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    Image over HUD Issue

    Yeah I did, played around with the paa rule of squared size! I did find the problem dont know why it is but for anyone struggling with the same or similar issue... Up to 512x512 size works but not 1024x1024 and onwards... No idea why but yeah png can be converted to paa but if u want it on the ingame dont go larger than 512x512... Screen Shot of working GUI Testing some more but yeah she works as intended... Thanks guys for ur help though, only way to get through all these testing issues 🙂

    Image over HUD Issue

    Yeah 7erra, at first i didnt have that and worked, then I did it with the 2N in mind and did a png canvas 1024 x 1024 and still no go... I dont know if it is png converting to paa that is the issue though the reason im doing it is so its not a square image but I may have to just bite the bullet and do it like that... I know Arma engine only takes paa BUT does take jpg when coded like for the sample I did above but not png... I'm just kind of hoping someone may have a work around...
  3. Hi all, Been meddling for hours with this and it should be working simply but for some reason it JUST... IS ... NOT... So been working at spawning an image on the screen instead of text, which is working fine via this; if (hasInterface) then { sleep 1; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust[5]; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 3; sleep 0.5; ["<img image='gui\codeLetter.paa' shadow='0' size='14' />",0.7,0,5,1,0,1000] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; sleep 5; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust[0]; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 3; sleep 2; }; Now it all works fine however the image shows up as a faded dark thingy... When I spawn a jpg it works fine but ofcourse due to the image it will show the white sides of the ripped paper, however I did convert it from a png to paa as Arma don't use png format. Am I converting wrong I used the TexView 2 and tried the online PAA converter. which has worked for other things but not this... Screen Shot of What happens Image of what should be on screen Hope someone can help me, thanks all in advance... RH

    Arma III switchLight Coding

    Oh wow, that worked thank u so much 7erra
  5. Hi all, been bugging around for hours now with no luck getting ALL LIGHTS on the Chernarus Redux map to turn off. Have managed to get most of them off with the following sqf call{{ _x setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_2_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_3_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_4_hitpoint", 0.97]; } forEach nearestObjects [thisTrigger, [ "Lamps_Base_F", "PowerLine_01_pole_lamp_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "Land_PowerLine_02_pole_small_lamp_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_F", "Land_LampHarbour_F", "Land_LampShabby_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_small_F", "Land_LampDecor_F", "Land_LampHalogen_F", "Land_LampSolar_F", "Land_LampStreet_small_F", "Land_LampStreet_F", "Land_LampStreet_02_F", "Land_LampStreet_02_double_F", "Land_LampAirport_F", "Land_LampStadium_F", "Land_Lamp_Small_EP1", "Land_Lampa_ind" ], 10000]; _lamps = nearestObjects [thisTrigger, ["Land_PowerLine_01_pole_lamp_F"], 10000]; { for "_i" from 0 to count getAllHitPointsDamage _x -1 do { _x setHitIndex [_i, 0.97]; }; } forEach _lamps;} Now everything there works fine however the following objects don't turn off unless I one by one "cursorObject switchLight "ON";" "Land_NAV_Lighthouse" "Land_Ind_Expedice_1" "Land_Ind_Expedice_2" "Land_Mil_Guardhouse" "Land_Vez_Silo" "Land_Ind_Vysypka" "Land_PowLines_Conc2L_EP1" "Land_PowLines_WoodL" "Land_NavigLight" "Land_NavigLight_3_F" I'm wondering is there anyway I could do something like ("Land_NAV_Lighthouse", "Land_Ind_Expedice_1", "Land_Ind_Expedice_2", "Land_Mil_Guardhouse", "Land_Vez_Silo", "Land_Ind_Vysypka") switchLight "OFF"; Just that the above is wrong 😞 any help would be much appreciated and thank u in advance...

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    yes @beno_83au and it does work but that I only managed to do via cursorObject switchLight "OFF" How could I use that to add each individual object in an array to make it work?

