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  1. Just remove the "" from around !alive obj1. null=["mkr",!alive obj1,[]] execVM "script.sqf";
  2. Many thanks for your ingenuity. We currently use it on our Dedicated Server in our BOMSF Thor Task Management System for enhancing our current tasks. The primary item in our wish list would be to be able to filter the Land_ items a bit better and to disable the camera move while moving the selection-slider for objects. Other than those minor wishes, it is certainly a great tool and very useful for both ingame construction and its original intent in the editor. Thanks again.
  3. [bOMSF]BlackOpsMercenaries Special Forces Domain Name .......... bomsf.com Server Name ............ 2302 Location: .................. USA Type of Server .......... COOP (Thor Task Management)
  4. @somners So if the server creates the object and all clients see it, the object's variable name is not known by the client until each object's name has been "publicVariable"d ? It doesn't make sense that even after the object has been created : anchor3 = "Sign_Pointer_F" createVehicle targetpos; would return "anchor3" as nil when the object anchor3 is no longer null. So, it brings me back to my op, (So how would I test for an object named "anchor3" to see if it has been created yet or not? )
  5. This statement returns true even after the object named anchor3 has been successfully created via script ON A DEDICATED SERVER, any idea why? if ( isNil "anchor3" || { isNull anchor3 } )
  6. Then the wiki example is wrong? If I use isNil then the object name would have to be surrounded in quotes, which would indeed make it a variable, albeit, a str variable and not an object. So how does one test if an object has been created yet? btw, using (alive obj) also produces an undefined variable error if the object had not been created yet.
  7. This example in the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isNull produces an "undefined variable" error if the object has not been created yet. if (isNull obj) then {hint "doesn't exist";}; So how would I test for an object named "anchor3" to see if it has been created yet or not? example: if (isNull anchor3) exitWith {hint "SealTeam Platform not yet deployed !";}; If I declare it in my init.sqf as: anchor3 = objNull; then, it is no longer Null and acts as though it exists.
  8. But how do you remove it once it has been drawn ? As in: (findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51) ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw","(_this select 0) drawLine [getPos (vehicle player),getMarkerPos fpmrkr,[0,0,1,1]];"]; If you delete the marker, the line draws to the map's extreme lower left corner and remains. Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. tomturner

    Check player script help

    {if ((crew _x) isEqualTo []) then { deleteVehicle _x; };} forEach _arrayOfKartObjects; use instead: if ((crew _x) == []) then {{deleteVehicle _x;} forEach _arrayOfKartObjects;};
  10. It works, but as I said, your uniform changes in your view, but others still see you as in your underwear. blufor character changing uniform to civilian: _soldier addUniform "U_C_Driver_4"; and _soldier forceAddUniform "U_C_Driver_4"; errors out.
  11. tomturner

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    Not available in ver 1.20 ! Stable
  12. Did you try it on a Dedicated Server yet? It doesn't seem to work for me, forceAddUniform is ignored. The addUniform will work for the client, but only he sees his uniform. Everyone else sees his underwear. I am using a blufor character and changing to a civ racing uniform (Karts). According to the biki, it won't be available until Stable ver 1.22 as I stated above.
  13. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki?title=Category:Introduced_with_Arma_3_version_1.22
  14. tomturner

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Sorry, didn't happen with me. I had to purchase even though I am a Supporter and paid for that Edition.
  15. tomturner

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well, it did not answer the question about DLC being available to Supporters without additional charge. So, is it or not?