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  1. trickster1982

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    I was fighting a dragon on the beach in the top left corner of the map where that prison is the other night, it swooped down and landed on the beach, at which point a load of Walrus type creatures came up out of the sea and started attacking the dragon, sweet! :D
  2. trickster1982

    BattleField 3

    Try using the boost button when on stairs, or at least use it to take a run up, then it works! Its pretty funny sneaking up on someone with it who hasnt seen you, then welding them to death :p its not realistic by any means but its a fun game to play!
  3. trickster1982

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    My in game character looks more or less the spitting image of Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead as I went to see them a couple of weeks ago, so as well as being God, Lemmy is now a Dragonborn as well :p
  4. trickster1982

    BattleField 3

    I'm really enjoying BF3, I love Arma but its good to be having a bit of fun on BF without all the serious sim side for a bit of a change. You can see my stats on Trickster1982 on battlelog if your interested, I'm not brilliant but I've had some good sniper kills (I play good recon, not camping) and I've unlocked loads of gadgets for the support role, and I guess maybe down to Arma I dont play like a hyperactive 12 year old rushing around either so I do try to employ some tactics and support my squad :)
  5. trickster1982

    Rejenorst's Missions [SP/MP/COOP]

    Just played your Martyrdom mission, really enjoying it, its nice to see a well polished user mission with proper voice acting etc. The mission felt a lot like that scene in Full Metal Jacket when the marines move into Hue city, very similar atmosphere, well done for capturing that!
  6. trickster1982

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I tried to play the D+1 mission for the first time and all I get is a white screen, I can see the diamond shaped green icons for my men, and can fire my weapon, but cant see a damn thing! :confused:
  7. trickster1982

    CWR² Demo

    Fantastic demo guys, well done to all involved! Wonder if any of the CM guys have jealously played this :p Just one thing
  8. trickster1982

    [CAMP/OA] Operation Mighty Justice

    Now I finally own Arrowhead I thought I'd check for a Bardosy campaign and I'm not disappointed! Great fun to play as always, I'm on the mission where you have to attack three villages so far, and on the last one an AH64 joins in the fight and starts raking the enemies on the ground, great to watch! Well done on another good campaign sir! :cool:
  9. trickster1982

    CWR² Demo

    Darn! I best be having a look on Amazon then! :p
  10. trickster1982

    CWR² Demo

    Aargh just installed and I cant play it, I'm running Arma 2 with a couple of mods & patched up to the latest version, but apparently I need to have Arrowhead/combined ops too, gutted! Any way round it or do I definitely need combined ops?
  11. trickster1982

    CWR² Demo

    Awesome! I've been in Greece so missed the release of this, but am downloading now! Great work W0lle, looking forward to playing!
  12. Nice work W0lle, I'm itching to play this!! :D
  13. trickster1982

    Has OFP/ARMA put you off the Army ?

    I've had an interest in the military since I was a kid, I made different choices though when I left school and didnt go down that route although sometimes I think I maybe should have done. I went through the selection process with the TA just over a year ago which I really enjoyed, but unfortunately due to a blip of depression/OCD in my early 20's I was rejected on medical grounds. Anyway I was told that I may be able to try again after 12 months as it is now well over 5 years since I last had treatment so at 29 I'm going to try again this year! :) Arma 2 has had no influence on this, but I am interested in all the hardware in the game, as well as that feeling that the game is a lot more realistic than nearly all other military games out there (not that a game will ever come close to real combat)
  14. trickster1982

    [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

    Looking forward to your new missions Zipper5! Really enjoyed Cobalt :cool: