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  1. Greets - Wanted to reply to you on Discord:

    Just checked Armaholic and found that TFAR was last updated 2015. Isn't that odd?

  2. A) bought the original game B) hundreds of hours with TAW and others C) disheartened at so many good regiments just imploding / evaporating. I dropped by the ArmA discord channel just now. I doppred a comment on someone and included ... Wow. that was ugly. Anyhow, A) it's a joke, and B) it's about communications. I got an official warning. "Not ArmA related". I got a 2nd official warning for asking just how that was offensive. And then? 3rd warning and blocked for sayinig that was just plain foolish. So thank you, Discord, for reminding me how ArmA actually contributes to slaving obedience. Oh go ahead ... disagree ... you don't need to ask: you already know. Breaking news: some of us established clans and regiments to give young guys a chance to experience actual honesty, actual decency, actual discipline.
  3. p.s. don't read my .sig ... years infantry, years SigInt ... years NORAD/SAC ... years MilSpec ... nothing here for you to actually consider. /*we are sooooooo doomed!*/
  4. Apologies for huge lag, gunny ... IRL got in the way. I've done little more on this than to aggregate videos (below is 1 of 104 in my "Air Gameplay" PlayList ... and got totally distracted by starting a documentation project on just why the defense of St Vith was crucial to the defeat of German's "Bulge" attack. Hope to get back to this "real soon now". good hunting! /dks
  5. I'm getting active after nearly 2yrs away and find myself facing quite a learning curve. I came across this from DCS on FB just now: https://www.mudspike.com/category/tutorial/ Are there any squads / clans / regiments that have material for learning the ropes? Is dslyecxi and ShackTac still best of breed? ^5
  6. Dawks

    SubForum for "Contact"?

    I've been SciFi g33k since "Stranger" and "Starship Trooper" etc etc but in game? Gimme grunt V grunt. So I'm wondering about "Contact". I'd trust BIS to evade suckage, but ... wanna see/read what community is saying. can haz link to related forum? Addendum: the FAQ: https://arma3.com/contact ^5 Dawks [PIR] p.s. I came away just now from https://forums.bohemia.net/?&_fromLogin=1
  7. Dawks

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    RFE: in some way #Aggregate and/or #Curate video from MilSim groups. In conversation with a buddy on an ArmA3 LiveStream on YouTube we got talking about my favorite topic: recruitment and retention. He wrote "Hopefully this will encourage more people into joining milsim clans and enjoying milsim gameplay, it really is rewarding to be serious in missions." I thought something that could be done in association with the Units project: a) have the capacity for Units to include a URL to video of their choice (either Recruitment or just Unit Action) and / or b) create a Units PlayList on your YouTube acct which could be linked to here on the Units site. Or heck an HTML version of that PlayList could be posted. Addendum: list version of my "MilTraining" PL
  8. Dawks

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    RFE: 1 detail - In the gorgeous popup on mouse-over in Units listing, you have Size, Attitude, Mods, &tc &tc ... I think it would be very appropriate to add Creation Date. For completeness. ^5
  9. Dawks

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    /* I'm amazed how slow/old this thead is. In Steam Forums there's a lot of folk struggling with "Bad Version" see http://steamcommunity.com/app/33930/discussions/0/558753803817307825/ */ Last time I played A:OA was last fall. Everything was working real well. Today? Bad Version or Connection lost everytime. I went through a lot of servers and connect to none. I'm running OA 1.63.112555 ... ... is that bad? do we need to step back to 1.62 somehow? Man, really a bummer. Everything was running so well.
  10. I just passed this on to 82AB and Big Red One. I hope it catches on. The few clans who are truly active don't have big numbers. The clans who have big numbers ... are prolly dorks. /*please don't throat-punch me for that. #JustSayNoDiss*/
  11. Dawks

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    First: wow, thanks so much for this guys ... I'm a hardware geek but when I looked at what FreeIR required ... I truly don't have time for that. This? brilliant. I have an idea for ... for a different way of acting on input. As rifleman if I turn my head hard left or right, the view immediately (in a very short moment) represents what I see facing the new direction. I wonder about this: what if motion was more like panning a camera? or a tank's cannon? not immediate snap, but pan at a speed that's directly related to the amount of head movement. Head hard left or right? very rapid pan. Head slightly left or right? slow pan. The advantage I imagine ... and this is the point (I may be totally wrong at this point.) ... if I turn hard left the view will pan left til I bring my face back to center. But I'm looking straight at the screen again! The view remains hard left! So I don't have to keep my head cocked over to the side; I keep the "hard left" view while looking straight at the screen. To get the view back to "straight ahead"? I turn my head as the view pans back to center, then look straight at the screen again, back to the default view. It's like steering the view; the new view (at whatever angle) is maintained with 0 deflection. (Sorry I don't know the correct terminology.) I dunno ... I think this would be an interesting alternative.
  12. Dawks

