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  1. Hey there fellow Armaholics, A small group of passionate developers have been blueprinting a state of the art Life Mod for Arma III for a few months now. Although the progress is great it can only move forward but so fast as we still require quite a few more hands on deck. We have very ambitious plans on a vast variety of Stand Alone type game play. We are looking at creating a fully functional immersive RP style MMO game play, feature over 100 vehicles, 100's of weapons, a large variety of very unique buildings (e.g. Enterable skyscrapers, office buildings, mansions, houses, shopping malls and dozens of customizable clothing, items and gadgets. We are looking for any developers for scripting and coding, modelers and porters. The platform is for the ArmA III engine so experienced or people that know a little about it is a bonus. We are also looking for some people that know about mapping as we are looking at designing and developing our very on official map dedicated to the mod. All this and more will be going under development over the next few months and any wishing to be apart of this will not be disappointed at the end result. Our aim is not just to create a mod by what is to be viewed as a community mod however a fully functional, almost glitch free self reliant operational mod for ArmA III. Please feel free to let anyone you may know, or yourself just find us at balotabuddies.net and ask for myself Zabn, GODSPEEDSNAKE or Aurora to talk more in detail and get you as excited as we are... and to get you excited here are some onf the WIP models that we have so far... http://i.imgur.com/SEwNl9w.jpg (167 kB) http://i.imgur.com/Uyy0Twk.jpg (177 kB) http://i.imgur.com/kI8WSZN.jpg (233 kB) Warm Regards, Zabn
  2. Thanks for the reply myke, I will update my thread, but I understand I should put what my role is. ---------- Post added at 05:20 ---------- Previous post was at 03:37 ---------- ok well this is out of line, I have never made a Mod before so I will provide you with some facts: 1. I did say it was a life mod, I don't have a lot of time to write a massive 500 word explanation on what it is exactly to people who might not even be interested at all 2. You have no idea what my values are when it comes to that, so let me give you a very short explanation, I will not and have never 'stolen' the work of someone else; If by the remote chance I were to use the work of someone else, I would ask their permission first and if they said I could use it, I would give them the credit they deserve but, if they said no I would respect that. I also don't appreciate that you are putting me in that category, because I've had people steal my scripts without asking or even giving me any credit. 3. If you did any research, you would find that I've never charged for anything. The only thing I've collected money for was when I was hosting DayZ servers and it was pure donations to keep the servers running. I will never charge for work someone else has done and again, I hate that you even placed me in that category ---------- Post added at 05:22 ---------- Previous post was at 05:20 ----------
  3. I request for help and all I get is a shitload of hate, I am not sure if I wronged you guys in anyway but just because I have a professional approach to things doesn't mean you should say "I hope you are paying people" if you are not interested in helping, don't reply to my thread it is very simple. ---------- Post added at 13:18 ---------- Previous post was at 13:12 ---------- its changed, but I don't see why the hate, you all could of written something more constructive rather than 'I hope you are paying people'
  4. The main reason for the Requirements section is because we've have lots of people who say they can help, then they: A. do their own thing and don't work with the team (Reason for: "You must be able to work in a team environment") B. someone would provide a challenge, they say they can't do it then step down (Reason for: "You will be challenged and this is not for the feint of heart") C. people not contributing at all (Reason for: "You must be able to produce a steady work load") D. people applying then they have no idea what they are doing (Reason for "You must be experienced and have some type of 'Portfolio'") E. if someone said to 'improve on this' some would get annoyed off and leave (Reason for "You must be open to critisicim and want to constantly improve your work") Additionally I never said what they would be doing, or when they would be doing it.
  5. Hello, I am from REMOVED and I am currently creating a Mod which I will explain but will explain more to people who are interested and contact me. Basically I am creating a Life mod, which is going to require some basic police uniforms, car models (will be done when possible), some weapons and basic objects eg. ATM, drug bags. I have so far been working day and night on the scripts and in-game UI for the mod but I have no idea on how to model or how to rig in oxygen. I do have a modeler who is currently working with me, so if you don't know how to model in 3ds max that is fine, you can just rig in oxygen. Skills I am looking for: Be able to work in a team environment Be able to produce a steady work load Have some sort of experience Be open to criticism and want to constantly improve your work you can PM me here(bistudio.com), PM me on my website(balotabuddies.net) or contact me in teamspeak @ ts.balotabuddies.net (just get a staff member to contact me, say you are there for the ArmA 3 modeling position) I am eagerly awaiting your reply. Thanks, ~ Zabn Administrator/Owner/Developer Balota Buddies