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    1.60 visuals are a step back.

    People who are complaining about moon light: Go in editor and set Stratis. Set date July 10th 2035, 20:00 o'clock and set clear weather. Put yourself on the radio tower where there are three of them. Play and you should see the moon on the SE. I suggest you to watch the opposite direction. Then put setAccTime 200 in the debug console that you should find in the escape menu and execute it. Now observe the lighting conditions through the night. It gets dark first, then it starts to lighten up more. Notice that if the moon is for example SW and there's a hill on the SW, it looks very dark. But then look the opposite direction and you'll see that everything is bright. If it isn't bright you likely want to reduce contrast. There's a freaking huge difference with one or two value here and there. For example I've set mine to 99, but 104 is already too dark. I tuned the values in the daytime because in my opinion higher contrast made some dark things look bad in the daytime. So it's not a cheat value for me, it's the best value through the whole 24h. // I have to agree with the clouds. Full overcast clouds are too bright.
  2. St. Jimmy

    Line Drawing Splendid Screenshots [Official Thread]

    At least it doesn't affect performance? At least some people are interested to push the feature to its limits :lol:
  3. St. Jimmy


    The 1.60RC has so many small bugs still so that's not a surprise.
  4. St. Jimmy

    Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Enfusion should get new animation system so you can wait improvement in there.
  5. Adode reader is the most common. I'm wondering how you don't even know that program or have any kind of PDF reader :DWhat kind of gaming you're looking in Arma? It's a clusterfuck to find anything unless you're happy with Life, KotH and Wasteland which populate the most. And even then you might have no idea what those gamemodes are about at first. I'd suggest going through the bootcamp and campaign (or was the coming update going to wipe out campaign save games?) to get more of the idea of the game first. When you want to learn more about the vehicles I suggest you to play alone in the editor with them after playing bootcamp and scenarios. When you get in the multiplayer, scroll menu is your friend. Then find your chat buttons so you can write messages, change channels etc. When you want help, write in the side channel so everyone in your team can see there's a newbie trying to learn things.
  6. Basically if you don't get full GPU usage, it's something else limiting the performance.
  7. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Yeah the default DDR4 setting is pretty low. CL15 2133 is probably somewhere around where the normal DDR3 1333-1600 kits are (if not worse). Nice results and performance increase.
  8. St. Jimmy

    Memory could not read...

    Have you remembered to enable "show hidden folders" option? Appdata is normally hidden.
  9. St. Jimmy

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Oh I've been wondering why the H doesn't work in dev branch for a long time. Then I just thought that they're soon removing 2D editor so maybe the camera also gets removed and never reported it :D
  10. What is your motherboard? That also can limit the overclocking. What performance you get in YAAB benchmark with these settings? Here's what I get. The Fred runs are with fred's malloc so you likely compare your results to the non fred ones That's what you should be able to reach so if you see enough difference between my and your runs then you can answer yourself if it's worth to get the cooler. I've only Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo (20-30€) and I'm running my chip @ 4.7GHz. With older motherboard I only reached 4.4GHz. But to be honest I'd suggest you to get a aftermarket cooler anyway. Too bad that the Broadwell is DDR3L so you can forget dreaming to get any real fast DDR3 RAM for it. Though I found some CL11 2133MHz which isn't too bad.
  11. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Well the cirrus clouds in Arma 2 are skybox stuff. They're just textures, not real clouds. Arma 3 now has real clouds provided by TrueSky and mixing them together might not look too good. Cirrus clouds that look like they're in the horizon could work but having them on top of you in the skybox texture won't work too well. Non-reachable cirrus clouds would break the immersion feeling when you're flying because you should start to reach them around at 6000m. One thing I'm wondering how the clouds in PiP are done? PiP doesn't render the 3D clouds but it renders some kind of sprites or very flat clouds. Using those kinds of clouds as cirrus clouds could work nicely. They are not detailed at close but I don't think they need to be.
  12. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Dean Hall found the solution already two years ago but did it got broken at some point? https://youtu.be/wWYezI6z6CM?t=331
  13. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    No changes. Weather works still the same.
  14. St. Jimmy

    Visual upgrade suggestion: European lighting

    BIS could make a sample configs of those lighting settings, fog, skybox, etc. for northern and middle east countries so terrain makers could get some kind of base where to go with all the stuff. That's pretty much what you're asking for. Many use the default values and stuff because lighting isn't just a small thing to tweak. There's 72 of those class LightingX that austin_medic posted. Then the skybox stuff seems to be bit different. CUP is using sky and horizon from Arma 2 so you can't "blame" them using the default Arma 3 one. But I'm not sure is it 100% if those port directly right because the skybox stuff differs how it was in Arma 2. Just compare the skybox files and you'll see. The skybox stuff has changed compared to Arma 2 so it's new stuff for modders.
  15. St. Jimmy

    Line Drawing

    Yes this is a great feature that many have awaited. Doing routes or some other marks with dots is quite time consuming.Is it possible to change the color of the line like with other markers?
  16. St. Jimmy


    Those construction site vehicles are just static models, not real vehicles that you could drive in the game. Those might come in Arma 3 also but currently you can find them in DayZ.
  17. St. Jimmy

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    When will you make the thunder bolt sound better? Are you waiting for summer to record thunderstorm? :D - It doesn't make you jump scare - Sound distance is short and it doesn't differ from sharp to rumbling depending on how far the bolt was - The sound moves with the head so the sound is very outdated The sound wasn't really too good in Arma 2 either but it made me jump most of the time, even when I had seen it. That's how bad the Arma 3 one is currently.
  18. St. Jimmy

    DLC Question

    Or if you're quick in the BIStore, if it's possible you to buy there: DLC Bundle + Apex = 8,49€ + 23,99 = 32,48€ Arma 3 Apex Edition = 41,99€ You won't get any discount if you own already Arma 3.
  19. If you want to see major improvement, then I suggest do nothing and just wait BIS making changes in their engine. Minor improvements are possible depending on what you've currently, or sometimes even pretty big if you've really bad system. This is how it goes if you want to see some improvement: - Faster GPU and more VRAM -> pretty much no improvement unless you've something like a before 2009 GPU and/or you want to go for high resolutions and things along that line. - SSD is a very nice option to decrease the stuttering and even the average fps can increase. I measured 5fps difference between HDD and SSD when driving Hunter through the Kavala. - Better single core performance CPU (Intel and overclock if possible) and faster RAM (both MHz and timings matter) can give a nice performance boost. Can also require decent motherboard. - Shutting down some background programs, trying different mallocs and performance binaries. Can differ between hardware how those things affect (usually very minor things).
  20. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Yeah I also noticed that contrast makes a big difference. Adjusting 5 more or less makes already quite a big difference.
  21. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    There's no moon on that date so of course it's that way, unless you're reporting how much the moon cycle is off. How does this look for you? It looks quite good for me. My color settings: Brightness: 0.9 Gamma: 0.7 Brightness: 113 Contrast: 98 Saturation: 110 I made those settings in daytime so I'm not trying to cheat the night to be more bright or something like that.
  22. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    It isn't crazy bright but it isn't pitch black either. If you're wrong side of the hill and/or the moon is low then it can be quite dark. Too bad that my recordings are way more darker than my in-game image so I can't show what I mean, but you'll get it when you test in the editor and maybe use setAccTime. I noticed that the moon jumps bit backward every now and then when I used setAccTime. Should it do that or does it actually do that? Maybe that jumping is causing the moon out of sync issue.
  23. St. Jimmy

    DLCs & DLC: gender confusion

    He likely means genre and not gender. If you don't want to see people running around with helmet and a racing suit, then don't play public. The equipment can be limited by the mission maker.