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    Grass layer not the best solution?

    i just discovered this: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/8285 i never noticed it before,i always thought im a bad sniper/shooter, until the last days i dug through sniper manuals and stuff and really focused on sniping on distance with accurate shots. tbh this issue makes arma for me unplayable, now that i noticed it, i see it all the time in this so called "simulation" everytime when a target is on grass the visual model is somewhere else than the hitbox. even on 300m its impossible to hit accurate headshots, in fact on 300m its a difference off 1 mildot!! ARE U F... SERIOUS? i wish i have never started trying accurate sniping in arma and discovered this, it breaks the game for me :(
  2. runforrest

    Is Arma 2 playable now?

    most missions of the arma2 camapaign will still make ur pc explode (unless u have a nasa rig) but theres excellent single player missions and campaigns from the community (http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma2_files_scenarios_campaigns&s=title&w=asc&d=0) u should also get OA, because the improvements of the last oa patch make playing with the AI so much more enjoyable
  3. the old voices? really? :inlove: i would really like to know hows that possible :) in the end does someone at CM have a soul? anyways, a BIG THANK U to all who r involved who make CWR2 possible! :notworthy:
  4. runforrest

    tips on AT mission at night

    haha nice idea, i never tried that, although i played and finished this mission in many different ways. taking out the tanks is a bit tricky but not so hard the kamov is tricky too, but shouldnt be a problem with rpgs from the camps hm i think i will try playing this now with caa1 mod in arma2 :D
  5. runforrest

    A.I firefight movement

    setting the waypoint behaviour to careless, did u try that?
  6. runforrest

    Next patch wish list

    -mp/jip, revive/respawn - compatible modules!!(especially SOM) -jip,revive/respawn - synchronization of clients (weather,time,tasks,loadout) > all that is already there as workarounds from the comunity, but setting it up is pain in the 455 !! -fix AI getting stuck when using pistols -subfolders in mpmissions folder PLZ PLZ PLZ -towns on takistan/zargabad still need better performance
  7. nice mission we played it a few times now, it has a nice "flow" small suggestions for future releases: -maybe add a few snipers(or regular units) on rooftops here and there with 50% present chance -add 1 or two small camps with tents n stuff(by default BIS has added a few functions where u can spawn compositions and let units use it/some will sit down or might mount the static guns while another group can patrol the surroundings) -add ambient stuff like background sound,burning wrecks...
  8. runforrest

    How about a new AI Please

    so damn right *thumbsup* the last days i had the best flawless, amazing arma experience ever i always avoided using the AI in the past as squadleader, now, finally the AI follows orders on point even healing etc works flawless + the performance improved alot, less stutter, less framedrops, zooming works without fps loss, LOD switching improved also ALOT. we dont use any mods for the enemy AI, just DAC, in CQB on Fallujah the AI really kicked our asses the last days to those who have problems hiding from the AI: dont count on it that u can hide from the AI, just keep in mind, that the AI will/might see u, even when it just had line of sight on a few pixels of ur right shoe. so keeping the lowest profile even on mid or high distance is the best way to stay hidden, and when u fired the first shot, silenced or not, count on it that the AI will find u. and i dont think that the AI is overpowered that way. Sure the i-just-saw-2pixels-of-u recognition-ai is frustrating sometimes BUT in what situation does that happen? with alot foliage around - so if the AI was human the human would be more careful in that area and would take the further steps in mind - if u think about it like that- like it is now, its quite fair. and dont shoot from concealment - shoot from cover ! :)
  9. runforrest

    SP & Coop : Operation Al-Fajr

    a friend was so kind to build a quick DAC template for me, that can be used in ur mission, already tested and works. improved fps alot, however i still ahve fps drops later in the mission at certain places in certain viewdirections but i need to test more what it is (the map itself,arma,certain objects, or just my damn ati card) ill pm u with dl link edit oh and btw, theres 2 nice addons for very good atmosphere on fallujah: Sandy Skies from Relliki Sgt Elias Soundmod 2(Environment Sounds for Isla Duala - eliassound2_c_environ_isladuala.pbo and eliassound2_s_environ_isladuala.pbo)
  10. runforrest

    SP & Coop : Operation Al-Fajr

    Offtopic @Viper
  11. runforrest

    SP & Coop : Operation Al-Fajr

    Vsync eats fps like crazy, in general my fps are around 35, in bad situations (still to often) lower than 30, and vsync would increase the amount of lower-than-30fps situations. i still cant play near/in towns on takistan(i already wrote about that in troubleshooting forums (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=112394) a script that works with UPS and might help reducing AI numbers: (just found that, i need to look into that asap,sounds interesting) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6540 or/and: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6543 or/and: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6542 thats what i was searching for: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10102 btw on your website you have links of interest, u might add Wolffy.au`s (http://creobellum.org/)to the list, he has has very good example mission and tests concerning waypoints, performance and stuff....
  12. runforrest

    SP & Coop : Operation Al-Fajr

    My specs should be in my signature now If i place myself in the editor in the middle of the town with viewdistance 2000m i have 37-44 fps, when i look straight in the sky 74 fps So running fallujah shouldnt be any problem for me I did a few more testing I connected on a self hosted game, that was running ur mission, my fps improved a bit(26fps even when looking into the sky) compared to singelplayer (22fps). 4 fps for the calculation of the AI saved? hmm very strange, so the cause must be somewhere else. They other 2 guys that played with me also said they have poor performance. When i go into editor and create 60 of ur used takistani groups(also 33% present chance) and all run around with waypoints, i get 28-31 fps looking around normaly, looking into the sky 44fps So the fps are almost cut into half by the calculation of 60 groups running around, and there were no other scripts running, no figthing etc... So for me its quite logic if theres alot of action + additional scripts, that there will be a huge fps drop. Can anyone tell how this is running on a dedicated server? If the fps drop is from the AI calculation it should run fine on the clients Concerning the pistol bug: not ur fault, its a bug in the arma engine, u cant do anything about it, just drop the pistols from the AI. btw the atmosphere in the mission is great, i really think about rebuilding something similar with DAC. There was a mission for sakagah in arma1, where a squad had to get out of the town before sunrise(one of the best missions ive ever played since ofp), already had DAC in it, but the guys who build it were to lazy till now to build a new version of it :)
  13. runforrest

    SP & Coop : Operation Al-Fajr

    hey I gave this one a try in sp (baf and non baf version), and unfortunately i must say its unplayable. 22 fps even when looking into the sky! When i open ur mission in the editor i see the reason for that: 80 groups 11 units each + vehicle groups :eek: > total overkill imho (even with the 33% present chance on each unit) and not surprising that the engine can not handle it. I have no idea what impact the other scripts have fps wise, might be worth it checking it out. May i ask on what nasa rig u r running that mission? (and where i can get that thing without being rich as bill gates :D) Also i have no tasks or notes and the mission starts right away without a briefing screen. Briefing screen is very important, at least to remove the pistols from my AI mates, so that they dont get stuck in the middle of the mission; and its easier to equip them in briefing(if possible and intended that way) than at a crate ingame. No offense or bashing from my side though, i just wanted to report, so that u can improve ur mission if u want to. To impfove fps u might think about DAC zones to cover that big area with AI patrols (i know its more complicated than UPS, i havent touched it myself yet tbh). U might also set some static AIs at keypoints > saves fps compared to moving AI. When i tried to build missions like that(lots of AI) i also used UPS alot and had the same result > low fps. So i gave up building big scenarios like this one. Doing it with the tools provided by the default editor might be better than using scripts, BUT its alot more work, thats why i gave up on that :) Afaik the more MOVING AI u have - the lower the fps, the same amount AI NOT moving should result in far more fps. So using triggers, that check if the player is present and than let the patrols in the area start moving, might be a solution (hm finally i might try that for myself on a big mission like this one - if i do i let u know :))
  14. runforrest

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 79600

    Being on these forums and being an arma fan (although i still have problems with performacne and LOD switching trees) is a very special pleasure these days :) GO BIS GO! and THANK U
  15. runforrest

    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    jea this in coop would be a dream come true. but thats a long way to go and a shitload of work. even getting this done for singleplayer is alot work. mp means u need norrins revive and all scripts need to be compatible with that (backpacks,anomalies,tradingsystem,questsystem...) and a very sophisticated spwaning system is needed to achieve a living, laagfree world. i would start building this right now but unfortunatley scripting is a total mystery to me, i cant get my head around it, even if i try.
  16. runforrest

