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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thank Ruebe. I found this out after a bit of research on the Arma 3 Factions and I also did in fact find the mod you were speaking of. I will play it vanilla as it adds to the emersion. I just thought it was a bug at first haha!! Thanks again
  2. hotel

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I am having issues wearing clothes. I noticed mostly civilian style clothing. I was able to wear a ghili but nothing else. Anyone have any input on this?
  3. Basically I am curious what kind of requirements are necessary for our models and textures (how many polys and texture res). I would like to get started with some modeling for this game. Can the devs give us an idea what there modeling credentials are? Sorry if this is a double post but the search didnt find anything.
  4. hotel

    Opinions on the Alpha Release Date

    Well Official site says 2013 now. It doesnt even specify which quarter. We went from summer of 2012 to alpha in Q4 2012 to 2013 in general. Its pretty safe to assume after march according to this poll. My guess is more Q4 2013.
  5. hotel

    Opinions on the Alpha Release Date

    I do hope that's the case :-)
  6. hotel

    Opinions on the Alpha Release Date

    With the two developers jailed I would imagine the alpha release is no more. With the dead silence from BIS I would say they are in a serious shakeup. They might be in a situation where they don't have the appropriate resources now to complete a functioning game. I have noticed beta patches still being released with very minor bug fixes so there is still development but that doesn't mean ArmA 3 is being worked on in its full entirety. There are many aspects to development that require a coordinated effort by all departments to make a functioning product in the end. One department down means no release. At least this is my experience with the company I work for. I do feel we will not see the Alpha we were told we would get Q4 and furthermore I don't feel there will ever be an Alpha. I believe we should consider ourselves lucky if we see a release of ArmA 3 in summer or fall 2013. I really would like some sort of hard facts about what we are getting or NOT getting soon. I would like to develop some things for ArmA 3 and if the game is going to be delayed for a long time it would be beneficial to know.
  7. I have noticed almost every building from a distance has flickering especially around windows. Like on the campaign mission Harvest Red I start off with that poor acting and while there talking away I go and take in the view of the city and the buildings flicker like crazy! I tried turning AA all the way up which actually makes the game look a ton better but the building flickering is still there. Full AF and high textures with everything on high. The Video Memory I adjusted to see if that helped but no cigar. The new patch didnt seem to help much with graphical glitches which im sure will be blamed on our Video card vendors but does anyone know of a fix for this or how to improve the problem? AMD Phenom X4 955BE @3.8Ghz @47 celsius load Gigabyte 790FX and SB750 Chipsets HD 4890 1 GIG @ 900/1100 Patriot 1600 Mhz DDR3 Gaming Edition West Digital 500 Gig HDD 32 MB Cache 500 Watt Antec PSU
  8. I have a 5870 and the trees are fine. That is unless there colors ring Orange. Any of the orange vegtation murders my graphics card and it did this with my 4890 as well. On Utes I can run 10 k view, 200 fill and everything maxed but chern I am everything maxed 3 k view and 150 fill. The map Island Panthera had a ton of those orange trees on it and it ran like a slideshow. I know he released an update so I might give it a go. I find Island duala to be the best balanced map out there. Vegitation plus desert enviornment and the frames stay stable.
  9. Use fraps to take a screenshot. In windows 7 I have this problem with taking screens lol. Anyway maybe you should post your specs so I have a better idea of what your using to run that resolution. I know when i push my 3d res to 200% I get a lot of texture popping
  10. ATI keeps releasing new drivers but have not once made effort to increase Arma 2 performance. Whats funny is Nvidia did this a long time ago and got some gains. Im a little irritated toward ATI for this. Everytime they release a new driver it fixes games that have hardly any replay value. I dont understand the point of fixing mediocre issues on games that phase out quick rather than fix games where community keeps the game in play for a long time. my 2 cents
  11. SSAA on my 5870 takes a pretty good hit in performance. The game looks incredible with SSAA and normal to high in game. The unfortunate thing is the forests when your walking through them in certain light conditions. The trees with those white lines aroudn them just kill the immersion. I bench about 51 FPS on the first bench mission at everything very high no AA. AA on high I get about 40. With SSAA on it dips to unplayable numbers :(
