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  1. Hello, im not sure if the topic it's still alive but if someone has the same issue you need only to select "Binerize the scenario". See screenshot
  2. Hello, in the name of the Electronic Sports Masters™ we would like to invite you to participate in our next league. In this edition, we have limited the number of allowed teams to 14 so if you are interested in joining the event do not doubt it and enroll your team (minimum with 6 players) as soon as possible. Enrolment deadline: 3rd of September 4rd of October Dates of first round: From 17 to 21 of September 15th to 21th of October Link to enroll in: JOIN NOW! Download maps: ESM™ | CTF - OFFICIAL MAPS V3.4 Link to rules: A-SERIES CTF RULES Teams: 14 Players: 6vs6 Game mode: Capture the Flag (CTF) Mods: Not allowed Player max. ping allowed: 150ms Fore more information Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/hYQZ6Vs If you want have a look at the maps feel free to join one of our server: Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 1 [EU#FR] IP: 2316 Name: Electronic Sports Masters™ | OFFICIAL SERVER 2 [EU#FR] IP: 2322 Video created by @GAMmovies Making Cinematic / Machinima / 88th Co."Walking Death" We hope to see you soon! GL &HL Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  3. Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to announce that the first teams have already gotten their places in this first edition of the Masters Cup so don't wait anymore because there are limited places. We would like to remind you that the enrolment is free and that there are 20€ as prize cash. We take this chance to communicate you that the full ruleset that applies to these kind of events has been published. Here are some of the most relevant rules: The teams may register in any conference they want as long as they meet the ping criteria. To know on which conference you will have to play each team must access the official servers and check their pings. If the ping does not exceed 150ms that will be the conference. The ESM™ provides the teams with a server in each conference to let them perform all the required tests before the competition starts. League Rules: ESM™ | CTF Masters CUP 2016 Conferences West, Center and East West (South America, USA y Canada) ESM™ | CTF Masters CUP WC 2016 Center (Europe, Africa, Western Russia) ESM™ | CTF Masters CUP CC 2016 East (Eastern Russia and Asia) ESM™ | CTF Masters CUP EC 2016 If you have any doubt come by our forum. GL &HL Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  4. Hello everyone, as we were announcing through our social networks, the 29th to 30th of October will begin the first tournament of the CTF gamemode with 20€ in prize money. These will be monthly tournaments called "Masters CUP" and the only requirement to participate is to enrol a team of minimum 6 players before the deadline. Joining these events is FREE! The deadline will always the last Monday before each event. For this first tournament it will be the 24th of October. The matches will always be played at the same time/day. ROUNDS/DAY/HOUR Final / Sunday 30th / 20:00 CET Third place / Sunday 30th / 20:00 CET Semi-final / Saturday 29th / 20:30 CET Quarter-final / Saturday 29th / 19:00 CET The 20€ prize will be divided like this: Winner | 10€ Finalist | 6€ Third place | 4€ At these events the set of rules of the CTF's will be applied that you can see clicking here. You can download the maps since today thorugh the ESMâ„¢ web site following this link ESM | CTF Masters CUP October 2016 Game mode: CTF Mods: Not allowed Players 6vs6 Teams: 8 GL &HL Electronic Sports Masters™ | Where the challenge begins ... esportsmasters.org
  5. Squad name - 88th Co."Walking Death" eSports Club Timezone/location - GMT Spain Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - Coop & PvP Contact email - See website for contact details Website address - http://www.88th.es
  6. Great job bud. Just change the class name and lets rock... Do you have a new release date?
  7. Nice job buddy! Looks greate...
  8. Hi, we have updated our first CTF mission pack with some new location. Download link: Download CTF Missions Pack 2 - Megaupload: 4FRAGS.88th Co."Walking Death" - ArmA2 CTF Missions Pack 2 [21MB] Enjoy, 4FRAGS.88 LORD 1337 INDUSTRIES www.88th.es
  9. 88_LORD

    88th Infantry Tournament 2010

    Hi, Our first Tournament Map Pack is here! Please report any inconvenience in our forum at: Bug report and map presentation DOWNLOAD MEGAUPLOAD: OFFCIAL TOURNAMENT MAP PACK v 1.1 [16.49MB] DOWNLOAD ARMAHOLIC: OFFCIAL TOURNAMENT MAP PACK v 1.1 [16.49MB] Visit us @: wwww.tournament.88th.es [88IT2] CTF - BLACK FRIDAY [88IT2] CTF - FORGOTTEN RUINS [88IT2] CTF - FRONTLINE 67 [88IT2] CTF - GUERRILLEROS [88IT2] CTF - PEOPLE OF SUN [88IT2] CTF - REDEMPTION FORES [88IT2] CTF - VILLAGE ASSAULT [88IT2] CTF - WHITE SKULL Enjoy! 4FRAGS.88 LORD 1337 Industries wwww.tournament.88th.es
  10. First thx to Placebo for let us post on the forum! Welcome to the biggest ArmA2 CTF contest around the world! 4FRAGS.88 are pleased to announce that on February 01, 2010 will start the second season of the 88th Infantry Torunament in CTF mode. The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6vs6 and each team may register a maximum of 9 players. Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through NewLight Systems we can offer all teams 15% discounts in hiring their services and for the three first classified, NLS offers the following awards: 1st place* 35% discount for new hires , during 1 month a free 20 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble and a SHARKOON Rush Mat special gamer edition for each team member. 2nd place* 25% discount for new hires and during 1 month a free 15 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble. 3rd place* 15% discount for new hires and during 1 month a free 12 slots VOIP voice chat Mumble. Special award - ZALMAN MP1000 Professional Gaiming Mouse Pad - for MVP (Most Valious Player) Best Killer Best Sourvivor Best Flagrunner For more information please visit our forum or contact our Staff. Sign up now and register your team BEFOR the January 15th, 2010! Staff: Member: 4FRAGS.88 Land eMail: Land@88th.es or 88_Land@hotmail.es Member: 4FRAGS.88 Azhor eMail: Azhor@88th.es or Azhor@hotmail.es Member: 4FRAGS.88 LORD eMail: LORD@88th.es or 88_LORD@hotmail.es GL&HL 88th Infantry Tournament 2009-2010 - By players for players www.tournament.88th.es
  11. Ok. Rgds, eVGA|88 LORD www.88th.es
  12. Hi all, 88 Co."Walking Death" team members have produced since 2008 CTF missions for ArmA, many of them never seeing the light outside our server. Now, with ArmA2 we would like to share to the community our work. Download CTF Missions Pack 1 - Armaholic: 88th Co."Walking Death" - ArmA2 CTF Missions Pack 1 [6.81MB] Download CTF Missions Pack 1 - Megaupload: 88th Co."Walking Death" - ArmA2 CTF Missions Pack 1 [6.81MB] Forum for report bugs: 88th maps - Bug tracker Pack include: [88] CTF[L] - Guerrilla [88] CTF[L] - Renegades of Funk [88] CTF[M] - Freedom [88] CTF[M] - Killing in Name [88] CTF - ASALTO AL DISTRITO 13 [88] CTF[XL] - People of the Sun [88] CTF[XL] - Resistence [88] CTF[XS] - Berlin 1945 [88] CTF[XS] - Napalm 1968 [88] CTF[XS] - The Mousetrap PD: Thx to Armaholic , special Big, for share a new link. Rgds, eVGA|88 LORD www.88th.es