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  1. This is amazing, Nou! A very exciting addition to modding tools available, I'll have to get stuck into this. Great work.
  2. Going to have a crack at this, X39. Looks very impressive. I'm in the process of teaching myself C++, so this should be useful for learning the OO paradigm.
  3. @ACE devs, is there any consideration for an alternative interface for the medical system? I've been taking part in ACE3 testing with my group before we transition from CSE to ACE3 proper. A few others and myself have found the 3d interaction, especially regarding the medical, to be rather unintuitive. The issues we've found is that whenever we're trying to select options, it's rather time consuming compared to the CSE medical interface that we're accustomed to. This is the case for both our tests with the centred cursor, and the free moving mouse-cursor. Also tried the default view and list view - it still feels clunky. Aesthetically, I think the 3d interface is fine, but it doesn't offer the emulation of control that I'd have over my character that I'd like. I'd prefer if a 2d GUI, in the vein of CSE, could be used as an option. I like the advanced medical system offered with ACE3, but I feel that I'd prefer it more if I didn't have to fumble with the 3d interface. I often find my cursor hovers over an option that I'm not intending to use, which then collapses the interaction tree that I was going through. It doesn't offer the expediency that I'd need to potentially make the difference between a player being revived and them dying and having to respawn. Realistically, I doubt in real life I'd struggle to bandage an arm because I accidentally bandaged their leg instead! If there's any way to make the 3d interface more precise and accurate, then I'll be happy, but in the interim, I'd really appreciate if a 2d medical interface could be adopted.
  4. Ah, you're right sorry. That's got rid of the error, thanks for your help.
  5. I don't really understand. That first line is just to check whether paramsArray has been defined. If it hasn't, then it defines it. I don't see how that would affect line 36. I tried commenting that line out, still throwing up the same error at line 36. Edit: And even if there is a zero in that array, then it'll ignore the "if" and move to the "else," where HCPresent is defined as well.
  6. Hi all, trying to get a headless client driven mission together for testing on my group's server. I've ran into a bit of a snag, and I'm not quite experienced enough with Arma's scripting to realise what I've done. I've pretty much taken this from one of the guides on the BI wiki, which I realise is for Arma 2, but I figured everything would've been transferable. This is all in the init.sqf The problem arises at line 36, Arma's saying that the global variable HCPresent isn't decalred. Says "Error: Undeclared variable in expression: hcpresent" init.sqf if(isNil "paramsArray") then{ paramsArray=[0,0,0]}; if(paramsArray select 0 == 1) then{ if(isServer) then{ HCPresent = true; publicVariable "HCPresent"; }; if(!hasInterface && !isServer) then{ HCName = name player; publicVariable "HCName"; } else{ if(isServer) then{ HCPresent = false; HCName = "NOONE"; publicVariable "HCPresent"; publicVariable "HCName"; }; }; }; if(!isServer) then {waitUntil{!isNull player}}; if(HCPresent) then{ if(!hasInterface && !isServer) then{ _hq_east = createCenter east; _hq_west = createCenter west; east setFriend [west,0]; west setFriend [east,0]; execVM "scripts\spawns\patrol-op-1.sqf"; } else{ if (isServer) then{ _hq_east = createCenter east; _hq_west = createCenter west; east setFriend [west,0]; west setFriend [east,0]; execVM "scripts\spawns\patrol-op-1.sqf"; }; }; }; description.ext class Params { class HeadlessClient { title = "Headless Client"; values[] = {0,1}; texts[] = {"OFF","ON"}; default = 0; }; }; Surely as the block at the top has the variable declared globally it should be accessed throughout the script? Evidently not, I must've missed something. Any advice would be great.
  7. New video, made with a professional film studio. EE0gMYDrapQ The Kickstarter page has also been completely restructured and re-written, including the concept art. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/355932838/crowdsourced-hardcore-tactical-shooter
  8. http://richdouglas.net/random/ca/WAV/CQB_GoingIn_B_RichDouglas.wav New theme composed.
  9. http://www.neowin.net/news/interview-serellan-founder-talks-about-hardcore-tactical-shooter New interview with Neowin.
  10. /shrug I understand the concern, but the crowdsourced model that he's going for means that PC gamers have a strong influence on what features make it. So a large vote against 3rd person would hopefully deter it. Considering how he started out on game modding, with Rainbow Six, I can't see him consolising the PC version, despite his work on console games in the industry.
  11. I'm sure it'd be possible to have server options that disallow 3rd person.
  12. I've thrown $15 towards it, as well as this. Hope it goes well for them :)
  13. Cyteless

    Foliage cover and drawing distance?

    Maybe they'll add different draw distance settings for the different categories of objects. If not in the GUI, then in the config files. Who knows? :)
  14. Dragging your team leader over to the chopping block? I'm sure that made him nervous :p
  15. You can indeed order AI fireteams to move out. Just assign whoever you want to whatever colour. Typically I assign (if I'm with 8 AI) 3 as Team Red, and set them to follow me, and will set them to line formation when I'm crossing open ground. Then I'd set the other 4 to Team Blue, and can set them to hold position, or watch a particular direction while myself and Red move out. When you recall your entire section, it shouldn't have any problem with formations. They might just take a while to get into the formation as they need to figure out your next direction of travel. I haven't tried it out with vehicles yet, but I hope that offers some sort of an explanation.