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  1. Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be attributed to human stupidity. After Microsoft purchased Skype, it has become far more bloated as they try to cram in more features to it. A big reason it takes more RAM is because of the various web-based things it can do now. A lot of the RAM is taken up by the various bells and whistles they add to the program which do not do anything but make it look cooler, rather like the Aero interface added in Vista/Windows 7. In any event, I rarely use Skype anyway because it's always been something of a bandwidth and resource hog, which is a no-no when I'm playing a game online.
  2. xeno426

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    Is it still compatible with the latest versions? Feel free to fix it if it isn't; I don't have ArmA2 installed anymore.
  3. Updated 29 July, 2012 This mod changes and adds to the way the new thermal imaging system is displayed and applied to vehicles in ArmA2 Combined Operations. The majority of ground vehicles have had their thermal sights tweaked in the following manner: gunners have a green thermal scope, and commanders have a red/orange scope (excepts in Russian vehicles, where the commander has the normal black/white scope). The affected vehicles are the Ka-52, Mi-24V & P, UH-1Y, BMP-3, BTR-90, T-90, AH-1Z, M2A2, Stryker variants, HMMWV CROWS variants, 2S6 Tunguska. -Thermal scopes have also been provided to the USMC variants of OA vehicles (AH-64, etc) -The following vehicles have been given the ability to zero in their weapons: T-90 gunner & commander, Ka-52 gunner, AH-1Z gunner, BMP-3 gunner, BTR-90 gunner, LAV-25 gunner, AAVP gunner, Tunguska gunner, all vehicle-mounted weapons with flip-up sights -The driver of the M1A2 Abrams and T-72 can now turn out. -Changes the name of a few weapons. VIKHR-1 is now 9A1472, and Ch-29 is now Kh-29. -Stryker MGS has its "commander" position properly labeled "gunner". Stryker MEV can carry 6 troops. -The commander location in advanced vehicles (T-90, M1 Abrams, M2 Bradley, BMP-3, BTR-90) auto-stabilizes. -The LAV-25 HQ, BMP-2 HQ and BTR-90 HQ can fire smoke grenades. -Partial implementation of zGuba's Gameplay Modifications mod (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7184); only the change to AI fire rates were added -Imperator_Pete's fix for the Refleks and Arkan missile allows them to lock on to enemy vehicles -BigMike's Aircraft Built-in Action Menu was added, insofar as the action menus for the C-130J, MV-22, UH-1Y and AH-1Z. His file seems to have dissapeared from Armaholic and the file lacked any readme with contact information. Since his original file was filled with unecessary code that changed the way some vehicles actually worked and wasn't signed, I decided to include some aspects of the mod unless he requests that I remove them. -When the MV-22, AH-1Z and UH-1Y have their rotors folded, the fuel will be removed from the aircraft to prevent takeoff. When the rotors are unfoled again, the fuel will be returned. Big thanks to Defunkt for figuring this one out. -Two Stinger launchers and 4 Stinger missiles added to the M6 Linebacker's inventory. -T-55's cannon name fixed to display the correct "D-10" name. -proper lock and incoming missile warning systems to the C-130J, A-10, Su-25, Su-34, F-35B, AH-1Z, UH-1H/Y, UH-60, MH-60S, MV-22, Mi-24D/V/P Known Issues: Some weapons will not be able to fire at the max range the turret of a vehicle can zero in at. This is because vehicles can't be given different zero modes for each weapon in a turret; when a range is zeroed that is beyond the capability of the weapon, the weapon tends to default zero at 0 meters. Ka-52 FLIR Ka-52 & Mi-24 zoom levels Changelog: MediaFire Mirror: - TGW Vehicle Fixes 1.56 Armaholic Mirror: - TGW Vehicle Fixes 1.56 Armed Assault.info Mirror: - TGW Vehicle Fixes v 1.551
  4. Mando hasn't been around for ages, so this mod is pretty much dead.
  5. I've got an ASUS Xonar DX, and it's turning out to be a very nice card so far.
  6. Updated 09 November, 2011 This mod is an update of ¤¤Trauma¤¤'s M113_BIS mod, which was unfortunately very buggy. The two M113 models have been removed, leaving only the M163 and Machbet, which have been fixed and updated to OA standard. Both are available to the USMC and US Army. New skins may be added with hiddenSelectionsTextures, and UV map templates have been provided. hiddenSelections[]={"camo1", "camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]={"\M163_VADS\data\m163_vulcan_01_co.paa", "\M163_VADS\data\m163_vulcan_02_co.paa"}; They can be found under BLUFOR->US/USMC->Armored. The USMC version defaults to the woods camo, while the US version defaults to desert camo. The M163 Vulcan defaults with two magazines for it's M168 cannon, while the Machbet has only one magazine for the M168 and three magazines for its 4-shot Stinger launcher. Both use a custom weapon, "TGW_M168", which can use the following magazines: "2100Rnd_20mm_M168" - Default magazine for the stock M168 gun. Not recommended. "TGW_1100Rnd_20mm_M246" - HEI-T round for AA work, default magazine used in the mod. "TGW_1100Rnd_20mm_M242" - HEI-T round with large lethal radius. Less damaging than above round. "TGW_1100Rnd_20mm_M56" - Same round as above, but lacks tracers. "TGW_M168" inherits from the base M168 found in the default game, so any mods that change that weapon will likely have some effect on the aforementioned custom weapon. BlastecoreFX users: I had to modify the weapon to use the GAU8 effects, as the default effects for the M168 had such a massive muzzle blast that it was impossible to see anything while firing. This mod requires Combined Operations (ArmA2 + OA) to work properly. Disclaimer: I do not own, nor did I create, these models. They are property of BIS, so if anyone wants the MLODs I will happily provide them. Known issue: There are spelling errors in the readme that I have fixed in this post. Credits: BIS for the original models ¤¤Trauma¤¤ for the original port, the missile pod on the Machbet, and the new desert camo [GLT]Myke and zGuba for lots of help and pointers Microprose for Falcon 4.0, from which the vulcan sound was taken MediaFire Mirror: - TGW M163 VADS v1.1 Armaholic Mirror: - TGW M163 VADS v1.1 ArmedAssault.info Mirror: - TGW M163 VADS v1.1 EDIT: Now with improved screenshots!
  7. xeno426

