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  1. gareththomasnz

    virtual3dgun looks beter than deltasix controller

    The CEO emailed me back & while they are presently focused on military applications they would like to release to the civilian market He said it does work with ARMA and will work with oculus also He said they may do a kickstarter - I think they need to determine the market size
  2. gareththomasnz

    virtual3dgun looks beter than deltasix controller

    Yeah I really am only interested in the gun as oculus, trackIR etc can do the rest Its surprising there are only two realistic gun controllers in the whole world
  3. Man I want one of these badly http://www.virtual3dgun.com/index_en.html I am not sure if they will sell it to civilians but I know they work with BI to integrate it with VBS3. Definitely it will work with ARMA3 and oculus. Can we all start emailing them & they may provide more info including a price. I asked them if its possible to buy the gun only, no headset or backpack. contact.info@virtual3dgun.com
  4. gareththomasnz

    ARMA2/OA/CO/Demo/Free/TOH on WINE/Linux!

    OK I have the latest wine installed 1.5.27 by POL but on the configuration/general box it only has "SYSTEM" as an option - no others in the drop down Upgrading system wine... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine1.5 sudo apt-get install winetricks not working as I'm using natty - will try alternative instal
  5. gareththomasnz

    ARMA2/OA/CO/Demo/Free/TOH on WINE/Linux!

    Hey guys I dont know much about wine but followed instructions to setup Arma2 on playonlinux with wine I cant get past the loader as it doesnt recognize the mouse But just found this link http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/?app_id=6107;forum=1;msg=127264 this is a recent thread & looks like the solution - I didnt try it yet coz I dunno WTH I am doing
  6. gareththomasnz

    Source Filmmaker & ARMA ?

    1. Where in the forum do you suggest I should have posted then ? 2. your quetion is invalid - really ? It seems a valid question to me or I wouldn't have asked it. 3. works only in tf2 - crap You are obnoxious - I don't post here often - I expect better interaction than this.
  7. Hey I just saw some Source Filmmaker videos today - its fricken wicked Will this app work with the ARMA game engine too ? If so I expect everybody here to go KrAzEe
  8. gareththomasnz

    What weapons/vehicles would you like to see in ArmA 3?

    Rather than doing the scifi guff I wish they had simply built out more accurate depictions of real military forces. They could have done the PLA - Nth korea etc. Also I would like a true cold war version of the game - ekranoplans etc I would like just for fun a james bond mod complete with doctor evil island and space shuttle launch pad. I would like a fully functional modern city like we see in take on helicopters but with passenger trains, cars people etc and at least 3-4 full interior skyscrapers. I would like them to add full reality air combat like freefalcon game Bigger land region - whole nations and worlds Just no more scifi dudes
  9. gareththomasnz

    Take on helicopter environments for ARMA 3 ?

    if its using the same engine somebody is gunna release a mod for sure I wanna snipe in the big city, spec op drops on roof tops etc
  10. Look at this city scape http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/tkoh_gc_1280x800_1_4.jpg 500kb! (Read our forum rules again please. /Alex) This is where I want to fight in ARMA 3 can you do it for us ????
  11. Bummer - yes I need to resize my partition to run arrowhead
  12. I installed from the archive on armaholic it wont run with this addon my ARMA2 crashes immediately If I disable the island it is normal again
  13. I would say 1:4 mods I install do not show in the editor drop down lists so I can not use them. This totally pisses me off. Most mods don't even document where in the editor drop down to find them anyway. This should be a standard practice. So with all of these useless mods what do I do - how do I figure out how to use them in the editor. Mods that I cant find in the drop down (hence can't use) ... AN 225 MI 26 Australians at war Black ops & mercs Etc etc - there are many more. I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem and yes I do use mod folders & no I am not contacting the author of all the non findable mods - most reply with gibberish anyway.:eek:
  14. gareththomasnz

    Mi-26 ( not my addon )

    man i cant find it in the editor nor can i find the an225 released recently