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  1. The launcher tries to detect folders with a directory "addons" in it. Does your "@mod" folder have this subdirectory? alpinestars
  2. Personally I do not own a steam version of ArmA II and ArmA II OA, to which exe files did you set the paths? I thought steam's version are started by steam.exe -appID. I will work on a version supporting steam, but it is hard to develop if you are not using steam. alpinestars
  3. Found it (thx to bensdale), it was the "-" in the computer name. Please try beta2, can be downloaded here BR, alpinestars
  4. I am using also Windows 7 x64 (Professional, German) and there is no problem concerning a "-" in the account name. Are you using a domain/AD account? BTW: I you use the option to launch ArmAII in context of another OS user, you should at "-name=[profile]" to addional parameters to use your ArmAII profile. Will implement it for final version. Did anybody else try the beta version? BR alpinestars
  5. I think so, will take a look :eek: ---------- Post added at 08:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:24 AM ---------- I created a new OS user "test-2" for test and it is working, no error! Tested it with Vista x86, can you please tell me your OS? Thx, alpinestars
  6. Please try a 1st beta version. It is now possible to select another OS user/account for running ArmAII/ArmAIIOA. Download 3.2.0 beta 1 here If you are using your account, you do not have to enter a password. To use another OS account, you must type in the correct password, otherwise the launcher cannot start ArmAII or will use the standard (=logged in) user account. I tested it with Windows XP and Windows 7 x64. Please give me a feedback, hope this will help some people to run it without logged in with an admin account. Perhaps there are some limitations/problems concerning the internal game profiles etc., but let us see ... BR, alpinestars
  7. I am working on a new version to start ArmA II as another OS user. Maybe I am able to release a beta version tomorrow ... alpinestars
  8. All, version 3.1.1 is online, just a bugfix release * Fixed beta mod parameter of OA for direct profiles BR alpinestars
  9. Did you try a RESET? I do not know, will work on a steam compatible version. alpinestars
  10. All, Release notes * Support of direct shortcuts loading a profile w/o starting the launcher * Folder “Expansion†excluded from automatic modfolder detection * Some minor bugfixes * Fixed French translation BR alpinestars
  11. Yes, the Launcher will choose the beta *.exe and will add all neccessary -mod entries.
  12. I will mask this modfolder "Expansion" if really not needed. Did you read my hint to RESET the launcher after upgrading to 3.0.0 ? ;-) It's neccessary due to some major changes. Now every mod is addressed by his full path! The launcher takes a look in every folder and searches for a subfolder "addons". The behaviour and therefore the shown results are related to the selected *.exe. This keeps the ServerBrowser running "fast". What, if you select the OA *.exe and join a ArmA II game? Don't know
  13. Cannot understand, because if I select mod "Expansion\beta" the Launcher automatically adds the needed parameters, here is my result when starting with -debug. What shows -debug on your installation? Thx, alpinestars ---------- Post added at 10:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:39 PM ---------- Which version of TrackIR are you using and what OS?
  14. All, just some little changes. * Autostart option for fraps * New arrangement in parameters/options tab, now encluding the option for game version * Corrected link in about tab to new website * Some tooltips added BR, alpinestars
  15. If you selected the arma2.exe in "settings" tab and activated the mod "beta", the launcher will use the ..\ArmA 2\beta\arma2.exe. On the other hand, if you selected arma2oa.exe and activated the mod "Expansion\beta", the launcher will you the ..\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oa.exe.