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  1. TomHorn

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    djotacon.....all of this thread is not based on the same idea!.....I have stated my own, contrary, personal opinion earlier in this thread.
  2. TomHorn

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    I've played against you more than once. In my opinion you are cheating. The whole purpose of this thread (begun by you) is an amateur, 'pseudo psychological' attempt on your part to try and hide it. 'If I'm the one bringing to everyone's attention the elephant in the room they'll not suspect me'
  3. TomHorn

    EU servers are not displayed

    Hmmmm....now the EU servers are displaying a very poor ping (one or two at most in green) :(
  4. TomHorn

    EU servers are not displayed

    WHAT!! You have holidays!!! ;)
  5. TomHorn

    EU servers are not displayed

    12 hours for a response!.....at least 17 hours to rectify......is there any server monitoring going on???
  6. TomHorn

    EU servers are not displayed

    Just checked, same here SmajdovaManka....no EU servers listed :(
  7. TomHorn

    Adding Tanoa?

    New maps, night versions, new game modes et al ......I think what people are basically saying is they're now looking for some change or variation to the current, stock game. IMHO I agree.....Argo in it's current form will eventually begin to tax even the most die hard fan's tolerance for repetition (and I'm admittedly saying that from one who only plays 'Clash'!) Night versions would suffice for me.....for the time being.....
  8. TomHorn

    Unable to connect 0x2000

    Same here last night (11:15pm GMT) for me and my friends.
  9. TomHorn

    Update 1.01 Borked :(

    Steady there fella
  10. TomHorn

    Servers missing ???

    ^^^^ He's right! (we were both in the same game last night GMT) Level 16, 17 etc. in a game with level 1's.....and on a US server (I'm UK) Your phrase 'Although not working entirely as intended' is correct if you delete the word 'entirely' :) <sigh> back to the drawing board guys :)
  11. TomHorn

    Update 1.01 Borked :(

    Guys, I think you need to roll back the update (what am I saying...it won't happen). Judging from my own experiences, fellow players and the thread elsewhere on this forum about player damage (with a sniper rifle)....it looks VERY likely that hit values HAVE been modified (however unintentional it may have been). Lots of team killing because of the new friendly/enemy identification (sometimes this can be a twitch game and this definitely don't work). ...and let's not mention the grief over the server browser change!! Sadly some of my mates think this'll be the end of Argo for them :(
  12. TomHorn


    Wow! Thanks for that flyingcoyotus......I think it's therefore safe to assume that it makes no difference to the weapon's ability whether a suppressor is used or not.
  13. TomHorn


    Hmmm.....better find a way of sticking two of the buggers on that gun then! ;) Thanks for the clarification fellas!
  14. TomHorn


    Thanks guys....but some conflicting info here ;)
  15. TomHorn


    'lo m8 Many thanks