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  1. cossack8559

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    Hey, i love the mod but i have an issue when i use it.When ever i install this mod the Chinese CSAT units speak English. When i disable this mod they speak Chinese. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks
  2. cossack8559

    Why not add killstreaks to the game?

    Kill streaks in a military sim? I fear either you have mistaken the kind of game you've bought or the Arma series is starting to attract the Cod/Battlefield crowed. UAV revealing enemy locations if i kill a few soldiers? No thank you.
  3. Not a fan of PP, dislike the blurring effects.
  4. cossack8559

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    Enabled on regular, disabled on veteran.
  5. cossack8559

    Not impressed

    Got MOST settings on highest/Ultra and the game looks stunning in my opinion. During mid-day when the sun is brightest the vegetation looks great. Character models look nice too. I am pretty sure it looks much better than Arma 2. Also, in terms of performance, this Alpha runs smoother for me than Arma 2 did at release. Again, it's alpha and feedback is welcome, but to judge the game so early is silly.
  6. cossack8559

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive!

    ^^ LOL Like to add my congrats to the thread, i've played 6 hours thus far and i was seriously expecting a much more crashy/buggy game with it being Alpha. I have everything set to ultra except for shadows PIP&PP, the game looks stunning during the bright day, the trees,grass the characters look great. The game is smooth i get around 30-45 fps with FRAPS on and anything from 40-60 without recording, it can dip below 30 when in dense lush woods or towns packed with a.i. Very impressed so far and cannot wait as more features and content are added. The final product will be a game we will all play for years. Well done BI.
  7. cossack8559

    Need Stance Indicator

    Yes please, keep finding my self having to press x a few times or switching to 3rd person to find out if i'm crouch running etc. A simple soldier stance icon that only appears for a couple seconds when you press x/z would be perfect.
  8. cossack8559

    Arma 3 first impressions

    Had a lot of fun so far, was spoiled a bit by a few idiots online, but the admins finally took care of them allowing for a very enjoyable couple hours online. I noticed that when viewing drivers from 3rd person they all have the dead animation whilst driving, not sure if that was just me or if everyone was seeing this. Graphics look great, details of the characters and the landscape looks very nice. Sounds effects are okay, but i'm pretty sure i'll be checking all sound mods out again once created. Missing my tank action though, looking forward to the addition of tanks very much.
  9. cossack8559

    Arma 3 first impressions

    9 minutes left for my download, shall have some feedback once i play an hour or ten.
  10. cossack8559

    Arma 3 Alpha Steam DirectLink :P

    Currently downloading from Steam, simple and straight forward so far, eager to get in game. Hurry up slow internet speed. :D
  11. Does anyone know if this will be available to buy on Steam? i KNOW we have to register with Steam, but having just quickly checked the Steam store i don't see the alpha on there, So do we have to buy through BI website?
  12. cossack8559

    Helicopters in the Alpha?

    Damn no Tanks :( i love my tanks! Ah well, suppose i'll play around with the infantry and stuff until they get added at a later date. :)
  13. I buy these games for the editor, and that's where i'll be come Alpha release. Shall have to fiddle around with settings and controls first though, make sure everything is decent. Once that is sorted explore,test,create missions,the usual. :D
  14. Upgraded my system in December, runs all of my current games perfectly. Hoping it runs Arma 3 decently.
  15. cossack8559

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Actually Steam has said that in the case of this ever happening (very unlikely) they would release a patch removing the requirement for Steam. You can find many discussions on this with a simple Google search. But lets be realistic, Steam isn't going bust when it controls the majority of the PC market. In fact UK game retailers have even said in the past that Steam's dominance is killing competition. Steam is dominating for a reason, they quite simply offer fantastic deals during their sales and bring together many PC gamers as well as putting all of our games in one simple place. Despite all the Steam hate on this site, the majority of PC gamers that i know my self included consider Steam a blessing for PC gaming. Where i live shops such as GAME used to have an entire section dedicated to PC games, yet in the last 7 years they have a tiny little corner with about 15 games while the rest of the shop is full of Console games. Yet they wonder why PC gamers are turning to Steam? :j: