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  1. InfectiousShadow

    Stagler's single player missions

    Same thing here, started happening after the 1.54 patch. I waited 30 minutes with no result.
  2. InfectiousShadow

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Still a great sound mod, however the FFAR crash is still there.
  3. InfectiousShadow

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    The 2A42 when using AP rounds have the same impact sound as the HE rounds. Also the 2A42's sound is a bit weak compared to the 2A72 in the BMP3, it kind of sounds like a PKM on steroids (the 2A42 that is).
  4. InfectiousShadow

    Littlebird: how to report contacts?

    Same as above, just flew around the route and shot whatever was hostile. You don't need to kill everything though, just the convoy I believe.
  5. InfectiousShadow

    Arrowhead E08: Benchmark

    I ran it with the most recent beta patch and no mods to keep it as fast as possible. See signature for system. FPS: 57 Settings - Game settings: Texture Detail= Very High Video Memory= Very High anisotropic filtering= Low antialiasing= Disabled terrain detail= Very High object detail= Very High shadow detail= High post processing= Very High screen resolution= 1280x1024 :/ 3d resolution = 1536x1224 visibility= 3018 aspect ratio= 4:3 Also with different mods I got a few different results, ACE gave me a 10 fps loss and Vopsound 2.3 also gave me a 10fps loss.
  6. InfectiousShadow

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Great mod however I am experiencing audio artifacts and even crashes with the FFAR's. I really like this mod but the FFAR issue is a real problem that prevents me from firing FFAR's rapidly without a game crash or a audio artifact that could persist till I restart the game. Edit: I did some more playing around with the FFAR's, it would appear that the Russian S series rockets didn't give me as many problems as the Hydras did. I just had to abort a mission because I fired 8 Hydras and got a tremendous amount of lag, the FPS dropped to a slideshow pace and the LOD on everything went to super low, i mean things were looking like OFP level models. Again I reiterate the need to see whats going on with those FFAR's, this is probably the best soundmod I have used so far (compared to Vop, CSM, Elias, and ACE) and this is the only thing that prevents me from having the best gameplay experience.
  7. InfectiousShadow


    These sounds kick so much ass, I can't wait for the release. I'll send this up in the group I play with, they'll love it.
  8. InfectiousShadow

    Small arms aiming realism

    Try turning up the aiming deadzone, that will make things more difficult for you.
  9. InfectiousShadow

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    No the main radiotower uses that small black tower, we were having the same issue last night but what you need to look for is those two story bunkers with the camo netting on the upper portion.
  10. InfectiousShadow

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Been playing on our server today with about 30 people on 2.17, still experiencing the ammo box crashes and lagging. I didn't experience the problems but we had about half the server crash out at once when someone accessed an ammobox from the MHQ. The game turned into a slideshow after they crashed and then the server crashed.
  11. InfectiousShadow

    Easter-eggs in Arrowhead

    I think the best bit on that news ticker was the stock listings for BIS and CDM. Also a nod to Eagle Wing was Ed Winters in Death From Above (hopefully don't need to have a spoiler for something you see at the briefing).
  12. InfectiousShadow

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    Almost all of the armor don't have interiors except for the Bradley and Linebacker. Other new vehicles such as the BTR's and other wheeled vehicles all have modeled interiors.
  13. OA has been pretty fun for me the past 2 days, here are some of my opinions on it so far. The voice acting is still terrible. Zargabad runs pretty poorly, even when it's empty it creates quite a bit of graphical lag. The AI improvements that have been brought up I have seen none of, the AI during Pathfinder was a pain with the two last APC's crashing into each other and get stuck on rocks and buildings. I haven't seen any improvements with the medical AI, they will still leave teammates to die. The actual campaign itself reminded me quite a bit of OFP and I liked that a lot. The screen shaking is a welcome surprise, it makes things much more immersive. The SP missions are actually quite fun to play and the Laser Show one being my favorite despite being just a few minutes long. The FLIR system is sweet. The PEQ box lasers make things a bit more interesting. And the thing that surprised me the most was how your character now moves when you are driving or flying, that was so cool even though it was a very minor thing. So was it worth $40? Hell yeah it was, the campaign is something I have been enjoying quite a bit. One question about it though, are there multiple endings? I see that there is an 8th mission that I've skipped on two playthroughs, is that related to your relationship to the local militia or is it something else?