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  1. Hi, I got ArmA 3 during the Alpha and now I see theres a digital delux edition, does the supporters get those bonuses since we ordered before that was announced? If so where do I find the extras? Regards. EDIT: Nevermind I found the answer to both questions, yes and in ArmA Bonus folder.
  2. ricoadf

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    At this point, they're partly correct as DayZ has introduced ArmA to a great many people...
  3. Must..... resist..... urge..... Err... where'd $44 go from my bank account? Oh... :blush:
  4. ricoadf

    Eurocopter AS350

    Good find, I'll see what I can do, I've just purchased ToH and need to experiment with it. I could get that into ArmA easily tho.
  5. I've been out of the loop of ArmA MP gaming (other than the occasional game with mates) and mostly been modding when RL allows. I'm now looking for a clan/group that's more about mates enjoying the game, that puts gameplay over realism when its necessary but is still serious when it comes to game time. Flying is what I like the most in ArmA, but can do anything as I've been playing since the start of OFP.
  6. I'd be happy to assist if you need help, give me a PM if your interested.
  7. ricoadf

    question for BIS

    Their doing Gaia, which while not in space is a scifi and thus wouldn't be too big of a step to space sim. I doubt they'd do it tho, as much as theres a demand (the only good non MMO space sims out there are Freespace 2 with SCP and X3), it might not be high enough nor they have enough interest to be done. Shame really, with their moddability in ArmA series brought to space it could be a damn awesome game/sim.
  8. I tryed alt-f4 on main menu and it didnt work, so assumed it was everywhere. Alt-f4 is a standard close program command, so most gamer's should know what it is. I have been playing since OFP came out and have never accidently closed nor known anyone to do it, so the safeguard is more harm than good imo (as it makes it hard to quickly close the game if it black screens or otherwise buggs out) Thanks for the links to the settings config.
  9. Ah thankyou, testing now :) Definently good if its just a setting change. Well my system isn't some super gaming rig, however I have no issue with the game being optimised and settings put in to reduce strain on the lower end machines (I have mine set on medium, even tho it can support high, Im not addicted to graphics I just found the grass anoying) as long as those that don't like it can chose otherwise, which it appears we can so thank you BIS :)
  10. AToC? I haven't tweaked anything since I had ArmA setup.
  11. 1.59 has had some good improvements, the AI pilots seem to finally be a threat again and sofar I haven't seen the AI walking a circles (a very good thing). However it's brought in other issues. First off the disabling of alt+F4 has proven to be anoying, the 'feature' is a downgrade rather than upgrade, however the bigger issue is transparent grass (or pixel grass as some people see it). Heres a screenshot: As you can see in the pics the grass is semi transparent, which looks worse when theres smoke behind it. From what I've heard its to improve system performance? Well if thats the case it's made the game have less immersion and look silly for a few fps that aren't even noticable (game runs great already on my system). Whatever the reason for the grass it needs fixing, it looks rediculas. It's a real shame that the patch has taken 1 step forward then another step back, especially since the game was almost perfect only 2 patches ago (not including beta patches). I hope to see the fixes in the next patch amongst others, I'll post anymore bugs I find. There's been some good progress here, and I hope to see it continue, the complaints are only to let BIS know where improvements are needed :)
  12. ricoadf

    Isla Duala

    Out of curiosity, what rule/s did he break? He wasn't abusive or swearing, atleast IMO he stated his opinion. Perhaps a warning/PM about it if you found it a real issue, I don't see why it constituted ban response.* OT: Great work on the release IceBreakr, Duala has always been one of my favoriate community islands in ArmA/ArmA II. I look forward to the next release, and if you need any help/a hand with any work on the army addons feel free to msg me and I'll do what I can :) * note: I'm not trying to be confrontational or cause issues Zipper, I'm just trying to understand how a harmless sentence ended with a ban and request the decision be reviewed.
  13. ricoadf

    Computer Crash.

    redownloading? An update to the newest version is recommended, tho depending on the video card your system seems to be on the lower end of what the game can handle, perhaps turn the graphics down abit? ArmA is very ram heavy and your low in that reguard.
  14. ricoadf

    Patch Question

    you could possibly reinstall it on one machine then delete the folders of the others are replace them with the folder of the right version, it should work however no guarentees (other games Ive done it with before, never tryed with ArmA tho)
  15. ricoadf

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Not to mention they'd buy bulk licenses, thus far cheaper then a single license for 1 person. VBS is basically ArmA OA, heck tbh OA seems to have everything VBS has (especially with mods added in, but even without it covers the majority). The only stuff VBS has that ArmA doesn't is AAR (After Action Review) and another training tool I can't remember. I've got VBS1 and have used VBS2 and tbh 2 is just ArmA 1, but with alot more units in it by default, which is where VBS shines (the unit list).