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  1. Question concerning the "DAC Config Object" feature of DAC. There are preset DAC configurations already defined to create boulders and other vegetation however every time DAC tries to run the Config Object script of it's own presets it will give a "Bad Object" error?!? Was the Arma 2 version of DAC Config Object a feature that never got fully implemented as far as creating trees, boulders, and other vegetation were concerned? If it does then how do you utilize this feature where it can create trees, boulders, and vegetation? Thanks Edit Update: Actually figured out how to get the "Config Object" feature to work adding trees, grass, etc. to a map but it did require the MAP Editorupgrade (EU) addon in order for the feature to work.
  2. With subtitles enabled: Razor team voices on maps other than Cherno and Utes will try and say the names of towns but don't have the voice parameters to actually say the towns name but the towns name will still show in the subtitles as if being said by the Razor team member. USMC and US units other than Razor team will use a respective Grid reference instead of trying to use a town's name. Will/Can corepatch be updated to have Razor Team voices use Grid references instead of a town's name that doesn't even have a voice parameter?
  3. You are awesome opusfmspol and believe I've found the issue. I have a modified "CAcharacters2" in a mod file that did not have the required addon: "CorePatch_Everything" The second I added the "CorePatch_Everything" the error log goes away for that mod but I also use the RHS mod and it gives the same message about deleted downloadable content "rhs_c_weapons." Guarantee all the RHS mod needs is to be updated with the required addon: "CorePatch_Everything" and more than likely the error log will go away. Don't know why I didn't think of "CorePatch_Everything" at midnight last night. Thanks again opusfmspol!
  4. Since opusfmspol is the Warfare mission guru I'll ask a question that I just noticed with mods installed. Yes, with mods installed. Having no mods installed does not reproduce this notification. Superpowers and When Diplomacy fails gives the following log message at the start "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted???" Which makes no sense to me whatsoever as I haven't touched any of the core files. These missions seem to play just fine even with this message. I haven't had time to check and see if there are other missions that produce this message but my question is are others getting this message with other mods installed? opusfmspol any input?
  5. Since this is EOL Arma 2 update and all...any chance that backpack proxies get added to the ARMA 2 units?
  6. Are you using ASR AI by chance? I've noticed AI behavior similar to what you described but it was with the ASR AI mod enabled and it was more like 10% of AI and not the 80% you described. Haven't noticed this yet but to be honest I modified the core patch Anti-Prone file a long time ago on my end mainly because it seemed to cause prone conflicts with the ASR AI mod where a few AI units would stay in the prone position indefinetly. After consideration I can't say the Anti-Prone portion of Corepatch is really a necessary feature or fix for that matter. IMO. Updated 04-11-2018: Was something changed with the game sounds? It sounds as if a phantom invisible unit is running around the map with the squad. Never noticed this before. I know it's not a great description but has something been updated with any of the movement sounds???
  7. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    Fixed! That's exactly what i needed! Thanks!
  8. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    Sounds great samatra! 1) Any news on the RPK-74 shadow issue? 2) The corepatch introduced new sounds for some of the ACR weapons which ended up conflicting with the JSRS Mod sounds for those ACR weapons. Modifying the ACR weapons corepatch to restore the JSRS Mod sounds for those weapons was pretty easy however I've just now discovered that the following weapons have reverted back to vanilla game sounds and are no longer the JSRS Mod sounds: M4A1 and the M4A1M203ACOG have reverted to the regular game sounds on all firing modes. At this point I do not know what is conflicting from corepatch to revert the JSRS Sounds on these 2 rifles to vanilla???
  9. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    So just to confirm. The following units are not part of the official 1.63 patch. They are a part of a fairly recent update to corepatch. (Admittedly I am offline from Steam a lot) "MVD_Soldier_Medic", "RU_Soldier_Engineer", "RUS_Soldier_Medic", "TK_Special_Forces_Medic_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Engineer_EP1", "UN_CDF_Soldier_Medic_EP1" Just uninstalled the entire Arma 2 series and reinstalled to test. After some searching the units above are located in: Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead / Expansion / Addons / corepatch CorePatch_CCP_70799 Thanks to the corepatch team on their continuing efforts! :)
  10. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    Thanks for the reply Beagle. Hard to believe I just now noticed this in the Editor! :) I searched though a lot of the obvious files for these added units but can't seem to find them. They're not in the ARMA2/Addons/characters2 file or at least I didn't see them there. Could you advise which file these units are located in? Thanks
  11. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    Don't know when exactly it was updated but I do notice that some units have been added to various factions. MVD and Spetsnaz now have Medic units. Where are these units located? Which file? Corepatch or Community Configuration Project E ?
  12. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    In addition to this the JSRS 1.5 Final sound issue with the following weapons: Fn FAL (All firing modes) M14 (Full firing mode only) G36A (All firing modes) G36K (All firing modes) These weapon sounds in the reported firing modes are the vanilla game sounds and not the modded JSRS Final sounds for these weapons. I reverted to an earlier version of the game to test and can confirm these firing sounds after corepatch are not correct. These issues were fixed in a prior version of corepatch but either the current version of corepatch does not include these fixes or they were reverted back for some reason???
  13. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    The latest corepatch causes a graphical glitch with the AK-107. The AK-107 GL, PSO, and GL+PSO versions are fine and do not have the graphical glitch. Just the AK-107 While firing the AK-107 the bolt graphically extends back towards the buttstock. The graphical glitch on the AK-107 is more pronounced while reloading a completely empty clip of the AK-107. Please confirm. This is with no mods and the prior corepatch version did not have this graphical glitch with the AK-107. Thanks
  14. revolverocelotkjb

