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  1. The very first link in the very first post, pointing to http://www.armamapmaking.info/doku.php?id=quick_terrain_builder_tutorial , does not work
  2. rfc

    SciFi SW Mod

    A new hope! Ruppertle, you just made my day :D
  3. rfc

    Forum Theme

    See http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190362-No-more-dark-theme-on-BI-forums
  4. Btw, will you put it into Steam Workshop for even easier installation? Thanks for all the hard work!
  5. With lights, please. This adds soo much to the immersion. Thank you for your hard work!
  6. This surely must be a coincidende but just today on the development branch an update was provided which adds the necessary RotorLib simulation into A3 which is used in TOH; however they say it needs to be enabled separately and may not work correctly with SP/MP scenarios. Read for yourself: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149636-Development-Branch-Changelog&p=2746362&viewfull=1#post2746362
  7. TBH, Arma3, or the Arma series in general, does not feel in any way it would lack content to me. I think I've barely touched 30% of all the possibilities yet ...
  8. This is incredible! I was just a short time on the PCGN server and unfortunately there were next to no players; but the idea with the flipchart board, the map, etc. it's really great! I hope we more interested players can be found; I really enjoy the kart driving with the XBOX controller. And thank you for putting the effort into it!
  9. Hello, it's really good to hear something from developers/BIS again since it has been very quite ... the update looks really awesome! BUT I've a question, regarding this: On Steam, obviously, the game is marked as Early Access. I think it's incredible that you/BIS is constantly adding massive things to TOM. I mean, just consider the manned stuff; nowhere has this have ever been mentioned before the pre-sale last year and it's absolutely free. BUT. Two months for what exactly? Only the manned module or the whole game .... ? Because, when I start the game today and try to play the Campaign and stuff, there's still LOTs of things which just isn't properly explained, taught, etc. Without going to either forums (BIS, Steam) it's impossible to even finish the first introduction thing. So; I'm wondering if that is the general resource timeline available for the whole product or only for a specific part being worked on in the game? If it's the former, I'm suddenly don't have an optimistic feeling about the game feeling polished when no development resource would been dedicated anymore and the game would leave Steams EA. I hope this post isn't understood in the wrong way. The surprises which have been brought to us through the game are next to none, really :) I'm just a bit concerned ... thank you!
  10. rfc

    Karts: suggestions

    I was able to get "glance over shoulder" somehow working by assigning the right stick left/right to "Look left (analog)"; I had to increase the deadzone for the right stick however, otherwise it wouldn't properly center. Btw, is there a handbreak somewhere? The usual handbreak key doesn't seem to do anything ... ---------- Post added at 16:18 ---------- Previous post was at 15:59 ---------- Added more about map tilting and collision physics to initial post
  11. rfc

    Karts: suggestions

    Do you mean FOV dependent on the vehicles speed? I think I saw similar things in other games, usually the FOV "increasing" with speed. But you actually meant it the other way round?
  12. rfc

    Karts: suggestions

    About the Karts To be blunt: I love 'em :) For one, it's just incredible what this engine can deliver. I already could imagine an MP Racing mod. Anyway. Since Karts are obviously "fun over realism", here are some suggesting to BIS to improve the experience: it would be nice if for XBOX controller there could be a more fitted mapping Currently you steer with left stight (OK) but accell/deccel with the right stick. Players playing GTA know how a useful mapping has to be: left trigger: brake/reverse right trigger: accelerate left stick up: hit extra accelerate left stick left/right: steer right stick: look around It can be mapped currently, but there's one big problem: it does not automatically recenter. But that's IMHO necessary. One could mapping pressing right stick to center, I tested it. But then it gets just distracted for the racing experience. [*]the mini-map I get with "B" should be oriented so that up always faces the same direction the driver is facing (sans his head movement direction). Also, it should be tilted so that it views farther in the distance ahead [*] the track markers are really sometimes hard to spot. and the should already give an indication in which direction to go next [*] the collision physics, especially noticeable on challenge track 5, is very very frustrating. If you hit the boarder in an acute angel, it usually increases the angle thus make you face more towards the border (hard to describe for me). I don't expect to bounce off of the border but it is hindering the race experiencing because it almost requires perfect driving (i.e. no collision in narrow space). I guess more will come later. But nevertheless, it's lot of fun. Too bad it's only SP. edit: added tilting of minimap, collision physics on track 5
  13. But isn't this expected? Using the XBOX Controller, when I hit steering full to the left, I see the wheels gradually going more and more left. I.e. there's a maximum turning speed. If I slowly steer left, the wheel steers to that point. At it looks to me that way.
  14. rfc

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Karts ... is there an MP server so we can race against each other? Guess we need a new mod here!