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    1.24 weapon exaggerated sway got fixed

    The marksman DLC thats incoming has me a little worried.BI seem to not listen to their fans and so we got the 3D scopes that shipped with Arma3.Many fans do not like the 3D scopes for a bunch of reasons.Please BI,let us know whats going on in the Marksman DLC so we all can give inputs to make it the best it can be.
  2. Cock tease is more like it!!!:j:
  3. Hello fellas,just wanna tell of my findings with tweaking with A3's control setup.My goal was to remove the key dancing that a game like A3 with so many controls causes.I think I achieved that goal rather well.Took me two days of testing all different combos and getting conflicts everywhere while surprisingly at same time it allowed certain key presses to work!! What I changed is as follows..... Put crouch/stand to the mouse scroll wheel and this feels worlds better as its intuitive now.Tried the stances but it interfered with firing the weapon since the firing finger was being used to move scroll wheel and that made it clumsy. Put run/walk toggle as.....W+F,S+F,A+F,D+F.You have to stop movement to hit F to change firing mode but that is mute now compared to how intuitive this system feels and while at same time you will rarely hit F without knowing it. Put sprint as.... HOLD W+S and this also feels perfect and better than W+S as the walk toggle. Put Left SHIFT as look around and also ADJUST.Slight conflict but I have managed to not get irked by it by not looking around when changing stances. Put LEFT SHIFT+D and LEFT SHIFT +A to cancel out the ADJUST lean stance but you can leave this alone if you like it. Put optics mode to middle mouse button since it causes lag when it was CLICK Rmouse.Now HOLD Rmouse zooms instantly(an idea I read here on this forum) Put GO PRONE as the SPACE BAR.Feels way better as its big and VERY easy to hit so your more confident when in trouble compared to twisting your finger down to the Z key.;) To get up press SPACE bar/mouse wheel up or if you wanna get up from prone into crouched position press Mouse wheel back. Z/X/C are binos,compass and watch. CAPS LOCK is use default action and CAPS LOCK+ A or D is scroll up and down the list.I removed the scrolling of actions with mouse wheel since I bound it to crouch and stand and it interfered too much with me popping my head out of cover.Scroll wheel is just you crouched or standing.:cool::cool:
  4. What are people who like realism thinking with the way Arma3 plays out in regards to the map.I play on servers where the map shows everything even where enemies are located or the icons showing for miles thru mountains etc.....though this seems to be diminishing slowly. But I feel that the map removes the feeling of a large world where you need teamwork to just get around.When Altis arrives I wanna feel lost and not look at the map and get a view of the world that diminishes the size.I wanna feel like I am in a war to take over the island.Many things can be done to give this feeling but I feel the main thing is removal of the map icons all the way down to even the red circle that shows general location where you are.And make it an option so that servers playing on even recruit difficulty can choose realistic navigation. No more saying you need a pickup and marking a map that all other players see but rather you ask for transport and give your coordinates.Real use of smoke to be spotted since the grids are kinda large. Pilots must use GPS to navigate to your location and keep tabs written down of known forces locations,airbase etc.. No pop up on map of "next mission" but instead a new class of player....recon pilots that scan the map for possible locations using thermal imagery and give coordinates over chat where enemies have been spotted. Land vehicles that have use for the commander who uses map and GPS to guide the drivers around to AO and choosing good/safe locations to fight from. Transport of vehicles by helicopters. APC's that can spawn troops without being deployed but rather are moving MHQ's...Mobile HQ's.;) With such a large map you will get into a different mindset playing like this.Just needs some things changed to enable it.Difficulty option to set realistic nav,removal of the red circle to make the map just a map and having all soldiers have GPS units as default.Just some ideas that I feel would really make for a realistic combined arms feel.Am I alone in this way of thinking?
  5. Wolfstriked

    "Opening up Arma 3 to paid user-made content" - How?

    Arma3 at release is boring.....now we must pay for mods that make their game??
  6. Katalaki is in Finland? https://www.google.com/search?q=Finland&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#q=Finland+poor+country&rls=org.mozilla:en-US%3Aofficial&safe=off
  7. Wolfstriked

    Refined Vehicles

    Great work,starting to feel like tons of heavy tank now.Can you remove the sliding when turning at speed or rather tone it down a good amount?Makes it hard to turn at speed as when you release the turn the tank keeps turning for awhile making it hard to maneuver it.
  8. Wolfstriked

    Refined Vehicles

    Redphoenix the tanks and basically all tracked vehicles are in dire need due to turning on the dime.Looks way off when you are fighting as infantry side by side with a tank and its moving around and basically spinning at whim. or flying downhill and does instant 180.
  9. Wolfstriked

    Reskin the TRG rifle

    This weapon needs a reskin and I wait to see what you can do.:)
  10. Wolfstriked

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Just checked out a few videos of Chernarus Apocalypse and it looks great.Gonna have to give it a go and see the differences first hand though.
  11. Wolfstriked

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    So true Bad,the mod was killer at first.Sadly,there was just alot of design decisions done and the mod ended the way it is today.Rocket from beginning was all for the PVP as main draw and so zeds were an afterthought.Funnily,so much work was done to the zeds while at same time making them easy.I am hoping though that they might have realized that harsher infected could just add to the experience but now its late stage,mod is way overdue and now they are trying to rework the infected.Just have to wait and see what they bring to the table.Its also funny how they tried so hard to figure out a way to lessen the shoot on sight mentality and make players work together more and it might be as simple as hard ass zeds.
  12. Wolfstriked

