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  1. The whizz sounds should only be heard when the bullet goes subsonic.... like after a ricochet. Hearing it come from someone shooting right next to you or a freaking anti-air gun is really really really immersion breaking. But seriously, it sounds very silly and made me stop using this mod.
  2. pip12345

    [MP/CO 42] A3M PMC Simulator

    I can't load the mission because it's saying I'm missing Task Force Radio even though the readme says it's not required.
  3. SaOk atleast had the strength to pull over it, CSE and AGM both closed today.
  4. pip12345

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    So, CSE and AGM killed in one go... heh. MANW hurt more than it gave. Well, what now? The only 2 proper overhaul mods are dead.
  5. Thanks, I didn't know you could activate games bought on the BI store on Steam.
  6. The link given to the latest beta patch (1.7.0025) in this thread here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166222-Carrier-Command-Gaea-Mission-1-07-BETA-Patch Doesn't seem to work for me, does anyone have a mirror for it?
  7. Made a little Space Odyssey themed cinematic, hope you guys like it. :p
  8. Looks awesome! When you release the unit I'm gonna make Zargabad be occupied by Combine soldiers.
  9. Can you make in next version or update VTS with Namalsk island?
  10. Thank you im gonna update ACE2 right now.
  11. I got a little problem with it if i try to load the mission it says i need this: "ace_sys_ravlifter" i already tried to fix it by downloading that lift script but it didnt work. Any idea to fix it? Edit: I got it with all islands, And ive got ACE2
  12. Where can i find the nuke bomb in editor?:confused: please answer:)