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  1. Ingolf

    Take On Mars - Christmas Update

    Great news on the update! Looking forward to testing the new features a bit more. Keep up the good work, it's a brilliant piece of software and it's getting better all the time! Happy new Mars-year 2015 (to everyone)!
  2. Ingolf

    Nice Concept, but Lack of Freedom

    I agree with the OP. The missions are on rails. We need more freedom, either a "mission design table" or allow for more thinking at the site (or possibly both). Now, it may not be that easy to implement as some specific goals must be reached and flagged "complete". In general I would like to see the use of coordinates instead of an arrow/cross pointing me from A to B. I do need to run the game a bit more before I can come with some proper suggestions. Overall, I think Take on Mars has a great potential to satisfy both the casual and the hardcore player. Thanks for making this great exploring game!
  3. Great stuff this! :) Did a couple of quick missions after first install and I must say I love the details! I need to read up on the concept and plans for the future before I can provide any constructive critics/suggestions. Some bugs I've found naturally, and I also need to find out how to report them (will check bug section soon). As with everybody here (I guess), I'm a sim nut from the days of Flight Simulator 1.0 (or even earlier) so Take on Mars will fit nicely on my HD. Thanks for giving us the pleasure to explore Mars at keyboard reach!
  4. Ingolf

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Yea, thanks Wolle, sry for posting out of place, didnt see this thread... Just wanted to express myself regarding the two... :)
  5. Ingolf

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    ...but I wanted to send my gratitude to the Bohemia group. I've played the Codemasters OFDR for about 3 hours and it gives me nothing but an urge to scream. How can they downgrade a title like this (Operation Flashpoint) to the very floor and still speak highly of it? This is meant to be a cheer to Arma II and the developers (+ the modding community) that still keep the goals high. I know this has been said before, but I'd like to join the crowd and praise the development in that same direction we PC players like to see Bohemia is going in the future... Good on you for not giving into the IQ-free world of console gaming B! ArmA II rocks!
  6. Ingolf

    Is there a way to...

    Thank you guys for all your comments. Yes, the scope of the game is huge --- sry for not being precise. I did too go straight into the editor when buying ArmA II (like I always do). However, I fired up the campaign and got hooked after only a few initial missions since they surprised me in a very pleasant way. I'm about 75% into the Manhattan story now and the loudspeakers have been yelling this radio message across the plains and the woods for weeks now. I enjoy the level and the "openess" so I go carefully forward to protect my squad. Every place I go - using transport support, my feet or a couple of pickups - the air is filled with multiple radio messages (3 at times) from the russian gov. Will this end as I finish the Manhattan part? If so, I'll try to end it quickly then. Just wondering if it is supposed to be like that - or if it is a bug/saves screwed up. cheers all
  7. Ingolf

    Console version of ARMA 2

    @AVIBIRD 1: You dont get it, do you? Its a difference between a simulation using wheel/clutch/gearbox, joystick/throttle/rudder, TrackIR, Mission editors/functions, mods, and massive online participants/communications compared to a console where you can press buttons and get through the storyline. I appreciate your point though, but I suspect (might be wrong) that your console puts you far off from the simulation that we PC maniacs feel makes games great. Calling us Jackasse's doesn't put more weight into your words...
  8. Ingolf

    Console version of ARMA 2

    Totally agree. It was a sad moment when I first ran Codemessups OFDR and discovered that they disgraced the soul of Operation Flashpoint. We still have to fight for, and support, the development of the PC game industry that pushes the limits and fully tries to use the potential of computer power. However, like you said, its PC power vs $$$$-power. I can see a revival coming - unless we all get dumbed down by TV and consoles... No offence console players, but it does ruin the games we once cherished.
  9. Ingolf

    Is there a way to...

    yes, manhattan mission... (havn't got past that yet ;)) ...so I'll have to live with this until I cleaned up the insurgents...? I have no mods or extra modules that would affect the stock campaign. /thx for posting answers
  10. ... turn off the propaganda that is spewing out in every village... and even 2-3 km from every village? I get so annoyed by this loud (russian) message that is repeating itself and spoiling the atmosphere wherever you are trying to plan an assault. I am starting to believe this is a bug that is following me? Anyone? Best regards, and thanks BI for an amazing game :) /sgt Ingolf PS: I tried OFDR today and was so happy to get back to the woods of ArmA. DS
  11. @: [ORC] Mc Speedfreak, Big Dawg KS, TiGGa, Tajin, Thanks for your answer! It made my day (and night)! ;) I knew it was something like that so I actually checked "My Documents" on the C drive but did not look carefully enough! How stupid I feel :p @Tajin: Regarding the SQF, yeah, that feels more like me. I was really pleased to see the move towards that kind of functions. Since I'm used to work with Matlab, that feels more like my backyard... :) ...and @doford; yes, Vista may cause these kind of anoying detours.... :D Guys, you are great! Looking forward to ask more stupid questions in the very near future! Hopefully, I can contribute with some useful input too, later on. Cheers!
  12. Hi all! Before I shoot my question i just want to make clear that I really did search through the threads for an answer (and the excellent guides available). Did not find it. That - to me - indicates that my coming question is of such basic level that it should not even be asked :) However, I can not call my scripts properly from, for example, a trigger. I planned to make my first script to show some text across the ingame screen. Just to make sure I got the method right. Simple huh? First I tried without using a script: In the "Edit trigger" pop-up window, I simply added: titleText ["Show this text", "PLAIN"] And with the Activation set to my unit, Present, Once and so on. Right! Works beautifully! Then I placed titleText ["Show this text", "PLAIN"] in a text file, named it "showthistext.sqs" and saved it as a SQS-file under d:\spel\Arma2\Missions\scripts\showthistext.sqs (my game folder). In the On Act. (Edit trigger) I try to execute my script with: [] exec "d:\spel\Arma2\Missions\scripts\showthistext.sqs" At first when I did not use the full path to my script, I got an error telling me that the script could not be found as I entered the area defined by the trigger. So, the trigger actually triggers. Make sense. But with the above command (full path) nothing happens when I enter the (trigger)area. It obviously finds my script (showthistext.sqs) but will not execute it (or at least no text is shown on the screen). I seem to have missed something fundamentally? Do I need to add "Exit" or use ";" in my script. Tried both - no change. I have tried to save the mission as both "User mission" and "Export to single missions". No difference if I run my mission from the "Preview" in the editor or as an actual Scenario from the main menu. Still my "showthistext" will not show up! I am not new to programming, so I guess my misstake is of another kind. Grateful for any help, so that I can get started with scripting and functions!! PS: Thanks for all other useful threads, got really inspired as I went through the forum! DS