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  1. agreed I am highly disappointed with both of them/teams... i was hoping that one day we might get back to old Arma 2 days when you had "one WW2 mod to play them all"... but it seems that to play somewhat complete mission we will end up with many unfinished and incompatible with each other mods that basically doubles the size of modpack and leaves few dozens of same uniform in Editor... before crashing your big awaited multiplayer mission... no matter what happened between them before.... "it's only a great victory" for whole Arma 3 community, especially WW2 fans aka end users of those mods....
  2. lt_mic

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Awesome!!! About vest... it seems all types of protection in A3 are less superior to CSAT/ Space Iranian "nano-kevlar armour" :)
  3. So is there a possibility if: 1. dayZ is released or not 2. CH+ is finished or close to finished 3. I agree to release (by BIS) CH+ as Arma 2 DLC or prefered A3 DLC ? or we have to write a petition to have that as a A3 DLC for X Euros? There are many Arma fans that would pay for new chernarus to be in A3 ... Ps. I find AiA much better than A3C map pack :)
  4. lt_mic

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Amazing Demonstration of amazing guns :) "mellérendelés" ... O_O so what HAF mod now? :)
  5. lt_mic

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Very nice downloading now!!!
  6. lt_mic

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Just can't wait to have time to make some missions with those units
  7. lt_mic

    What exactly is ArmA 3's plot?

    Let's make that Campaign! We have plot, variety of units, altis, we will need Mission makers, zombies script and somebody to make "Showcase: Campaign True Story Spoiler: with zombies" First time in my life i'm not playing ARMA/OFP campaign on release day and makeing my own sp/coop missions based on a plot because there is no campaign plot to continue... :( I'am very SAD BIS :(
  8. Is bug of hearing sounds from Lingor on other "islands" will be fixed in next release? because when you hear parrots ect. on Chernarus or Takistan is a bit weird ...
  9. it might be a silly question (answer will be most likely just 'no') but... Are there any plans to include the models of Brithish Paratroopers in red berets in one of new releases of the Invasion44 mod in near future?? :confused: I think I saw them somewhere ... probably on YouTube .... few weeks ago... I'm asking because I just like the view of red berets (or grey for Polish paratroopers from Arnhem :) ) on Paratroopers models in game (ARMA2, OFP for example) it gives me some kind of strange sense of being glorious and courageous when you are attacking a German MG42 nest in a beret on your head :) and looks great in movies or screens :)
  10. Lingor is awesome! but are you serious with adding to your units pack that yellow "car" thing??? it looks a little odd when you see other units (like Mig21 VPMC) and I'm not talking about the texture :)
  11. I think I have similar(to your second) problem with Arma 2 after 1.07 patch I wanted to play on server with 1.07 so I've tried to update on my PC Arma 2 from 1.05 to 1.07 with a patch from one of links here http://www.arma2.com/supply/all-downloads/file/235-arma2patch_105_to_107.html?lang=pl and what i got was and other: If i was going to ignore that error i was not able to play Multiplayer so i decided to reinstal whole game from awesome DVD (Arma 2 original Polish version 1.02) and I found out that any patch(1.03;1.04;1.05) from my hard drive is not working giving same error....(worked before :( ) Note: Anims.pbo in this bug line can change with air.pbo ect. with all files in your addons folder so i reinstaled ARMA2 again ;downloaded patch 1.00 to 1.07 as Arma 2: Update Guide says: and got that error again... reinstaled game downloaded from other source (as error said patch is corupted) and error again and again and again-> all answers for that error where reinstal game and download patch again..... in all threads about that problem i did not found answer from BI :( people who playied on our Arma 2 server says that i must be kidding and that error can't be true... So i've written to user support in Poland (LEM) answer(2 sentenc's) i've got So after around 20 reinstalations and fail patching(i started to hate music which you can hear in setup) i lost all hope and registered on this forums to find help and attention to that error :( I really did not wanted to make my first post here about an error... but when i saw that Drifter801 made a bit similar thread to my problem i decided to write here instead of starting new theard -> if there is a theard about "ARMA 2 fail patching" with same error I must say sorry and ask moderator to move my post there :) +1 :( I do not want to scare you Drifter but my friend just told me that second problem might be solved by reinstaling windows and in my case changing it from XP to Win7.