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  1. godspeedsnake

    Arleigh Burke class Destroyer ship A2 port

    Hey I know this is a little old however just a friendly nudge to see how this is going, really keen on doing a small "The Last Ship" campaign with this baby!!! :P
  2. godspeedsnake

    Arma 3 - Project Life Charging Monies to Play!?!?

    Sorry roadkill11 but I only get this message when going to that link PAGE NOT FOUND The page you were looking for was not found. Are you hinting at that its listed to be able to charge Arma 3 game owners?!? If BI is cool with it then so be it. Just as far as I knew that shit was illegal... Never mind thank you guys for that :) Sure enough they are on there.
  3. Hey guys, Just came across this https://arma3projectlife.com/ and players are forced to "purchase" the mod for $30 in order to download and then play on their servers. I thought this was completely illegal considering they are using ARMA 3 game?!?!? Are communities like this allowed to monetize off ARMA now? Sounds ridiculous... Anyone able to confirm?
  4. godspeedsnake

    I.V. S - Faction Marines

    It looks great man, fantastic job
  5. godspeedsnake

    Arma 3 - APEX - 3DIcon Markers

    [[tom, dick, harry]] call BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_IFF; That works fantastic... However is there a way to make it run for which ever players join the server? so instead of manually adding each person that's labeled all playable players, cause what i found is butting all the player names in causes an error when joining server because one or two might not be avail cause of say 5 player co-op but 3 play. eg: and sorry for being noob. [[_player]] call BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_IFF;
  6. godspeedsnake

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hey I have zombie deletion actriviated however I'd like a zombie demon named "demon1" I'd like not to be deleted until killed how do I do that? Any help will be appreciated :)
  7. I have the same issue I have a trigger with a sound effect however I only want players that is in the area to hear the sound effect not everyone on the server... For example GHOST squad is moving up a mountain and they trigger noises now they hear the noises but people back at the FOB can't hear it. How can we achieve that?
  8. Hey guys, Played some of the campain and really like their 3D Icon markers attached to players curious if anyone knows how to do that? I have the following in use and working however very obvious and white not as clean and green and subtle as the campaign. onEachFrame { private["_vis","_pos"]; { if(player distance _x < 100 && isPlayer _x && _x != player && side _x == playerSide) then { _vis = lineIntersects [eyePos player, eyePos _x,player, _x]; if(!_vis) then { _pos = visiblePosition _x; _pos set[2,(getPosATL _x select 2) + 2.2]; drawIcon3D ["\a3\ui_f\data\map\Markers\military\box_CA.paa",[1,1,1,1],_pos,1,1,0,name _x,0,0.04]; }; }; } foreach playableUnits; }; Now how can I improve on this and also change the colors of the name and icon and for it to be much smaller? Warm Regards, RH
  9. godspeedsnake

    cutText to systemChat?!?

    Tried and tested thank you so much guys :) now for a more interesting one I kindOf understand GUID but when I give soldier names I don't know how to change the; (getPlayerUID player in (_this select 1) so that I can implement Variable Name instead of GUID?!? :angry: No matter what I do fail seem's to be the message of the day :( so basically in the init I will have something like; P.S Thank you guys so much for the fresh brains, really appreciate the help... [["UH60M","AH64D","B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F"],["pilot1","pilot2"], "Helo Pilots only! You are not Authorized!",true,true,true] execVM "server\restrict\restrictHelis.sqf";
  10. Hey guys, So I have an init line of; [["UH60M","AH64D","B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F"],["PLAYERGUID"], "Helo Pilots only! You are not Authorized!",true,true,true] execVM "server\restrict\restrictHelis.sqf"; with an sqf file as such; //waitUntil {player == player}; _this spawn { while {true} do { if ((((driver vehicle player == player) && (_this select 5)) || ((gunner vehicle player == player) && (_this select 4)) || ((commander vehicle player == player) && (_this select 3))) && ((vehicle player in (_this select 0)) || (typeOf vehicle player in (_this select 0))) && !((typeOf player in (_this select 1)) || (player in (_this select 1)) || (getPlayerUID player in (_this select 1)))) then { moveOut player; cutText [_this select 2, "PLAIN"]; }; sleep 0.1; }; }; Now this works like a charm however don't know how to make the cutText systemChat instead :( any help anyone... Pls
  11. godspeedsnake

    [WIP] Kelley's Island

    Looking really good bro, can't wait to create some missions for this island :627:
  12. godspeedsnake

    Arma 3 Convoy Start/Stop commands

    OMG it works how did I not think to call driver not just vehicle :banghead: (driver convoylead) disableAI "move"; and then (driver convoylead) enableAI "move"; Gets the convoy going Thank you so much
  13. Hey everyone, I have seriously been racking my brain for days now trying to get this convoy thing to work. Basically what I am trying to do is command a convoy to stop via a radio trigger and start via a radio trigger and no matter what I do it simply wont work?!?!?!:mad: I have tried the doStop command and the disableAI "MOVE" and it doesn't seem to work?? I have it set up as a convoy of several HMV's and trucks, and the lead i have named convoylead. Please help. Regards, GODSPEEDSNAKE
  14. godspeedsnake

    United States Air Force

    Hey guys, Just curious is anyone else have issues with the AC-130 since the latest Arma 3 update with the marksman pack??? I can't sit in any of the gunners seats anymore only pilot, co-pilot and tv operator???? Any help appreciated...
  15. Thanks guy's, now I've learnt how to global execute :) u guys are awesome, thank u both heaps