  12. Yo KK are you able to do the anti-aliasing through the CCC? I been trying liek hell to use CCC to control AA because I feel liek the game doesnt do a good enough job itself. I stopped using AA all together and just run my 3d res at 200% which works nicely and looks pretty damn good but certain things just simply need AA to look sharp. Anyone else have thoughts on this....btw ATI card only please
  13. Put -winxp in your arma 2 shortcut. Right click the arma 2 shortcut go to Properties Click Shortcut Tab at the end of this line ""C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe"" Put -winxp and apply it
  14. With super sample and high AA in game the powerlines and tracks are silk smooth. Like you said for me to be able to play at that though i will need two cards.....figuring if im lucky. ** Does the nvidia cards display the same result**
  15. The game looks fine maxed out with high AA but the power lines and Railroad tracks look horrid. They have terrible stepping like AA is not smoothing them. Turn the 3D res up to 200% helps but doesn't fix it entirely. If I crank Super Sampling in my ATI control panel its like smooth and everything looks right. Super Sampling however kills performance and I cannot play with it on. Any IDEAS? 995BE CPU @3.8 HD5870 WIN7 64
  16. Hey kklown does the in game AA actually go like this Low 2x Normal 4x Hih 8x ? I heard somewhere it was low 1x normal 2x high 4 x
  17. You know the more i bench and the more I play this game the less I can tell much difference between normal settings and very high. The shadows are the biggest thing i see huge differences in. When you run at a uber high res (ie. 19by12) then you wont see much difference between normal and very high textures. Also i don't see a lot of difference with the other settings either. Now obviously they do change things but when your in first person view (which you should be if your into the simulation aspect of this game) then you wont notice the graphic perks "as much". Third person I notice a lot more of the eye candy and actually wind up dieing more because I'm looking at my character and all the objects in awe at there beauty. LOL Perks: * Terrain detail increases the distance and height of grass layer (more to process with wind blowing (CPU bound)) * Object detail increases the detail of grass and object (ie vehicles\buildings) at greater distances. Sacrificing this in first person view is fine for me. Even flying at high speed you don't need it. If you do a lot of heli flying at low altitude low speeds then you might be more inclined to crank this up. * Shadow detail is something I cannot sacrifice. It too seems to utilize my CPU to process but with this on normal your really old schooling shadows of the blocky days. On high you get a decent boost in performance rather than being on very high and still have similar GQ * AF doesn't seem to effect my performance but in reality it doesn't work very well. The ground is still blurry about 100 meters in front of me where as in Arma 1 the AF seem to work a lot better at further distances I have a 5870 and the game doesn't run 30+ all the time even in user created missions. The orange brush and trees are murder when everything is on Very High. The only thing I was able to move up on my graphics slider from my 4890 to this card was the Anti-Aliasing. Bare in mind I am at 1920 by 1200 with everything Very High and VD 3K using 4890 and terrain detail normal. The 5870 gave me the ability to increase AA but the funny thing was I saw the same performance drop from terrain detail when i set it to Very High. With terrain detail off in domination i can run the game maxed with Super sampling enabled in my control panel. So the grass is murder as well. My CPU or my hard drive I feel is holding me back. 955 BE OC to 3.82 and 500 Gig WD 7200 16mb HDD. The CPU has to be what is processing the grass and killing my game performance. I don't see the graphics card having an issue processing grass like that. CONCLUSION: A lot of you need to realize this game is more of a simulator. Have any of you been in a real flight simulator? The graphics suck HUGE! Also the machines that run those flight simulators out at the air force base are massive compared to our home machines. I too was upset about performance and posted many bad things about the game due to it. As time went on I realized more what this game was about and where it stands in the world of simulators. In all honesty BIS has done an awesome job of mixing graphics with simulation and have been above the bar compared to any other "Simulation" games. Stop trying to max the game! I have a 5870 and run everything normal/high and I still have better graphics than Arma 1 and and other simulators. **As for the Battlefield BC2.......all I can say is the graphics and ambient sounds etc are amazing. The game play on the other hand is the worst I have ever seen. If anything in my post about what things do needs correction please let me know via PM
  18. Why is it when i drop 203's right on a couple of guys most of them live? They do that retarded ROCKING from the blast and keep running. 203 would lay you out on the ground first off and second off 1 right in your face will kill you. Does anyone else see this issue? Also, does this occur with hand granade?
  19. hotel