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    See the reply 11 posts before your own.
  8. Quick answer is you won't find such a computer; you have to build it yourself. By picking the parts you want or can afford, you easily save yourself a few hundred dollars over similar performance prefab PC's.
  9. xeno426

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Well, there are some mod efforts to bring more modern equipment back into ArmA3, and I'm sure they would love to implement your sounds.
  10. More like placeholder. There were no models of that vehicle available, so the closest thing would be a vehicle that looks similar. The same was done for several other Iranian vehicles.
  11. That wouldn't work. ArmA3 has almost completely different class names, so nothing would fire.
  12. That job would likely entail finally scrapping all the sqs files for sqf, since a major source of issues with his solution is the fact that there's a lot of stuff using the very inefficient sqs format.
  13. xeno426

    Stratis is not Stratis!

    Hello and welcome to several months ago.
  14. xeno426

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    You'd need to talk to the BWMod team about that. Otherwise feel free to open up my pbo file and check out how I did it.
  15. xeno426

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    You don't have to open pbo's up to get a look at the config files. Just start ArmA2 with the mod and dump the game's config file. The game itself reads all the mods and compiles them into memory. This is basic game functionality. Besides, you can't own game config files. Sounds, textures, models, scripts, sure. Not configs, though.
  16. You misunderstand. Even the .pbo file still has all Mando stuff in script format, that it everything is done in .sqs or .sqf files. Virtually NOTHING is done in .cpp files. That heavy script reliance causes major CPU overhead, especially in a long-running game, and eventual script slowdown. Config files plug more directly into the game and so are more efficient.
  17. If they finally allow mod files to be pushed by the server (and you don't have to quit the game for mods to take effect), then Mando might be able to move a lot of his stuff to config files, which would drastically reduce the overhead on the mod.
  18. I really hope they fix that in ArmA3. Targeting stuff should be more involved, like actually moving a cursor over a target you find visually or through other detection means (radar, IR, etc). BIS might also finally discontinue .sqs support in ArmA3, which would mean a lot of the Mando suit would need to be rewritten.
  19. While it is true most games don't use more than 3GB, there are programs that do and you aren't going to be running games in a vacuum; you'll probably have multiple other programs running, not including the OS. I wouldn't suggest any more than 8GB though.
  20. xeno426

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Correct, any mod with a bisign that the server doesn't have a corresponding bikey for will not be allowed if the server does checks for that stuff.
  21. IIRC I gave Vilas a config that had it properly named and gave it a unique icon.
  22. I don't have any first-hand experience with it. But everything I've read indicates it's only changes in the motherboard that invalidates an OEM installation.
  23. Step 1) Download my addon Step 2) Extract the config.cpp file Step 3) Look at how it was implemented in my mod Step 4) ???? Step 5) Profit.
  24. Check out how I implemented it in my mod here. Defunkt is the guy that figured it out.