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  1. Arma language support for AtomThis packages adds syntax highlighting and auto-completions for SQF files in Atom, including functions and macros from the CBA and ACE3 projects. This package is maintained and developed by the ACE3 development team and the Arma community effort. Support for the following file types used by the Real Virtuality engine has been added: sqf sqm cpp hpp ext cfg This project is open source. The repository can be found on GitHub. Credits A full list of all contributors to the project can be found here. Installation This is an Atom package. It therefore requires Atom and is installed just like any other Atom package. Use either apm or the build in package search functionality to install the Arma Language package. Using apm: apm install language-arma-atom using search: Open Settings Click install Type sqf Install Language Arma Atom Alternatively, you can also download the source from our GitHub repository and install the package manually. Features Syntax HighlightingSyntax highlighting for all functions and script commands by Bohemia Interactive is supported. Next to that, functions and macros from CBA and ACE3 projects are also supported. AutocompleteWith a goal of faster development in SQF, auto-completion for all BIS functions and script commands, as well as CBA and ACE3 functions and macros, is supported. All autocomplete assets also have a type, description and URL to their documentation. SnippetsQuick development also requires writing a lot of different blocks or combinations of code. A handful of useful snippets ranging from BIS conditional structures and loops through CBA macros and ACE3 function headers were added to help you with this. Open Latest RPT FileAllows you to quickly open the latest Arma RPT log file with quick and easy access. Simply open the Command Palette and search for it or navigate to Packages -> Language Arma Atom -> Open Latest RPT File. Build Project ToolsOnly available if the project being worked on is based on a project framework like CBA's and ACE3's. The project must contain build.py and make.py tools. To ease development when working on projects with a framework like CBA's or ACE3's, quick options for building the project directly from Atom is supported. You have the ability to build a development version or a full release, simply open the Command Palette and search for it or navigate to Packages -> Language Arma Atom -> Build Dev/Release. ContributingContributions are greatly appreciated. You can help out with the ongoing development by looking for potential bugs in our code base, or by contributing new features. To contribute something to the Arma Language Package, simply fork the repository and submit your pull requests for review by other collaborators (see Contributing Guide). Please, use our Issue Tracker to report a bug, propose a feature, or suggest changes to the existing ones.
  2. Could you try without the client settings included and see if that does not throw any errors?
  3. Besides adjusting the hpp file or removing the pbo: Yes, that is correct. Note it's not advised to run with ace_server.pbo as a client however.
  4. Yes, you can force them. When forced, clients will not be able to adjust the setting anymore. The serverconfig.hpp / ace_server.pbo works in both SP and MP editor. The only requirement is that your machine is a server, which is the case in both scenarios.
  5. Yes, you can include client side settings with your config export. There is a button to include client settings in the export menu. When pressing export config, it will provide you with both server and all client settings. You can find the relevant user settings in that export and copy those over to your server config, so you won't include all other settings. Alternatively just find the setting name and configure it manually. Client settings look exactly like server settings and go in the same place. We are still working on improving that process, so it's slightly user unfriendly. Hope this helps. If not, let me or anyone else from the ACE team know.
  6. There is a bug with prevent instant death in the 3.2.0 update. We are working on a patch and we are planning to release it shortly.
  7. The time -1 does appear to be broken. I will fix it. For now you can probably use a very large value.
  8. Yes - the revive settings do what you want. Enable revive and set the revive time to -1.
  9. That is a known bug and we are working on a fix for it.
  10. There is a new setting to heal hitpoints after bandaging. I believe it's called remove bloodstains? Enable it and it is how works like before the 3.1.1 update. You can find it in the advanced medical settings module.
  11. We have a wiki page that might help you: http://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/settings.html
  12. It could cause problems if you use signature checking. Still it is not advised to use the ace_server.pbo except on a server. ACE_common_forceAllSettings forces all settings. Clients and regular.
  13. You are probably looking for this: http://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/javelin.html