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  1. At least for me, this MOD is now unplayable, i get the following error on startup and then game crashes. bin/config.bin/cfgworlds/ SWU_Aachen_Outskirts/EnvSounds/CFGEnvSpatialSounds/: Cannot find base class 'CFGEnvSpatialSounds' This started 2 days ago but the odd thing is that 3 days ago, everything worked fine. I literally woke up the day after and suddenly Im getting this error message followed immediately by the game crashing. The only thing that I can see as being the issue is that according to the mod screen on startup, there was apparently an update possibly. Ive also deleted the mod and tried downloading again yet the same thing occurs. I also tried the "Lite" version and that too generates the exact same error message. Any suggestions?
  2. genpatton043

    ACE for OA 1.13

    If I'm not using actual sounds/voices, is having the text appear on screen still considered a channel? By that I mean, setting a plane named plane1, that's airborne at the start of a mission and I also set a trigger that activates when said plane flies through it, In the "On activation" box of the trigger I type the following, Plane1 sidechat "This is your captain speaking, blah, blah, blah" the text for those words should appear, regardless whether of whether or not I have actual voices attached to them. But in ACE, they don't. In Vanilla A2 they appear, as well as OA, CO, etc. So if its not ACE what else could it be? If you change it to globalchat, it works. But sidechat, groupChat, and vehicleChat do not. Not sure how else to explain it.
  3. genpatton043

    ACE for OA 1.13

    ACE disabling them is all I can think of since they work fine for vanilla A2 and CO. As for the description, no, there is very little in that at the moment. EDIT- Just to be more clear, all I am referring to is the actual text appearing onscreen and nothing else. I don't mean anything audio.
  4. genpatton043

    ACE for OA 1.13

    IS there something that I need to re-enable in the aceclippi in order to get "Sidechats", "Groupchat" or "vehiclechat" working again? I've already re-enabled the radio feature, but that's mostly for chatter. Globalchat still works but that's it and that won't work for some of the missions I have made. Greatly appreciate any help. ☮
  5. Its been awhile since I messed with these but I was going through the library and the composition feature today. Using it seemed easy in the past as you only really had one call to use to activate it. That being; _newComp = [(getPos this), (getDir this), "FuelDump1_US"] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "ca\modules\dyno\data\scripts\objectMapper.sqf")); Of course that was for the US Fuel dump and when used in game, that works fine. But when you use another name in its place, for example. "vehicle_park_ru1" it comes back as "Script not found" I am using ACE 2. Could that be an issue?
  6. genpatton043

    ACE for OA 1.13

    LoL, I just wanted to know if anyone from ACE ever gave in and mentioned what the freakin banana is for? Endurance?
  7. Thanks a ton. Appreciate the answer, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. But I got it going with one difference and that being I still had to create 2 separate HC/commander/Subordinate modules and still link them to to their respective groups. Regardless, who cares, exactly what I was looking for. Thx again!
  8. OK, maybe I put this thread in the wrong place before, so now its here. Multiple High Command Units For One Side During One Mission. Can it be done and how? I'm designing a mission that hopes to have two players controlling there own rifle companies, or at least parts of one, but I can't figure out how to do it or if it can even be done. I've tried assigning different names to each module, however, the first module always ends up controlling all EVERY BLUFOR unit on the map.A Different faction would work also if that's any easier. Thanks, Chris Feel free to delete this same thread on the Q&A page if need be. I thought that for some reason A2 Editing was closed because I couldn't find it at the time so I put it there. ✌
  9. Can it be done and how? I'm designing a mission that hopes to have two players controlling there very own rifle companies but I can't figure out how to do it or if it can even be done. A Different faction would work also if that's any easier. Thanks, Chris
  10. OK, so I am finishing up the last of my missions for a campaign I am creating and there are a couple of things I could use some advice/help on. The most important are, how do I carry over the same soldiers and their equipment from one mission to the next? For example, in the first mission, the player controls 15 men with assorted weapons. The mission itself is basically a "No win" situation as their parent unit is overrun and they themselves are trapped behind enemy lines, so to speak. I haven't gotten thru that first mission yet with everyone surviving, so, if the team meets their objectives and the mission ends and there are only 10 of them instead of 15, where do I need to adjust things so that at the start of Mission #2, those very same men AND the same amount of ammo/weapons are the same counts as they were at the end of mission #1? I'm assuming it is done in the Campaign Description file, however, so far, of the campaigns that I have unPBO'd and examined, I haven't seen this done. This can be done can it not? Any helpful input is greatly appreciated.:D
  11. genpatton043

    SP Player Death

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I wasn't trying to respawn and the unit I was using was a "Playable" one. I'll use the allowdamage false now that I know it again. I just restarted on Arma 2 after 4 months so some of the syntaxes are slow in coming back to me. and I'm too lazy at times to look them up. But thank you. I just wanted too see if there was ever a larger fix for the issue, but no biggie. Peace!
  12. genpatton043

    SP Player Death

    I just wanted to find out if anyone has had the same problem that I'm about to explain and if there is a remedy for it. Just now, I was testing an AI artillery script, I first watched the rounds launch and then teleported back near the target area. Apparently, I got a little to close and was schwacked by a 122mm round, killing me. Fine. No big deal. The problem is tho, that after I die, nothing happens for the longest time. The mission doesn't end, it just shows me lying on the ground dead. After about 5 minutes, the screen went its traditional red. Cool right? Nope. The screen stayed red without an option to either end mission or switch to another player. It just stayed red and finally, after ten minutes of waiting, I had to close the game as a whole and restart. This happened in the editor preview but has also happened in a regular saved mission. Has anyone had this happen to them and if so, can it be resolved in some way w/o having to kill the entire game? Thanks, Chris
  13. genpatton043

    COWarMod Release

    Really quick question. What addon changes how your squad members Icons look at the bottom of the screen? Instead of the default vanilla green to being a little more detailed?
  14. genpatton043

    Static radar landing system RSP-6M2

    Sorry to dig this up, but where is the example mission, "CablesForRadars.utes" located? Thanks.
  15. genpatton043

    JTK Weapon Suppressor Script

    Kempco, Hey, I have hopefully what's nothing more than a quick question. Is there a class name or some kind of parameter I can use in order to start a mission with the Suppressor already attached to whatever weapon I'm using? The reason I ask is b/c for one, I use ACE pretty much 100% of the time, however, as I mentioned on another topic, I've had an issue using certain functions of that MOD, in particular the "Self Interaction Menu." It just doesn't appear for me and I'm also unable to edit any of the settings, in this case, the key commands. I can go into the settings screen but not only can I not change any of the key settings, I don't even know what some of them are since NONE of them have anything listed. The box is empty. For example, the "Self Interaction Menu" is listed, but the box that's to its right, is empty and shows nothing. Its just a white box. So, I'm trying to a least find some shortcuts around the issue for right now. Hence, why I ask about a class name or start up parameter. Thank you.