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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    You mean this kind of issue? That happened for me after playing 2-3h the campaign with my friends in 1.64RC. I haven't played that long after that so not sure if the issue is still there. It was actually even worse 2mins before recording when I was in the jungle. I noticed that the fps dropped and it felt bit stuttering but you can see the fps is still 40's when recording. The fps should've been at least 50-60 most of the time, I didn't see a reason for it to go down that much even if I was recording.
  2. St. Jimmy


    Topic header maybe should've some hint of Titan Vanguard, so topics about every new video aren't made. This was just posted today They seemed to hide the trailer in the front page and released a new one.
  3. St. Jimmy

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Possibility to set up haze in weather parameters would be nice. In hot summer days the haze can be surprisingly strong.
  4. St. Jimmy

    Aspect ratio option removed

    So in the end there was a real reason for the 10% using wrong aspect ratio?
  5. St. Jimmy

    Project Infinite v1.0

    Not sure how I've missed this one :O Nice job!
  6. St. Jimmy

    Outtera TitanIM?

    https://forums.bistudio.com/forum/127-offtopic-games-gaming/ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/199098-titanim/?p=3123310 You can forget bringing stuff in Arma 3. Let's see first the Enforce engine and TitanIM to develop. So maybe in 10 years something radical happens.
  7. St. Jimmy


    Well never say never Go to 5:27 :P
  8. St. Jimmy

    thinking of upgrading GPU for arma 3...

    There's a benchmark somewhere in these forums that shows that would be waste of money. PhysX are mostly run in CPU.Also 1050Ti is slower than 780.
  9. St. Jimmy

    European Politics Thread.

    Kind of interesting news.
  10. St. Jimmy

    G35 sound settings for Arma 3

    Logitech headsets have had many kind of problems over the years in this game. I'd guess their quality and software isn't the best. I remember some years ago that if I toggled off the virtual surround, the sounds came mostly from the other ear. Then the surround was just confusing. Other thing that I remember that has been a problem is that the surround (not sure if it's both real and virtual) haven't been too well supported. Lot's of reports through the years that you can only hear with one ear etc. Can't say how it's now because I haven't tested it.
  11. St. Jimmy

    My summer car

    My Summer Car early access will be released 24.10. So Finnish summer starts in the next Monday http://store.steampowered.com/app/516750 Some gameplay from British guy:
  12. St. Jimmy

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    Umm why that's already unavailable? Or is there zone restrictions? I can't even watch any Vice videos in their page that I'm wondering what they've changed recently... Their Youtube is working except that video
  13. St. Jimmy

    1.64 Feedback

    The low quality trees in distance when looking through scope is likely countering the problem where trees were so detailed that even the most high end cards bottlenecked when scoping forest. Someone with low end card, the drop was quite drastic. Just couple examples how it was before:
  14. St. Jimmy

    Timestamp on map markers

    Feedback tracker https://feedback.bistudio.com/ Direct link for Arma 3 feedback ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/maniphest/task/edit/form/3/ For feature request I'd choose these things: Severity: "Feature" Category: "Feature Request" I agreed that in-game-time-stamp would be nice to have.
  15. St. Jimmy

    Russia General

    Yep. If I remember correctly, they even downed couple planes in the same day as they downed the civilian plane. Horrible thing to even allow civilian planes fly in that kind of airspace.
  16. St. Jimmy

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    US foreign policy: Back or even fight along side a group that fights against the goverment. The government/dictator/whatever loses the lead. Whole country is in chaos. The backed group is now very big and likely has also other interests than the US. The backed ones start to take control and spread their extermist ideas. Claim now that the backed groups are terrorists. Rinse and repeat. Group fighting against goverment is a rebel group as long as allied country backs it up. Everybody else are called terrorists.
  17. Yeah this has plagued Arma 3 at least for two years or so.
  18. Yep this was also shown in the older topic: 533MHz in the RAM or 600MHz in the CPU is pretty much the same, if the timings are kept somewhat tight. (it's pretty even in this situation). In this topic benchmark it follows the same line. 666MHz in RAM or 500MHz in the CPU, the performance is pretty much the same, if the timings are kept somewhat tight. (RAM wins marginally because of higher overclock).
  19. What is "Stratis time demo"? Nice results. Just wondering what kind of benchmark mission you used? Scale isn't likely that big in something like YAAB Thanks.
  20. St. Jimmy

    Vanilla Multiplayer Gamemode - Rush

    Looks cool. That's something that Arma needs in my opinion. But I don't understand the 3rd person. No PVP game is supposed to play with that view unless the game has been designed around it like Gears of War.
  21. St. Jimmy

    Memory / Application Error

    Titan, Titan X and the newer Titan X that's usually referred Titan XP are different cards. Then it also depends on resolution and targeted fps. 1080p 60Hz, GTX 1070 is enough in Tanoa. I've everything on max including x8 AA and I haven't seen GPU bottleneck. The card is just in the limits sometimes. x4 AA and you can be sure GTX1070 doesn't bottleneck anywhere.
  22. St. Jimmy

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    Please give more altitude options and possibility to set above sea level altitude. These two are very important things and UAVs are still lacking of those options. Then I also noticed that the camera locking feels pretty bad currently in the RC branch... // Camera locking seems to be OK in the currently released main.
  23. St. Jimmy

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    Played it through with two friends with the difficulty improvements. I don't really see much of a replayability, except one or two missions. Things were pretty balanced and good fun with friends. Of course couple more missions would've been cool. Well now they're hungry for more 3-4 player coop missions/campaign :P Maybe we will play the Arma 2 campaign together next :D
  24. St. Jimmy

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Anyone experiencing this kind of an issue? This wasn't even the worst, it was horrible befor when I tried to drive in the jungle and many trees didn't render nearby. Pretty serious if you ask me. My fps was also maybe bit lower when that start to happen. I had already played couple of hours of the coop campaign with friends.
  25. St. Jimmy

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Heart of Darkness we couldn't extract when we had one member alive and he got in the truck. Didn't trigger anything when friend got in a truck. Maybe you've forgot to change that not everyone needs to get in if they've died? We had respawns off so only one member was alive.