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Hey all is there any way to turn all the lights off on this Chernarus Redux map... I have used a script which has managed to turn most off however some buildings and street lights just wont work?!?!? List of Object names being stubborn... "Land_NAV_Lighthouse" "Land_Ind_Expedice_1" "Land_Ind_Expedice_2" "Land_Mil_Guardhouse" "Land_Vez_Silo" "Land_Ind_Vysypka" "Land_PowLines_Conc2L_EP1" "Land_PowLines_WoodL" "Land_NavigLight" "Land_NavigLight_3_F" As for the script I'm using its; call{{ _x setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_2_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_3_hitpoint", 0.97]; _x setHit ["light_4_hitpoint", 0.97]; } forEach nearestObjects [thisTrigger, [ "Lamps_Base_F", "PowerLine_01_pole_lamp_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "Land_PowerLine_02_pole_small_lamp_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_F", "Land_LampHarbour_F", "Land_LampShabby_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F", "Land_PowerPoleWooden_small_F", "Land_LampDecor_F", "Land_LampHalogen_F", "Land_LampSolar_F", "Land_LampStreet_small_F", "Land_LampStreet_F", "Land_LampStreet_02_F", "Land_LampStreet_02_double_F", "Land_LampAirport_F", "Land_LampStadium_F" ], 10000]; _lamps = nearestObjects [thisTrigger, ["Land_PowerLine_01_pole_lamp_F"], 10000]; { for "_i" from 0 to count getAllHitPointsDamage _x -1 do { _x setHitIndex [_i, 0.97]; }; } forEach _lamps;} I have taken the stubborn ones not working out of this script but really not sure what to do 😞

    Spawn object adding 'init' code

    Ok so how can I spawn a box and attached an add action? or empty a spawned ammo box and put my own chosen gear in it? If what ur saying is I can't use scripts to spawn and setVehicleInit... Cause the script I have works and spawns in the object just I dont know how to attach a addAction or edit what spawns inside the box...
  9. Hi all sorry been searching for ages trying to make it work and the last part of this script just doesn't seem to work, I know I must be doing something wrong :( pls help... I managed to get the script to work and the box spawns near the player however I'm trying to get the 'init' for the spawned item to work attaching either the 'arsenal' addAction or filling the box cargo up with ammo and weapons' The issue is getting the 'init' to work _spawn = "Land_WoodenBox_F"; _posplr = [((getPos player) select 0) + 2, ((getPos player) select 1) + 2, 0]; _dirplr = getDir player; _spwnveh = _spawn createVehicle (_posplr); _spwnveh setVariable ["Sarge",1,true]; _spwnveh = setVehicleInit ["this addAction "<t color='#00aeff'>ARSENAL</t>","scripts\arsenal.sqf", [false], 1, false, true, "", "(_target distance _this) < 3"];

    Arleigh Burke class Destroyer ship A2 port

    Hey I know this is a little old however just a friendly nudge to see how this is going, really keen on doing a small "The Last Ship" campaign with this baby!!! :P

    Arma 3 - Project Life Charging Monies to Play!?!?

    Sorry roadkill11 but I only get this message when going to that link PAGE NOT FOUND The page you were looking for was not found. Are you hinting at that its listed to be able to charge Arma 3 game owners?!? If BI is cool with it then so be it. Just as far as I knew that shit was illegal... Never mind thank you guys for that :) Sure enough they are on there.
  12. Hey guys, Just came across this https://arma3projectlife.com/ and players are forced to "purchase" the mod for $30 in order to download and then play on their servers. I thought this was completely illegal considering they are using ARMA 3 game?!?!? Are communities like this allowed to monetize off ARMA now? Sounds ridiculous... Anyone able to confirm?

    I.V. S - Faction Marines

    It looks great man, fantastic job

    Arma 3 - APEX - 3DIcon Markers

    [[tom, dick, harry]] call BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_IFF; That works fantastic... However is there a way to make it run for which ever players join the server? so instead of manually adding each person that's labeled all playable players, cause what i found is butting all the player names in causes an error when joining server because one or two might not be avail cause of say 5 player co-op but 3 play. eg: and sorry for being noob. [[_player]] call BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_IFF;

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hey I have zombie deletion actriviated however I'd like a zombie demon named "demon1" I'd like not to be deleted until killed how do I do that? Any help will be appreciated :)