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  1. aker

    RH Pistol Pack 2.0 Redux

    Great models and sounds, even so it is not able to download anymore. ModDB, ArmaholiC are both down.
  2. Somehow I have find this out finally, " this addMagazineCargo ["2Rnd_12Gauge_Pellets", 10];"
  3. Where can we find the Magazine Classnames for ArmA 3 Contact? Could not find 12G in the list.
  4. Attached some delayed waypoints to see what happends if non playable character walks across explosives, it did not work. Although it is also visible, that player damages as well. AI has no bleeding.
  5. aker

    Arma 3 Skeet Trap Shooting

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qpHLMyEPy-XrfiXfoq9yp6nE8OwJqZKC This is my final work.
  6. aker

    Arma 3 Skeet Trap Shooting

    Hey Everyone! What may gone wrong if I experience the following error messages described below: 😩 Pic1 Pic2
  7. Thank You! ---------- Post added at 17:31 ---------- Previous post was at 17:20 ---------- But, still not working. Posted my screen of the editor. Screenshot_Editor :( Player is that green and crossed indpnt. icon and named as VIP.
  8. Let me ask sg. If I named a player to ex."VIP", and started a MP mission if this player isn't selected (as human player) the trigger will activated(ex. texthint please select VIP ...), how to configure this? The upper solution doesn't work for me.
  9. aker

    cam scripts?

    Hey guys! How to configure that, when a _player is dead, could see only an other player from the team with a forced third person view example?
  10. Hey all! 1. I would like to disable auto converstation (AI like) between players during playing multiplay. I've tried this init command: soldier1 disableConversation true; soldier1 setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; enableRadio false; This works, but I think it's not the correct way. It is annoying, when always hear a "Regroup!" command or sg.... or "Im at grid xxxxx!" after a respawn. (COOP) 2. Please someone could help me how to hide/remove command bar icons of the players(group). Most of missions are using this function. Player icons located in the left bottom of the hud this is evident. Maybe I can use disabledAI = 1; but this helps not. Thank You!
  11. Is this method not working with open a previously created mission and select the intro from the right upper tab? Don't know how to configure it, still not working, class Intro section wont load, but it seems every scipts are O.K.
  12. Hey all! I'm looking for a script, that allows grab an object (suitcase) will show in your inventory. I would like to combine it with a script makes the task succeeded. Thanks!
  13. Hey there! How to make a small object indestructible, like evidence (files or photos)? Thanks!
  14. Thank You! Commands are working for a HMMWV [uS]:), but still not for a CRRC by me. ..hhmm I recognised the problem, because I had a mission previously for the basic ArmA2 where the command was working fine.