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Quick question concerning the latest patch version of RHS AFRF and USAF. I'm getting sound distortions during infantry firefights with quite honestly not a whole lot of units on the map (2-4 infantry groups). Not having any issues with the Vanilla Game Units of ARMA 3 with substantially more infantry on the map (12 infantry groups). Haven't noticed any sound distortions in previous versions of RHS so my question is has anyone else experienced any sound distortions in the current version? Thanks
  15. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    JSRS 1.5 Final sound issue with the following weapons: Fn FAL (All firing modes) M14 (Full firing mode only) These two weapon sounds in the reported firing modes are the vanilla game sounds and not the modded JSRS Final sounds for these weapons. I reverted to an earlier version of the game to test and can confirm these firing sounds after corepatch are not correct. Thank you for your continued support.
  16. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA beta CorePatch 01.03.2016

    Any chance that corepatch will improve the AI to a limited degree without the need for mods using Pizzadox's efforts as an exemplary example? Such as AI smoke grenade utilization and rearming from backpacks / bodies etc.? :)
  17. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    Hosted locally on my own computer. Upon immediately completing a Warfare mission the Blufor / Opfor Win message appears along with an end game graph of multiple team categories such as Soldiers Recruited / Killed etc.and in addition to this graph an end game camera angle will pan out while calculating the stats. However the end game graph will upon completion of its team calculations restart multiple times along with the camera angle zooming back in and panning back out multiple times. My apologies for misstating before as the end game loop is not perpetual it does end to where I can view my personal statistics for the mission but the multiple recycling of the team stats graph and camera angle just didn't seem right. A very minor detail compared to all the massive fixes you compiled for the Warfare Module which by the way a huge thank you for that work! Quick question eggbeast on one item you mentioned in your post. You specifically mentioned adding backpack function to a2 units from oa. Is it in the core patch agenda to eventually do this? To where the backpacks will actually show on the Arma 2 unit models? That would be awesome along with maybe proper AI function for the AI units to actually rearm themselves from their backpacks? :) These features were in ACE 2 and also your released mod eggbeast and I'm all for mods that add content and revisions to ARMA 2 and OA but at the same time there are features that should be inherently native aspects of the core game that currently are not and honestly should not have to be scripted or modded. For example: Having OA backpacks ported to ARMA 2 unit models Having AI units actually be able to rearm themselves from their backpacks Maybe even perhaps finally having AI actually be able to use smoke grenades which is a long overdue feature in my opinion :)
  18. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    To Opusfmspol, the Warfare missions upon completion are in a perpetual loop with the camera and the stats. This loop lasts only a few seconds and then continuously repeats. I don't recall that happening before. I tested this with Civil War CTI several times today. Minor I know but I figured it best to mention it just in case. On a side note concerning Civil War I thought it interesting that the Insurgents recruit Russian soldiers for base defense and the CDF recruit USMC for base defense oh and the CDF playable units start off with American weapons instead of Russian variants. I figured for that CTI mission it would be exclusively Insurgents vs CDF but it probably has always been like that. Easy enough to modify on my end to be honest. :) To anybody, as far as tweaking weapons and vehicles are concerned does anyone else think the bicycles in ARMA 2 are a tad on the fast side? I always thought they were too fast in Dayz and doesn't appear to me much if any slower after the patch?
  19. revolverocelotkjb

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    Thank you to the ARMA 2 CorePatch team on their hard work! It is good to see ARMA 2 still being worked on by a dedicated community! :)
  20. Nice information. Followed your instructions and everything works as intended with a custom warfare map. Thanks!
  21. revolverocelotkjb

    I cannot respawn in Arma2 (any DLC)

    This is not a Description.ext issue. Respawn does not work as intended with the Warfare module after the 1.63 patch update with Combined Operations. The player's unit respawns however the actual player does not respawn with control of the unit and are stuck in a perpetual limbo view as if waiting for respawn. This is the case for player made warfare module missions as well as the warfare module missions provided with the actual game that was made by Bohemia Interactive (the ones that I have tested that is). As stated in the original post of this thread the warfare module missions that comes with Bohemia Interactive's game are not working as intended with Combined Operations as his problem did not involve a custom warfare module mission. The original post was updated to state that this problem does not exist with ARMA 2 and I tried the "When Diplomacy Fails" warfare module mission on ARMA 2 and respawn did indeed work as intended. However, playing "When Diplomacy Fails" on Combined Operations the respawn feature does not work as intended. Can we get a Dev's response on the respawn feature for the warfare module after the 1.63 patch as this feature worked as intended before this update? In addition I am still noticing that the AI are not engaging units through glass and other penetrable surfaces despite the 1.63 patch notes saying otherwise: [83759] Fixed: AI not engaging through glass and other penetrable surfaces (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/4438). Thank you
  22. I have one quick question concerning the Extended Armor option under the various Difficulty Options. Is it possible to apply the Extended Armor option to the AI units as well through the Init field or some other method? I’ve already searched the forums and with ingame time spent in Arma 2 it is apparent that the Extended Armor option applies to only players and not AI units. So is there a way to give existing AI units and Spawned in AI units the Extended Aromor protection as well? Thanks, THE Rev Tube
  23. In the Editor the Adjustable Skill Bar could use: A small editable box that displays the numerical value of where the Adjustable Skill Bar is set at for units. In Options--->Game Options--->Difficulty the Friendly and Enemy skills have an Adjustable Skill Bar with an associated box that displays the numerical value of where the Adjustable Skill Bar is set. The editor could use this too cause trying to give specific units a set specific skill variable is much harder to do with the naked eye. Thanks! THE Rev Tube
  24. revolverocelotkjb

    Missing xAudio2 file(s) & sound issues

    I have the Creative Audigy 2 ZS and have experienced the *snap* crackle* *pop* ingame as well. All drivers are up to date and sound has been reduced to default. I have noticed that the sound distortions are actually worse since patch 1.03. Very frustrating. Any other Creative Audigy 2 ZS users that have been able to fix this issue?
  25. revolverocelotkjb

    Editor Suggestion for Unit Skill

    Actually all I had ever tested with this setSkill x is this setSkill 1 and this setSkill 0. So just to be thorough I gave this setSkill 0.2 a try and I have to say that I agree with you Big Dawg KS that this setSkill 0.2 is the exact same as having the Editor Skill Sliding Bar moved all the way to the left. I assumed that the Editor Skill Sliding Bar moved all the way to the left was the same as having this setSkill 0 and when I witnessed the poor performance of the AI at this setSkill 0 I assumed that this was true. So apparently this setSkill x does indeed weigh into the equation of increasing the AI's Skill and Precision the same as the Editor Skill Sliding Bar. So my apologies. Hell I don't know the specific in's and out's of how the AI works...Just wanted a thread concerning adding a Numerical box beside the Editor Skill Slider. That's all.