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  1. Done. Well, I feel linearity in some missions is necessary to convey the story, you have plenty of open missions in there that are quite replayable. I had almost no problems with the campaign at all. My only gripes were when you first get into the open missions, it was very difficult to take on tanks without any AT, but I realised that allowed me to feel the hopelessness they faced, whether or not that was intentional. Of course the expression in some parts was a little funny, as you are aware, but that's completely understandable, and I had no trouble comprehending what was being said. You did a fantastic job as it is man!
  2. Just completed it. Excellent work undeceived, you should really be proud of what you have made here. A very immersive experience, as KommieKat put it, you really feel like Tomas Cerny. I look forward to what you bring in the future. Well done mate.
  3. Having never played the original operation flashpoint (Besides the demo), I jumped on this as soon as I saw it released. I'd like to thank you guys for your efforts, blood, sweat, tears and other nasties. Just finished the CWC campaign, and experienced minimal bugs (Don't even remember what those bugs were), very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to trying the resistance campaign! Thank you very much!
  4. bezzzy

    Arma3 Alpha Testing Checklist

    Yeah, I'd also be interested in seeing this. If you have a chance InstaGoat, you should run it again.
  5. bezzzy

    Psychobastard's Coop Missions

    Ah alright that makes sense then, It still works fine as it is, we did figure it out and had fun with it. We would certainly be interested in a sequel! No we never saw that! We were always a little wary when entering a woods, disappointed we didn't see it! We'll keep an extra lookout on a play through another time. How often do they appear?
  6. bezzzy

    Psychobastard's Coop Missions

    Hey Psycho! Me and 2 friends had a go at the scary Ivan, and despite some ingame German we didn't understand, we loved it. The Atmosphere was indeed perfect and the mystery surrounding everything made it interesting, I hope to see you make similar missions (compatible with smaller coop groups ;) )! Thank you for the great mission, looking forward to your future works!
  7. Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah no problem, uni can be a massive trek (depending on what course you are doing). I wish you luck with it! Study hard. I did end up having a run through your campaign, I certainly did enjoy it. I have to be honest, I had a few laughs with some of the english =D but it's understandable, and overall you should be proud, especially considering english isn't your first language. Good job man!
  8. Hey Yogdogz, I've been watching the progress of this campaign for a few weeks now, waiting for the next update to play. However I am very eager to get into it now, but I see you are working on new missions for the next update. Will I spoil myself if I jump into it now? Will it be worth just hanging back for 1.1? Great job by the way (Based on other people's comments)!
  9. Absolutely fantastic. Jumped out of my seat a few times, the music creates an amazingly eerie atmosphere. I'd post suggestions but I understand you already have some ideas and bug fixing to get on. However, I was just wandering why the New Zealand server only has 20 slots? I noticed the others have 35 or more. I'm assuming it's something to do with the amount it can take. Thank you for your time you dedicated to making this masterpiece, I look forward to what you have coming up! Edit: Actually some basic notes in the briefing would be good, so new players who join don't have to the same questions over and over (Why is it so dark? What am I supposed to do? etc).
  10. Just played this with a few friends. Alot of fun, love the amount of options we get, thank you for the effort you put into this. Just a few things: - The construction options keeps appearing and dissappearing randomly? I dunno if this is a problem with the mission or the game itself. - For a future version, is it possible that you can make people spawn with a buddy initally. So if there's 4 players, each player starts off with a buddy, rather than the whole group or alone. - Obiviously more side missions/objectives, which I can see you are already working on. - Maybe more time speed up options? Being able to choice a time scale, the speed at which the day progresses. - Some eerie music would be great as well, take a look at how Wiggum handled it, incredible atmosphere http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?109479-SP-Simple-Zombie-Action This is certainly a great time with a few friends, I look forward to your future versions, thank you.
  11. Ah great update Sumrak. Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication! Me and a buddy are going to try play it together this weekend.
  12. Ah k sounds good, I played up to mission 5 because I just couldn't contain myself xD. I will wait till next update to continue though, thank you for your dedication. By the way, will this coop be related to the crisis campaign, or will it be a different story for multiplayer? Or is that guna be a suprise? = )
  13. Indeed it is good news. Will the update alter the single player experience much? I just downloaded it and was wandering if I should start it now or wait for the update.
  14. Yes a lot of those points sound great. I for one would find it nice to see proper hands on steering wheel animations. I know its been discussed a lot over the years, and I'm hoping this will be the game to implement it. Not a necessity, but it would be very nice.
  15. bezzzy

    Arma 3, but how does look the Trailer

    @Albert In general, I do agree that a few of their tracks sound a little generic or 'cheap' as you put it. They are really not too bad though, and as NeMeSiS mentioned, they do have some outstanding orchestral songs. Have you heard All Helll Breaks Loose? Starts at 2:42. I'm hoping that A3 will contain a lot more tracks like this, not always with an epic or fast paced tone, but more use of an orchestra would be brilliant.