giving you some ideas to think about. I know allot of realism units would greatly appreciate something to this level of detail. Would be great for expanded use on persistent database missions and make use of the Golden hour rule. As you can tell i cant wait for this mod. I really want a detailed medical system in arma.
  15. Cytreen

    Custscene Cameras

    The intro/outro section in the editor only work for single player missions. It does not work in multiplayer in which i am working. I have various reason for doing it mid mission, and on the outro for my 16 player coop campaign. The problem i have now is BIS broke the sqs camera systems sleep command ~, so none of my intros' play properly without massive amounts of script errors and rpt sapm. I have tried doing it in SQF but the lack of documentation only compounds my problems. I have everything mapped out, and my scripted intro sequence is fully working. I just have camera cuts for the intro camera left, but the new intro camera is stopping me from doing anything. The old way from arma 1 and 2 no longer work without massive errors to the RPT, and bis has yet to document hardly anything related to arma 3. Im going for that cinematic feel and since i do not just arbitrarily spawn the player at the start of any of my missions. (no respawns only limited revive) I have great need of a fully functional camera system like i get in Crytek sdk and Unity which arma lacks. The mission i have built will have to be released as a mod due to its extensive use of custom built objects, equipment, and voice overs. As far as Voice overs go I've got the theater and music department to let me use some actors and make use of the sound studio at my college. PS if you have further questions about the COOP Mission please PM me so we dont derail the thread. I will update the thread when i finish the camera system so people can see how i did it. EDIT: I think i may have solved the problem. I was still calling the sqf from exec instead of execVM:mad: lmao.