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  1. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    I did NOT do that. I told you that I was done with it. But thank you for once again being childish. I'm going to contact someone to get my account deactivated because this just stupid now. Enjoy your little game, I am done with this bullshit. TheColonel, I appreciate what you tried to do there but don't waste your time. Please just leave it alone, it is just NOT worth it.
  2. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  3. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  4. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  5. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  6. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  7. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  8. TheVipersFang

    Australians at War Addon Team

    All activitity withdrawn. Sorry to have bothered anyone.
  9. 2 People offer some form of advice while only 1 person agrees with me with aditional evidence, the others so far have just bragged or complained. Why am I the bad guy for taking a stand? I just want to be able to enjoy the game too! My PC is not over heating, so it is not that problem. I try to avoid using beta patches because I have had trouble with them before. Thanks for the offer of advice to those who gave it. I am not using any mods because the missions that I am playing do not require them, yes I do test some mods/addons when they come out but when I have no further use for them I delete them and disable the mod folder. (yes manzilla, I get it too, that you do not like me :rolleyes: ) I would like those people who have a problem with me to come onto the ArmA UnderGround TeamSpeak and speak to me in real time, I am not a bad guy that is trying to flame, I am a person who works hard during the day and when I get home I like the spend a few hours or more gaming to burn off steam often by playing ArmA1 or ArmA2, and you are welcome to join in on whatever game I am playing at the time too (IP: I am on there most week nights AEST).
  10. It is about time that BIS started to address some of these things. I just hope that that can actually do it properly with the patching process. I want to bring up another issue that I myself and an increasing number of other people seem to be having... I can be playing ArmA1 or ArmA2 (SP or MP) with NO mods or addons just playing the game (with graphics set to normal even though it runs fine on high) and all of a sudden with no warning what so ever the screen will go black and then either display the word recieving and come good to keep running as normal or it stays black and all I can do is hit Alt-F4 to close the game at which point the desktop comes back up fine. There will be a small yellow warning icon on the desktop that says "Display Driver Stopped Responding And Has Recovered" but there is NO further error message unless I go searching for specific logs that basically say the same thing. I have had this problem on 2 totally different computers (one with quadcore and ATI GPU and the other with dualcore and Nvidia GPU, both systems beat the requirements too) so it can NOT be blamed on a single piece of hardware or driver on my end. Also increasingly I am hearing of more and more other people having this problem and other crashes (usually on TeamSpeak which involves a lot of swearing afterwards which then drives people to play other games for fear of damaging their systems). This is clearly a BIS pragram that is causing this problem, they have made a mistake some where that must be pretty serious for it to cause that problem. I have NOT had a problem anything like this, now with any other game (old or new). Yet another problem that is driving me and probably other people away from playing BIS games which are filled with bugs and errors that would have totally killed off any other game. Why is BIS getting away with this? That is 2 games in a row now that should be a lot better then what they are and there is no excuse for these kinds of problems any more.
  11. Still an excellent Job by Ardvarkdb. It is a light of reassurance to see you putting in the extra effort to get the result.
  12. TheVipersFang

    WIP PMC Addon For ArmA2

    This addon has been postponed, possibly indefinately. A combination of unreasonable demands (not requests) via PM and a very bug filled game have completely put me off having any more interest in working on this. :16_6_8: A list of game "features" that are a sign of how BIS has completely lost it. Docile, unresponsive friendly AI. Super ninja elite hostile ai that can see you and shoot you with super accuracey through the useless long grass and trees and buildings and some times even through the terrain from well beyond the effective range of their weapons or yours. Incredibly dumb AI pathfinding. Broken missions. Broken campaign. More graphic bugs then I have ever seen in a game before. No concept of how real military technology works. Even at patch 1.04 ArmA2 should still be considered a beta. I have never seen such an ignorant game developer before like BIS. I just don't understand how people keep saying how great ArmA2 is when it is worse then ArmA1 was when it was first released!
  13. Just one request... PLEASE swap the helmet on the Automatic Rifleman for an ACH helmet (MICH TC-2000 Combat Helmet) :butbut: The pumkin heads thing was funny, I had to look twice at first!
  14. Great job Ardvarkdb! I am glad to see that you choose the Aussie units, there WERE the best...
  15. TheVipersFang

    WIP PMC Addon For ArmA2

    Firstly... This addon is in NO way associated with the PMC mod team that ported the Apache and did some islands for ArmA1! :rolleyes: Secondly... This addon is based 'loosely' on a real life Australian Private Military Contractors Unit that has been in existence for close to 2 decades now. The reason for the Australian DPCU/DPDU camouflage uniforms is because there has been many occasions where the wearing of it has been a contract requirement, most especially on the occasions where they were used to fill the gaps in the understrength Australian Defence Force (fact, not fiction!). As for the addon and the being 'loosely' based on part, well that applies to such things as being able to perfectly re-create the weapons and equipment used in the game world versus the reality side of things. A problem caused by the fact that not a lot of people like to share what they have made in this community combined with the fact that there is only 2 people contributing to the creation of this addon with no other support (people are not obliged to share if they don't want to, that is their business, but it is like trying to get blood out of a stone some times). I am not talking about going all fictional and giving a PMC unit Abrams tanks or Cobra gunships, no, I am talking about the exact types of personal kit and smallarms that are available. Having to use a BIS M4A1 in place of other types of AR15 Carbine that have different appearances or attachments is an example of this issue. There ARE other clothing texture varieties, more civilian in appearance. I will also mention that this addon is being made to be played with only by a small number of people and is NOT being made to satisfy the greater masses, sorry. For the record, PLEASE do not refer to all PMC units as mercenaries! It is almost an insult being compared to the racist war criminals that were called Blackwater :( Now, are there any other off topic questions that I have to answer? :p