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  1. Never seen it happening and can't reproduce it using your editor settings & graphics settings. (Click on pic for higher res) Any more info you could give?
  2. Can warez people insert whatever PIDs they want and would innocent people be in ban danger considering steam IDs are public? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960270647 doesn't even own Arma 3 and seem like an innocent bystander.
  3. Those DLC are encrypted, the only way that you are going to see them in Arma 3 is if BI builds support for them in the executable (spoilers, TKOH doesn't support them either with the BI implemented TKOH Rearmed DLC) or release them unencrypted (not going to happen).
  4. tonygrunt

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    Why should physx drivers fix the problem? The game doesn't seem to require them, they are not installed as a required redistributable. Latest libraries in newest physx drivers seem to be for up to the 2.8 physx SDK and the game comes with libraries from the 3.2 physx SDK, so I doubt they are ever used.
  5. Never had this problem with Arma 2, my older gtx480 would top at 1.5GB(max) and stay around there. Sometimes opening & closing the map would trigger a memory flush but nothing like Arma 3 where I witnessed an almost 1GB drop while flying. Maybe its graphics card/memory/driver specific.
  6. I have the same experience, today I was flying across Altis and my GPU memory would reach around 2.5-2.6 GB and then drop by 0.9-1 GB down. Sudden stutter and memory would start filling again till it reached the tipping point again.
  7. Try to install Battleye from http://www.battleye.com/download.html. Put Arma 2 BE Client for Windows (32-bit) into a folder called "BattlEye" in your game install directory.
  8. Check your arma2.rpt for errors that could point to a problem or post it somewhere for us to check it. It should be under "c:\Users\<WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\ArmA 2\".
  9. tonygrunt

    retail dvd on stores?

    You were asking about stores worldwide so that's why I pointed you at Amazon. There are a lot of local stores that sell it in my country so define local stores (which country?).
  10. tonygrunt

    retail dvd on stores?

    You can purchase it from Amazon (UK,DE,FR,JP) so at least one major online retailer has it.
  11. tonygrunt

    New ARMA patch in last couple of days?

    Also if you switch to dev-branch you can only play on dev-branch servers and not on stable ones.
  12. I want to believe that for the most people the game automatic detection works. If someone believes that it doesn't work that's why they have the parameters to troubleshoot and if they are willing, to report it as a bug.
  13. I see a big improvement in editor fps, having 12K for VD & OD and having 10-20FPS in Altis where before I would have below 1. Also the "count (position player nearobjects x)" command would take minutes if ever to complete for above 10000 will count 18739 objects after some seconds for 40000.
  14. What are you complaining about? There is nothing in the quoted post that the game isn't already automatically doing or is a personal preference option. -nosplash, -nofilepatching, -nopause, -world if they affect game performance it's only as a side effect and it's up to you to use them if you want what they change. -cpucount, -exthreads, -maxmem are detected automatically and are there if you want to try something other than the detected values. Used for troubleshooting. -nologs, -noBenchmark used for troubleshooting, -nologs might help if your disk is thrashing from writing a lot of errors. -high does not exist That's an OS function, if you think you need it complain to your OS and CPU companies for support. Personal preference. Not used not needed. Automatically detected used for troubleshooting.
  15. So? It's a cpu benchmark test and they used the most powerful graphics card to avoid bottlenecking from the gpu, this is how it has always be done. For the graphics card test they also used a Radeon 7770, do you think many would pair it with an overclocked Core i7-4770K.
  16. Don't expect anything before the next major Arma2OA patch which usually include content patches.
  17. This is a steam problem and pops up from time to time with different games. You have done the only thing you can do, contacting steam support. Now you wait for them to contact you or for the problem to resolve itself.
  18. tonygrunt

    Arma 2 activation code

    I am afraid no. Further more, giving away keys with not a attached official distributor of the game files seems a little shady to me and screams piracy. Furthermore if your key's format is like "00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,AA,BB,CC,EE,FF" (15 hex numbers with no dashes) it's almost certainly a pirate key or a stolen key, nobody distributes keys this way. (DON'T POST THE KEY) Above is my personal opinion, to be sure wait for a mod/dev to confirm/deny this. There might be an obscure official distributor who gives keys this way. Did you ask the dude how to install it?
  19. tonygrunt

    Arma 2 activation code

    Is it a Arma 2 Free serial if not activation codes exist only for steam, so if it doesn't work there you are out of luck. Serials don't materialize in the wild but come with retail disks or digital distributions, so I have to ask where did you get Arma 2?
  20. Which missions are you talking about? Only conflicts I have seen with sharing missions is with Life variants and perhaps some DayZ ones.
  21. tonygrunt

    Running TrackIR v5 as Admin

    Just a hypothesis, but trackir might have to run as admin because it has to access another process (arma3) or vice-versa and running as a normal user this interaction won't be allowed for security reasons. What is your problem with running trackir as admin?
  22. tonygrunt

    _beta PBO's required?

    While it might say beta it doesn't necessarily mean this is in reference to the beta of the developement cycle. It's probably used as naming scheme for breaking up and categorizing the addons, as after air_f_beta.pbo comes air_f_gamma.pbo (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, .....).
  23. tonygrunt

    Arma III Editions

    Arma: Cold War Assault is the first game in the Arma series first released as Operation Flashpoint in 2001. You basically got "Arma 0" if you go by number.
  24. tonygrunt

    Gpu_maxframes ahead = 1000?

    After dev branch update tripleBuffering is back.
  25. tonygrunt

    Supporter credits list

    You can text seach your name in ui_f.pbo if you want to check if it's there.