    Dragon Rising has been released

    AGAIN, I say this to any game released. I feel there should be an agency that monitors and tests games before there released. Sort of a professional quality control if you will. Someone who does not work for the game companies with a biias view should test these games and they should not allowed to be released if they fail this testing. I think its about time something like this happens because lets face it, these companies are playing whatever game they want with the consumer and it needs to stop. THERE IS TOO MUCH MONEY INVOLVED IN VIDEO GAMES NOW! IT SHOULD BE CONTROLLED.
  20. That is without a doubt the most rediculous statement I have heard.
  21. Its not just the building but orange bushes and trees as well. This is a fact. If they were to optimize those two things we would be golden.... extra 5 to 10 fps easy
  22. If the game(software) has single player campaign and obviously a lot of time scripting went into that campaign why would people say its not meant for its single player? Actually getting tired of those that write that rediculous nonsense. Multiplayer is fun but do not try to justify the condition of the campaign with the excuse that multiplayer is what this software is abotu because that is entirely untrue.
  23. hotel

    COOP 1-8 Terror from the Seas

    This mission has become my new favorite next to Cipher. I can play them single player and multiplayer. Turning off grass on Utes seems pretty unnecessary to me. No respawns are the only missions i play because "anybody" can rack kills with respawns enabled. GREAT JOB ON THIS MISSION keep it up!
  24. hotel

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I am dissapointed in a lot of things OFP:DR has. The textures were a complete dissapointment and the soldier animations look nothing like the real animation of real marines (sorry but true). The soldier animations are pretty much copied from BF. The models in this game feel like there from GRAW or something and the lack of weapon customization sucks. This game is for CONSOLES and that is why it will never be accepted by us PC gamers. PC releases of a game need to be PC catered not ported. You can look at the installtion directory of OFP and see its a port by the file structure. Also looks as if modding will be a NO GO. Flight controls were awful ad cumbersome. Vehicle controls are the same. The editor however is much easier than any other editor I have used. The fact you can practice MOUT or CQ is amazing though and the whole building integration is far superior to anything else. Damage models to me are better by 100% than any other PC milsim and so are "some" of the animations. The Javalin animation is pretty cool. Overall the game runs like silk and I am very impress with the LOD setup. Nothing POPS in and out and has a way more fluid feel. I feel like the game has its pros and cons and to a console gamer prolly has more pros THAN cons but for a PC gamer this will not keep us interested for long. The fact that this is more tactical shooter than actual simulation will prove that you can hussle the map rather than need to take your tie which in the end makes the game loose its appeal very quickly. To the mods comment about what people are expecting... Well I can only say there needs to be an agency who quality controls every game. Im sorry but this unfinished/buggy/unpolished releases are becoming a normal practice by all game developers and its hurting all of the end users in the end. Money has become too big of a deal and the art involved in a game has suffered. Sure quality control will have its cons but the pros wil be finished products and that is where the gaming industry needs to head back toward. Also if a game developer promises something they will stick to it rather than jump ship and give somethign entirely different. With OFP I cant help but feel I have been lied to on a small level.