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Lately I have been wondering if the ease of the infected in Dayz is what actually is its draw.See,when I play Arma3 vs bots for awhile then suddenly play Arma3 PVP my heart pounds with excitement and then I desensitize to it and it gets boring or not as exciting.So lately I have been wondering if the easy infected is actually good for the game.With Dayz you quickly get comfortable searching for supplies to survive and then hours later a real threat appears and he wants you dead and its exhilarating.But then a part of me wonders about that feeling I had the first week of playing Dayz.The infected being deadly and scary was THE reason why Dayz was so amazing the first week of playing iirc?I did not get shot at by other players just yet and all I wanted to do was survive.My mind reeled with the possibilities and this made me so immersed into the world that when a player suddenly came at me screaming with an axe my adrenaline went thru the roof.It was sensory overload and it was amazing.The instant though that I read that you just go into a bush and zeds will lose aggro or just keep running as they can't catch you and it was all over for me.And then it became a broken zombie game where I just laughed at infected and then got super pissed when I got sniped from afar.But at other end it grabbed many players who liked the race to gear up and then PVP at NWAF. Just would like to see infected as the threat of game to have a "What if" scenario.
  13. Wolfstriked

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    The modder of the best UI/3D stuff around enters 2017 team means alot.He must have liked what he seen when introduced to your plan and what your trying to do.;)
  14. Signed,had a tremendous military sim experience last nigght.Thanks.:cheers:
  15. Wolfstriked

    TMR Modular Realism

    All I can say is that I love every detail of TMR .Mostly for me though its the recoils,sway,look of the scopes and the feel of them are excellent and what I really appreciate!Some things I find are Cant get the bipod to deploy when using the MXSW etc.I press TAB and nothing happens. The binocular sway mod was much needed but I feel standing needs a touch more stability as it sways a bit much still.
  16. Wolfstriked

    Third-Person Limiter Thing

    First off AMAZING mod friend seriously!!!!!!!!!Jeeez and again why BI why?? Dayz is having a hard time choosing to go 3rd or 1st person with Rocket choosing something along the lines of going prone puts you back into 1st person only which leaves the standing cheats still lingering.Someone should mention this to him.;)
  17. Wolfstriked

    TMR Modular Realism

    Wow,totally disagree with you on the sway as that made me the weapon feel of A3 off for me.Arma3 3D scopes have the scope swaying around on the screen but in real life the body sways while the scope stays pretty centered to the eye looking thru it.Then the dirty view making certain light conditions horrible to shoot in,shrunken reticule making using the reticule almost like a spray and pray and the lessened zoom all lead me to start using the SOS sniper scope everywhere. New scopes are magical to me now.:yay:
  18. Wolfstriked

    TMR Modular Realism

    Great stuff Taosenai.I was never a fan of the new 3D sights and now I have exactly what I wanted!!
  19. Wolfstriked

    Any old farts playing Arma 3?

    The 54 and 71 yr old gents make me have faith in that little voice in my head that said I will still like gaming even in a few decades.This thread is just pure win!!!!
  20. Wolfstriked

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I think we can all agree that it takes a bit to return accurate fire when you first get fired upon.Now I have not read the whole thread so this may have been suggested already and got blown to smithereens.And so I apologize in advance.What about a suppression effect when you first get fired on that causes a severe sway to occur like when you are maximally fatigued and takes two seconds to subside starting when you bring up sights.
  21. Wolfstriked

    Take the action menu out!!

    Man,that video is like a comedy show on relationships.:) It was like watching Dyslecxi vent his anger over his wife's bad habits while at same time also shows that it is hard to overlook bad habits of something close to you.Its like when a female "friend" burps while eating and you laugh it off but yet your wife burping or farting and you would not stand for it(hopefully). Or how your woman gets you into that situation where there is no right answer and you stop dead in your tracks and have to wonder what course to choose.The action menu makes me feel like that alot.That said,every game I play makes me vent but I play it with the mindset that,like a girl you just wanna have fun with,you know soon you will part your ways.Arma 3 on the other hand is like the girl you wanna marry.It has so many things you like yet at times just drives you bat shit crazy. Now we need the devs or their protector eg:fanbois to pop in and say "She is perfect as she is so you should be happy with her".:rolleyes:
  22. I saw a mention of a new transmission and have no idea if its been implemented yet.I just would like to know how far along the vehicles are before we start posting and getting the responses of "its beta relax".:butbut: Some things so far.... APC's will not ride up steep inclines.Is this intentional?I get around the map right now by riding in reverse up hills.This got me wanting a gearing system where the "low" speed gear gets you up hills and very importantly will prevent the super fast speeding up of vehicles when going downhill. There is no heading and bearing indicators in vehicles.In general I see no people at all playing in APC's and I feel its due to just being annoying and hard to fight in. So the question remains....how far along are the vehicles and when can we start making suggestions.....
  23. Wolfstriked

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Are we letting it all out lately.....:rolleyes:
  24. Wolfstriked

    When can we begin to critique vehicles??

    Sorry,its just the Marid that has reduced braking power when using the handbrake function.This allows you very nice speed control on all declines.Wish this was implemented as the rapid stopping power is unrealistic and annoying.
  25. Wolfstriked

    When can we begin to critique vehicles??

    I like the direction but I have so many bugs its unplayable right now.Some quick thoughts though are... Is the Marid now getting a commander position to balance out the reinstall of the Marshall's commander position?:p I changed the controls so now S is handbrake instead of reverse as handbrake applies much less braking power and allows excellent control of speeds.I now use SHIFT-S as reverse.If handbrake having much reduced braking power is intentional I think you should let players know about it as the tapping of S and screeching to a halt breaks immersion.By using handbrake as braking it is now easy to descend hills at pretty constant speeds and when you nudeg over a hill you press S and you will not go into reverse anymore.