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  1. But they are not so why would you do this?
  2. Okay, I see. Why change the functionality from the simple left click on/off of vanilla?
  3. I believe I tested all four in the ace demo mission.
  4. I'm not getting a range return with the three rangefinders and the laser designator. I have batteries and can see the laser dot when turned on, but no numbers anywhere.
  5. This should not be styled as "free DLC". That misleadingly suggests it is official content from BI or officially-sanctioned content. Setting yourself up for trouble here.
  6. Where is the controversy? What we have in-game represents a proposed future turret for the Warrior armed with a 40mm CTWS cannon. HE projectile weight is over 5 times that of 25mm HE. Now the 40mm was way overpowered, but wasn't this corrected in the latest patch?
  7. Simply not true. You don't get to speak for everyone.
  8. Behind the screens features awesome KAC PDW, while actual DLC features lame-ass recycled XM8. XM8 died BIS. Let it go.
  9. akd42

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    M1A2 has a turbine engine.
  10. akd42

    CO16 Insurgency

    There would be absolutely nothing to do playing red alone. This is a coop blue mission, not a PvP mission. The red slots are there for overflow and added challenge when blue teams are full.
  11. akd42

    Recoil (again)

    Imagine sitting an m107 on the ground, tying a string to the trigger, backing away and giving the string a tug. Would the barrel return to the same position? Now imagine doing the same with an MG. Sorry, but there is human in the loop.
  12. akd42

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    go here: http://zeus-community.net/important/ then click on file.
  13. akd42

    INKO Disposable

    BIS has always been and continues to be wrong about most missile/recoilless systems. Carrying two NLAWs plus a rifle would be most difficult. Most likely the launchers can be saved and returned for reloading, but there is no separate missile carried that can be loaded into the tube. The missile and launcher are a single unit. There is nothing to reload. http://www.army-technology.com/projects/mbt_law/
  14. Those pictures aren't even of M4A1s...:confused: