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  1. Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be attributed to human stupidity. After Microsoft purchased Skype, it has become far more bloated as they try to cram in more features to it. A big reason it takes more RAM is because of the various web-based things it can do now. A lot of the RAM is taken up by the various bells and whistles they add to the program which do not do anything but make it look cooler, rather like the Aero interface added in Vista/Windows 7. In any event, I rarely use Skype anyway because it's always been something of a bandwidth and resource hog, which is a no-no when I'm playing a game online.
  2. xeno426

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    Is it still compatible with the latest versions? Feel free to fix it if it isn't; I don't have ArmA2 installed anymore.
  3. Mando hasn't been around for ages, so this mod is pretty much dead.
  4. I've got an ASUS Xonar DX, and it's turning out to be a very nice card so far.
  5. xeno426

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    See the reply 11 posts before your own.
  6. Quick answer is you won't find such a computer; you have to build it yourself. By picking the parts you want or can afford, you easily save yourself a few hundred dollars over similar performance prefab PC's.
  7. xeno426

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Well, there are some mod efforts to bring more modern equipment back into ArmA3, and I'm sure they would love to implement your sounds.
  8. More like placeholder. There were no models of that vehicle available, so the closest thing would be a vehicle that looks similar. The same was done for several other Iranian vehicles.
  9. That wouldn't work. ArmA3 has almost completely different class names, so nothing would fire.
  10. That job would likely entail finally scrapping all the sqs files for sqf, since a major source of issues with his solution is the fact that there's a lot of stuff using the very inefficient sqs format.
  11. xeno426

    Stratis is not Stratis!

    Hello and welcome to several months ago.
  12. xeno426

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    You'd need to talk to the BWMod team about that. Otherwise feel free to open up my pbo file and check out how I did it.
  13. xeno426

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    You don't have to open pbo's up to get a look at the config files. Just start ArmA2 with the mod and dump the game's config file. The game itself reads all the mods and compiles them into memory. This is basic game functionality. Besides, you can't own game config files. Sounds, textures, models, scripts, sure. Not configs, though.
  14. You misunderstand. Even the .pbo file still has all Mando stuff in script format, that it everything is done in .sqs or .sqf files. Virtually NOTHING is done in .cpp files. That heavy script reliance causes major CPU overhead, especially in a long-running game, and eventual script slowdown. Config files plug more directly into the game and so are more efficient.