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  1. I've just found this function and started using it - and it is amazing. Thanks Grumpy for making this. I have one question - is it possible to limit the weapons available? For example, if I only want CSAT weapons, or only bombs/guns available. I've read through the read and notes but not seen anything that indicates this is possible. Cheers,
  2. gruukh

    FHQ TaskTracker

    I have updated and tested, and can confirm that I can see briefings / tasks created with the plugin in existing missions, and I can also create new task and briefing entries and groups. Confirmed that entries appear in game and that marker functionality for tasks is working. Thanks very much for getting this fixed!!
  3. Just got around to testing with the correct wording (CBA_fnc_addEventHandler) and the result is the same as before. No hint is displayed; when I check the public variable value in the script (CaptiveFreed) it has not changed. Any other suggestions I can try?
  4. Yep, I ticked the infantry sea transport setting. Upon further testing, I've found it works fine for NATO Pacific. I also saw it working once for Gendarmerie. Yet to be able to get it to work for AAF/Syndikat, have not tried any CSAT factions yet.
  5. Stoked about the infantry sea transport feature! I've been playing around with the most recent version of ALiVE but have not been able to get virtual infantry entities to use boats though. The closest I have gotten is when a bunch of Syndikat started swimming to their objective... Is it necessary to pre-place boats? Are there limits on which factions work with this feature?
  6. gruukh

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Thanks Alwarren. As an FYI, I also tested with a clean configuration of Arma 3, with the only mod being FHQ Eden TT. Had the same issues as my previous post.
  7. gruukh

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Since update 1.68, I am unable to use the Eden plug in to generate new briefings or tasks, and briefings/tasks previously made using the plug in don't show up. I get these errors: Error in expression <['addCategory', _this] call FHQ_fnc_tteEditBriefing;> Error position: <FHQ_fnc_tteEditBriefing;> Error Undefined variable in expression: fhq_fnc_tteeditbriefing and for tasks: Error in expression <['addTG', _this] call FHQ_fnc_tteEditTasks;> Error position: <FHQ_fnc_tteEditTasks;> Error Undefined variable in expression: fhq_fnc_tteedittasks Has anyone else seen this / know of a fix? I am speculating that it has something to do with a change made in the latest update...
  8. That sound you hear is me slapping my own head repeatedly. Thanks commy.
  9. Hi all, Can anybody provide guidelines / instructions on how to use the "ace_captiveStatusChanged" event listener from the captives framework? I want to be able to determine when two AI units are freed by players from handcuffs and trigger a task notification. I have the following in the init of each captive AI unit: ["ace_captiveStatusChanged",{ _this execVM "scripts\captiveFreed.sqf" }] call CBA_fnc_EventHandler; And the following captiveFreed.sqf script: //Captive Freed script //Set variables called in script _captive = _this select 0; //Captive Variable _state = _this select 1; //True or False _cuffed = _this select 2; //Set Handcuffed _valid = ["unit01","unit02"];//Array listing captive names valid for triggering eventhandler //Code below determines if a captive has been released ("ace_captiveStatusChanged") and executes a command if it has if (_captive in _valid) then { if (_state == false) then { if (_cuffed == "SetHandcuffed") then { hint "Captive Freed"; CaptiveFreed = CaptiveFreed +1 }; }; }; However, when testing (in editor, using the ace interaction menu Free Prisoner, nothing happens (no hint shows up). I've tried putting gibberish into the above script to see if the EH is even firing, but see no script errors. Anybody able to point me in the right direction?
  10. I've searched with a number of keywords in this thread, and googled till my skinny little fingers were worn down to nubs, but have not found the answer that I'm seeking. What I am trying to do is have a FiredNear EH go off when a satchel (M183) charge is placed in a trigger area near a target. I can get this to work in vanilla ARMA, but not in ACE. I am guessing that in ACE the satchel will never trigger a FiredNear EH because it is placed through the interaction menu, but I don't know where to proceed from there. Can anyone help? PS I have implemented a workaround which is a trigger configured as such: Activation: BLUFOR Present Condition: this && count (nearestObjects [[1514.224,1075.530],["ACE_Explosives_Place_SatchelCharge"],3]) > 0 On Act: hint to indicate it works (in the actual mission, this would be code to set a task to succeeded) On Deact: hint to indicate it isn't (in case a player picks up the satchel charge etc, this would set the task back to created or assigned) This is not ideal though, I am fairly sure it won't cover all circumstances properly, whereas code that detects a charge being placed would.
  11. h - this worked - thanks very much! Far more efficient than dropping down a bunch of game logics!
  12. Seems obvious when I think about it now! Will give it a shot and see if it works.
  13. In the interim, I worked out a clunkier solution. I took the game logic approach from this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188273-lack-of-map-object-interactionids-in-eden/ Set a game logic near each turbine (turbine1, turbine2, etc) which would assign a virtual name (t1, t2, etc) to each turbine. Then a trigger with this condition: ({alive _x} count [t1,t2,t3,t4,t5,t6,t7]) < 7; And now there's a big smile on Joe Hockey's dial. Seriously, if anyone comes up with a better way of doing this I would love to know. And mods, I put this thread in the wrong section. Sorry about that.
  14. I'm trying to get a trigger to activate when the number of wind turbines in an area drops below a specified number because they have been destroyed. I'm getting what seems to be a weird response. The settings I have in the trigger (for testing) are: Type: None Activation: None Condition: count (nearestObjects [[4258.56,20665.285],["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"],200]) < 7 On Act: hint "Joe Hockey Smiles" (Joe Hockey was an Aus politician with a partisan hatred of wind turbines, FYI). I get no response at all if I destroy one or more wind turbines within 200m of the specified position. However, if I set the condition to count (nearestObjects [[4258.56,20665.285],["Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F"],200]) < 8 it DOES get activated. Can anybody explain why this is and/or advise me as to how I can get this trigger to activate if the number of alive turbines falls below 7?
  15. Yeah, you'll have to piece together a few different entries to get it done, but I can say from personal experience that it worked for me when I had the same question. PM me if you need help.