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  1. hi alex, great rig complients. only a little remark,optimum setting for coreI7 platform is triple channel(3x2gb) bye!
  2. no no Leon,your posts were absolutely correct.sure all ok. It was about someone else that use the"fanboy"definition in a bit arrogant way. bye! :) :) :)
  3. ok ok the gods say the truth... my own experience on my own system is zero. fanboy? 1. respect. read all my posts,I never treat this way people,I'm not one of your family. 2. respect. best regards. riki riccobon trieste(italy)
  4. I noticed some noticeable improvment with raid0 on Arma texture loading and this is a cheap upgrade(we're here about a budget system or not?) core i7 not outperform AMD top processor in gaming,that say benchmarks and we're not talking about multitasking or else,only gaming. AMD Black Editions are the ideal for principiants that start simple and affordable overclocking I experienced on Arma2 better improvement with opitimasation(O.S. set up,disk defragment,cleam registry etc.) than uber hardware. a good AMD platform have nothing to envy about gaming to my rig for example to a fraction for the cost(unfortunately!). sorry but your statements for me it's nothing. best regards.
  5. @Leon86 your statements sound like judgements! raid no good for Arma? did you test it intensely? benchmarks? AMD ovberclocked top processor are lower performer than Intel ones? ...urban legends... boh?!?
  6. AMD 965 is a great overclocking performer(and very easy to do),only choose a good aftermarket cooler(worth it). about ram 4gb at least. Seven64 (Ultimate no worth). ATI 4890 better now quality\price than 4870 ATI 5850 option if ok for your budget and 2 good hard disks in raid0 (es:Samsung Spinpoint series)
  7. quoted! there's so many absurd stories on the net about page file take a look a this article by M.Russinovich(well known windows expert): http://blogs.technet.com/markrussinovich/archive/2008/11/17/3155406.aspx "how big should I make the page file" paragraph Peak Commit Charge can be measured with Procexp (free programm) I experienced some noticeable improvement on Arma2 page file disabled(Vista64 6gb ram). only be careful and informed! bye all.
  8. hi Blackmamba, with 8gb sure no"out of memory"problem disabling pagefile. I think trouble start under/around 4gb, that's for my experience on Vista64. bye!
  9. overclock sure help,i experienced some improvement with my i7940@3.9, but for"low memory problems"(no pagefile) I think no. some days ago,while i was playing with bios overclocking my OS see only 4gb ram(I've 6gb) and with pagefile disabled I received the same low memory error message(on Arma2).then I set manually my ram in the bios(frequence,timings etc) Vista return to recognise 6gb and all was ok.
  10. the optimal ram setting for x58 platform is triple channel, so 3gb(3x1) 6gb(3x2) etc. in real world applications there's no much advantage(on double). sure someone on the forum knows how to explain it better than me,sure! but for my experience on Vista64 6gb ram are the optimum. disabling pagefile for example. bye Catito.
  11. ...in my opinion NO! Sickboy simply be free not answer. You(Ace Team) develop ACE and only you have to decide how to do. your it is a great effort and for free and for me is incredible hear people to say: "this addonn is no good" "the method is not my favourite" "why did you change that?" "where are my little birds(?!?)"...etc. i race in the past on line in an italian(maybe the 1th) league on GTR2, we use a mod(N.A.P.) deep and sophisticated,comparable for quality to ACE2(but no update system like Six-Updater) and no one in the community had to complain about it. the mod was so and stop. for me Ace is fantastic and I have only to say a big thank you to the develop team. and you "where is my AK47 people"... stop play it. simply ps:sry for my idiot english and for my tone
  12. thnks again Ville for rapid help! bye all
  13. thanks Ville! and now I've to extract and copy(overwright) them to Arma2\userconfig?
  14. hi all, is it normal that my @ACE\userconfig and @ACE\store\userconfig are clear? I have ACE2 284 and last beta 1.06 sorry but I search in the thread and found that I've to manually copy it into Arma2\userconfig. any help? ps:...as always thanks all AceTeam for your fantastic work! and sry for my bad english.