    MBG Buildings 2

    I didn't have a good experience. With something lkie @MDG, installation really should be obvious. But it isn't that way. It's like you lay things out so your pals can do well. I'm not saying this is malice. But that happens when folk who are "insiders" forget that they have a whole lot more information than folk who are "outside".
  13. I used A2Launcher religiously. In a number of ways I find A3Sync has lost some nice little bits of functionality. But this thread has 21 pages of comments. If I were to take the time / make the effort of documenting those "nice little" things, would here be the place to post that? I suspect that they'd just get lost.
  14. I gave you rope; you did not hang yourself! ;-)I suspect it will work like this: using the Squad and FireTeam order system (which puts clear, meaningful marks on the map) will allow us to have good, effective movement while having fun ... and that will in-form the activity of folk who just drop in haphazardly.
  15. I'd like to hear what you mean with that last sentence; not sure what you mean.But this: I found that on TacBF servers recently even though my mediocre box doesn't give great FPS (never seen over 32 in ArmA2 MP) even when it drops dramatically (13 should be unplayable, right?) things have been fine. I suspect good server / high server FPS is basic to this. ---------- Post added at 12:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:30 AM ---------- I just did an exhaustive walk-through with wormeaten this evening, and something that really caught my eye:I had thought of TacBF as basically a menu system, along with stuff like "roles". But when we got into "sync" I realized that it's also a comprehensive PvP system. I can't think of how to depict that simply, but I ferr shurr bet it's the aspect that most folk miss cuz it's transparent/not immediately obvious to first time players.
  16. Can you tell us about that, Worm?STHud for me is just "normal". So I was both surprised / disappointed to see that TacBF had replaced it. Disappointed because I really like the way STH works, with its systems and features, and surprised since programming the (very nice) rose in TBF ... well, that must have been a lot of work! Wouldn't it have been easier to add waypoint bearings to STH? ---------- Post added at 12:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:31 PM ---------- Boy, that would really shift the dynamics. You're right.I'd hate it, but maybe you're right ;-p
  17. Dawks

    VOIP/VON issues in Arma3

    Lost myself too.All settings good; all keybinds ok; all audio fine ... except VON. Way low even when in the same channel and only feet apart. It really wrecked the session for me. Addendum: Today I had exactly opposite situation: fine volume, but no transmit. I think it has something to do with the "Let app take exclusive control" in audio settings: I found that my mic level was set to 0. Which is bizarre because it was working find just 18hrs earlier. All good now. Go figure.
  18. Dawks

    VOIP/VON issues in Arma3

    (Random failures like this really put me in a bad mood.)-18dB on VON with all settings max high. Key bindings fine. TS fine. All systems go. No VON receive; just fine on transmit.
  19. Dawks

    FHQ Accessories pack

    I think they're amazing too, and the video as well.So I put together a page of screen-grabs from the video, a dozen sight-pictures ... for reference. Ace!
  20. Dawks

    Low-Ready Position

    Brill. Really solid. Unfortunately I have problems with the game that are far more elemental. As refinement? Best of luck; keep on keepin' on!
  21. I just found this thread, so haven't read, but wanted to drop this into it ... goat meat in the stew:Watched JTCOIC's "Organization of a Basic Patrol and Establishing a Patrol Base" ( ) this afternoon ... the sorta thing that calms me down; evidence of sentient life on planet earth. Doctrine.But yesterday evening I spent in Sniper: "Ghost Warrior" ... stealth. Today I was thinking about what I see as absence of real stealth in A3. I recall 2V2 and 4V4 in America's Army 2 ... it was all about stealth, even in MOUT. Maybe what I see as missing for "stealth" impacting CQB? p.s. funny thing: in CounterStrike: Global Offensive every once in a while ... with good team V good team ... stealth comes into play.
  22. Hey, move over ... make some room!Win7-64; 4X2 DDR3 1300 Phenom 965 default 3.4GHZ (Big cooler; will OC "real soon now".) This is new; just upgraded from Athlon II 630 OC 3.2GHz GigaByte 7850 2Gig Got 22FPS on a busy server last night. I think I'm in.
  23. The very info-full detailed view showed no activity.More precisely: 2 of 3 sections completed (IIRC), the 3rd not budging; readout frozen at 66.7% or something like that. Dunno. Waited over an hour, just in case.Restarted; stepped through the process; it completed in double-quick time. Sorry I've got nothing diagnostic to add.
  24. As a way of finding some good use for PlayWithSix (I find the design totally bizarre, and self-indulgently eccentric.) I'm working through IF/A3 with this video: http://www.screencast.com/t/h0xhFqrOkt2 ... lovely thing, and I'm grateful for it. But after a long time churning away, step by step, PWS has stalled at 66.7% ... no error message, no data alert, nothing ... it isn't locked up, it's just stalled. Any way to jog it free? shall I halt it and begin again?
  25. Dawks

    A3 Launcher

    The design here leaves behind some of the best features of Arma2Lancher. Biggest one for me: In A2L presets were additive ... like inheritance in CSS. So I could have one for basics, and another for ACRE type stuff, and yet another with maps, and I could select all/none/just a few or whatever. It appears to me ... and maybe I'm wrong ... that here I'd have to have an individual preset for each and every variation / combination. please let me know this ain't so!