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    Vehicle Respawn with same INIT

    Thank you @pierremgi I will try that, I can manually fire the script just trying to make it auto 🙂 Will let u know how it goes

    Vehicle Respawn with same INIT

    Yeah I did the normal way didnt work, added it to the vehicle respawn module with no luck either
  3. Hi All so I have a vehicle with the variable name "jp1" and in the init field " jp1 setPlateNumber "RCKN ROLLN" ; jp1 setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "gui\jp\JPbody.paa"]; " Then I have synced it to a vehicle respawn module, works fine but when it respawns the licence plate and the vehicle texture doesnt update. Been trying to rack my head around it for hours with no luck, anyone know how to get INIT to refire when respawning?
  4. Hi guys so I have this its kind of working but it's not running down and waiting for the on map single click before moving forward??? I am so unsure of how to fix it if (hasInterface) then { player removeAction FireLaser; sleep 1; [ [ ["ARC REACTOR STATUS:", "<t align = 'center' color = '#ffffff' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='PuristaBold'>%1</t>"], ["Powering up...", "<t align = 'center' color = '#FF0000' shadow = '1' size = '0.7'>%1</t><br/>"], ["Awaiting Target Co-ordinates", "<t align = 'center' color = '#00DD14' shadow = '0' size = '1.0' font = 'PuristaMedium'>%1</t>", 15] ] ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; sleep 10; openMap true; onMapSingleClick { FireLaser = "Land_HelipadEmpty_F" createVehicle _pos; FireLaser setVehicleVarName "beamTarget"; beamTarget = FireLaser; [beamTarget, [0,0,1], [0.3,0.27,0.15]] remoteExec ["DREAM_beam_fnc_beam", 0, false]}; _handle = execVM "server\satcomLaser\laserFired.sqf"; }; hint "Click on the map position to authenticate the target"; Its all fine up till openMap true; and then it just quickly flicks to map and back to game without staying on map and waiting for the input. Anyone know why its doing this or where I went wrong?
  5. okay update so I scripted this and ran it and now works again BUT the player doesn't disappear now for some weird reason?!?! if (hasInterface) then { private["_PD"]; _PD = _this select 0; _PD setvariable ["no_grl", true]; _PD setvariable ["cloaked", true]; [_PD] spawn pred_FNC_Dis; sleep 2; _PD say3d "camo_on"; _PD setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.00001]; _PD setUnitTrait ["audibleCoef", 0.05]; sleep 1; _PD hideObjectGlobal true; }; The hideObjectGlobal true; doesnt seem to work now 😞
  6. Hey all, Been trying to work it out but nothing seems to be working... When I been testing it as the host was working but when uploading to a server to play multiplayer on... Basically im trying to have this fired on the server but for all players to see or in this case not see the player because they become invisible. if (isServer) then { private["_PD"]; _PD = _this select 0; _PD setvariable ["no_grl", true]; _PD setvariable ["cloaked", true]; [_PD] spawn pred_FNC_Dis; sleep 2; _PD say3d "camo_on"; _PD setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.00001]; _PD setUnitTrait ["audibleCoef", 0.05]; sleep 1; _PD hideObjectGlobal true; }; So this works when i host and test play it... The if (isServer) then but I originally used if (hasInterface) but that doesn't work when we test on the server. Any help would be great...

    Units data acquisition failed

    Hey still getting problems with this?? WTF is going on in BI?? Can't they keep the units website working or something? Like we did fine without it now they added it and bam 6 years later just issues.... Can we fix it for real? Like just patch it up and bam works again properly? Or we doing a DayZ standalone on this mutha fuka??

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Yeah BI stop being lazy this issue has been evident for way too long... Pls fix it...

    Image over HUD Issue

    @soldierXXXX BRUHHHH omfg... Literally add to the end, I'm a noob and a half... Thank u so much bro owe u a beer!!!

    Image over HUD Issue

    @Melody_Mike With the campaign I'm working on I just kept the formation of letters, notes, radio conversation recordings, speech recordings and a bunch of other things so to keep all the coding and scripting relatively simple and easy to manage I just kept using the similar formats for file management... Like the campaign has pre recorded voice and used some actors to speak what is scripted to immerse the players into the mission, then I have random letters, notes and bits of information all over the island giving clues and hints on where to go next, what to do and forward the investigation. Not to mention meeting random NPC's that have scripted conversations with the player units depending on whats asked... So kinda going all out with the immersive interaction with forwarding the mission...

    Image over HUD Issue

    @soldierXXXX yeah bro no idea but since been working fine as long as I kept the aspect ratio so arms up in the air just going along with it... I do have another issue I can't wrap my head around... So I attach this to the object to activate the GUI over screen to "read the letter", and does work fine activates for everyone but I can't make it limited to u have to be within a certain distance from the item or object; criticalNote = note1 addAction ["Read Critical Information...", {[[_this select 0], "scripts\mission\note\criticalNote.sqf"] remoteExec ["execVM", 0, true];}]; Now that works fine... Adds the action and executes it globally so all players of the unit can see it... But I can't seem to add the; "(_target distance _this) < 3" into the equation for it to work as I have done here; this addAction ["<t color='#00aeff'>ARSENAL</t>","scripts\arsenal.sqf", [false], 1, false, true, "", "(_target distance _this) < 3"]; Basically wish to be able to execute the addAction and have all player units see the letter but whom ever clicks the addAction must be say 1-2 meters from the item or object... Know what I am doing wrong?

    Image over HUD Issue

    Yeah I did, played around with the paa rule of squared size! I did find the problem dont know why it is but for anyone struggling with the same or similar issue... Up to 512x512 size works but not 1024x1024 and onwards... No idea why but yeah png can be converted to paa but if u want it on the ingame dont go larger than 512x512... Screen Shot of working GUI Testing some more but yeah she works as intended... Thanks guys for ur help though, only way to get through all these testing issues 🙂

    Image over HUD Issue

    Yeah 7erra, at first i didnt have that and worked, then I did it with the 2N in mind and did a png canvas 1024 x 1024 and still no go... I dont know if it is png converting to paa that is the issue though the reason im doing it is so its not a square image but I may have to just bite the bullet and do it like that... I know Arma engine only takes paa BUT does take jpg when coded like for the sample I did above but not png... I'm just kind of hoping someone may have a work around...
  14. Hi all, Been meddling for hours with this and it should be working simply but for some reason it JUST... IS ... NOT... So been working at spawning an image on the screen instead of text, which is working fine via this; if (hasInterface) then { sleep 1; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust[5]; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 3; sleep 0.5; ["<img image='gui\codeLetter.paa' shadow='0' size='14' />",0.7,0,5,1,0,1000] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; sleep 5; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust[0]; "DynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 3; sleep 2; }; Now it all works fine however the image shows up as a faded dark thingy... When I spawn a jpg it works fine but ofcourse due to the image it will show the white sides of the ripped paper, however I did convert it from a png to paa as Arma don't use png format. Am I converting wrong I used the TexView 2 and tried the online PAA converter. which has worked for other things but not this... Screen Shot of What happens Image of what should be on screen Hope someone can help me, thanks all in advance... RH

    Arma III switchLight Coding

    Oh wow, that worked thank u so much 7erra