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  1. Going through his thread, it appears he has added BIS Dynamic Loadout capability to the ordinance so those should work natively. Beta will hopefully cover testing of vehicles IF communities are using it. Correct, also PO can be modified by communities to suit their content preferences beyond its released state. I am happy to work with communities to integrate support in the mission for mods/features if it can benefit the wider community. Cheers,
  2. 1. Yes, maybe, not sure 2. I won't have an issue if it credits the community. Arsenal is in PO4 but modified. 3. Vehicle Depot is custom so can be enabled for additional content. I am not familiar with Firewills but if they use BI configuration it should work organically. 4. Yes, Islands are Altis, Tanoa, Malden, and TBD on community made maps, open to suggestions 5. Not quite but does involve it, and thanks! Cheers,
  3. For the "Virtual Armoury", it is a scripted override of Arsenal Functions and UI which enables the following as a principle: Mission Roles are configured with load-out restrictions/white-lists of gear and traits Roles can be limited to the total count of players i.e. only one Pilot in mission and 4 Recon Role Traits/Abilities are configurable i.e. can operate armour and/or can HALO even if globally disabled Role Assignments can be 0-Init Script only, 1-Admins only, 2-Admins & Squad Leaders Roles can be requested straight from VA however if player is not allowed, must wait until it is approved. Approvers have a log of requests to action in INTEL screen under notifications. (planned) Role PlayerID White-list Example: class CfgVirtualArmoury { enableFullArmoury = 0; // Gear Restricted assignRoles = 1; // Admins Only }; class CfgRoles { class JackBauer { side = 1; displayName = "Jack Bauer"; icon = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\sergeant_gs.paa"; limit = 1; crewman = 1; // Enables Armour Operation pilotHeli = 1; // Enables Helicopter Operation pilotPlane = 1; // Enables Aircraft Operation medic = 1; // Enables Medic Capability engineer = 1; // Enables Field Repair explosiveSpecialist = 1; // Enables Explosive Handling HALO = 1; // Overrides HALO Restriction class Armoury { /* Whitelisted Gear Arrays */ }; }; };
  4. Never seen it but PO4 does have MHQ's that are spawnable via the virtual depot. Cheers,
  5. Wrapping up the testing on the UI. Made options for either direct pylon interaction or using the camera UI as demonstrated here:
  6. Not at the moment as I'm running stable branch while I test. I intend to release it just after the next update to ensure no bugs crop up so might have time to include a Malden version. I appreciate the support mate and I'm really not considering receiving donations for anything. I just hope everyone enjoys it. Yes, yes I am :D but also it is a check for me to see the feature is good inclusion. Cheers,
  7. Pretty much, Thanks for the support mate. Cheers
  8. @terox Thank you, I don't know how I missed those. Seems far better than my old version so I'll replace the current basic logistic system with an integrated version of the towing and sling loading.
  9. Hmm, I had not planned a towing script. When would you tow a plane rather than using it's own power?
  10. Definitely. I'll post it up once I've finished the MP testing.
  11. During the closed period, if you are a member of that community and involved in the testing, yes else no.
  12. Can't promise that. Also June is a likelihood IF RL plays nice. 1st beta is closed. Only specific communities will take part in it. After that it will be open.
  13. Of course :) There are a few options available so I'll update the wiki this week with the solutions to that scenario.
  14. Kind of like "Make Arma Not War" or the Jets DLC? Love how B01 formed for the Jets. Great work on them and the carrier while BI did the engine upgrades.
  15. With PO3, i made a tonne of compromises with what I wanted in it. I'm not making that mistake again. Scope and features was locked down early last year so this is just the culmination of that trickled effort. The recent update with Jets has allowed me to get that preferred ideal state with the pylons as previous version was a nightmare. As I've built this using the core game config and engine commands, there is minimal risk to requiring updates. I have wrote a lot myself and learnt what I need from BI examples so as to hopefully minimise breakage with future updates. Current size: 1.4MB - not added in PO4 specific imagery Nope, while it looks the similar, it is not using the Garage. It is a custom script inspired from the Virtual Arsenal/Garage that allows vehicles to be spawned, serviced and recovered. But yes, it is a great reference as to what I'm kind of aiming for. To create a PO4 depot, the command is: // In Game Logic init [this,<array:vehicleClassTypes>,<target>] call MPSF_fnc_createVirtualDepot; When a player moves within proximity, they will be able to access the depot and it's features. Cheers,
  16. Sorry mate.... heres some more... good news is that I'm at the stage of just cleaning up the UI and some optimisation before Beta.
  17. Also finishing work on something similar to a Virtual Garage with dynamic loadout ability.
  18. I have a function I wrote for PO4, I'll post it up soon ;)
  19. I quite like your one mate, crisp, clean and functional. I actually failed at trying to do it that way because I couldn't find the images so I ended up using the 3D proxies. Exactly. There are options for all kinds of preferences. main reason I think that is what makes arma great.
  20. There are issues with the pylon proxy on some models but have most of it working. Issue with the bay animations not resetting back to engine operation so have logged a ticket. Dynamic Aircraft Loadout Editor
  21. Hey mate, Cost is not currently configured but it will be there eventually. Unit trait restriction is easily possible and will be an option. The virtual depot will be a module that will be in the framework but I may also make stand-alone Interaction is only with that one hard point. If you stop half way, only a portion of the ammo is loaded and what ever is mounted to the hard point is left. All other hard points are free to be worked on by others. Shout out to GOM for his work. Couldn't get my head around the pylon ownership till I saw his in action. cheer!
  22. here is a quick video from testing for the dynamic aircraft load-out editor for the vehicle depots. Each aircraft is sitting in a virtual depot set to rearm only.