    Crysis 2 PC Demo [Download link]

    true, however with winxp 32 DX11 is not a topic for me (well maybe in case of Battlefield BC2 where i have no AA with DX9 :banghead: :mad: than i start thinking about DX11-as a nice cashcow imho :D)
  17. runforrest

    Crysis 2 PC Demo [Download link]

    i like the demo grafics r better than in crysis1 and performance is better. u can notice that they put some time in balancing the nanosuit powers. the feel of ur own charakter in the game is great, the sounds, the movement, headshaking etc... the climbing of walls is nicely done but i wished they had a bit more "mirrors edge"-like movement in it. walking, sprinting is a bit to fast for my taste(for this kind of game- the time-space-weaponhandling proportions are just not right) and the weapons recoil is to low. the gameplay is still nice imo, but could be so much better with different speeds and recoils *sigh* getting the demo running was a total mess, and crytek failed hard there. how in the world can some1 f*** up a gamerelease like that? and im not happy about that, i really think crytek deserves good sales, because the engine is awsome and has so much to offer.... for those who dont like bloom and motion blur and want to tweak a few other things, try this: just add to the startup command line. (right click , properties on the crysis 2 shortcut and paste it after everything in the "target" box. - note that u have to link to an other exe! replace Crysis2Launcher.exe with Crysis2Demo.exe) +g_skipIntro 1 +cl_fov 70 +r_DrawNearFoV 70 +pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov 70 +r_motionblur 0 +r_glow 0 +sys_maxfps 125 +i_mouse_accel=0 +cl_crouchtoggle 0 +cl_zoomToggle 0 pretty self explanatory really so the target in ur shortcut might look like this : "K:\Games\Crysis2 Demo\bin32\Crysis2Demo.exe" +cl_fov 70 +r_glow 0 +i_mouse_accel 0 + g_skipintro 1 +r_motionblur 0 +cl_crouchtoggle 0 +pl_movement.power_sprint_targetfov 70 found here(german):http://www.pcgameshardware.de/aid,814314/Tipps-fuer-die-Crysis-2-Demo-So-verbessern-Sie-Grafik-Steuerung-und-Spielspass-Update-SLI/Action-Spiel/News/ or google it
  18. very nice a must-have and new-default script for my missions thank u ! :) ps. hmm i wonder if it would be hard to rework that script also for fuel-related stuff (swap fuel from one vehicle to another) hint! hint! ;)
  19. runforrest

    Reinforcements in a mission

    this might help u: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Waypoint:Guard or this: http://creobellum.org/node/95 that website has very good example missions for many things. check it out! :)
  20. runforrest

    transport mod

    in general: if u wanna edit missions, u have to unpack the mission pbo file with an unpbo programm/tool (http://www.kegetys.net/arma/ - scroll down to ArmA tools, its the 244kb file - inside is cpbo) the unpacked mission folder will go into this folder in WinXP(u have to unhide hidden folders in windows, to be able to see that folder): C:\documents and settings\urwindowsprofilename\yourownfiles?\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\urarma2profilename\missions (im not sure about the names of the folders in english, mine looks like this : C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\aleX\Eigene Dateien\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\-TOB-RunForrest\missions) in case of the btk cargo script u dont need to unpbo it, just copy the folder BTK_Cargo_Drop_v192.Takistan into the folder as i wrote above. the btk folder is inside the missionfolder from the downloaded example mission edit: oh and as u seem to be quite new to editing i can just recommend Mr.Murrays Editing Guide: http://www.mr-murray.de.vu/ (click on downloads, theres also an english version) expect that u have to read ALOT (also here in editing section or other sites), and dont get frustrated when things dont work at the first time :) its more like that they work on the tenth try anyways, good luck :)
  21. runforrest

    Isla Duala

    i havent dug through the whole thread, so maybe this has already been mentioned the molatian army soldiers seem to be all defined as special forces units, at least my friendly AI reports them as such, and the behaviour of molation army soldiers also seem to fit that. they seem to have VERY high scouting abilities(like the default arma2 special forces units), no matter how low i set their skill level. they detect me and friendly AIs very noticable on the other side of a hill even when there is no line of sight. so i wanna ask is there/ or will there mabye a fix, so that they r really "normal soldiers" with normal skills like the default arma2 units? i really would love to use the units, but like it is now, they are far to good, and unfortunately i have to choose other faction as enemys. anyways, i love ur islands and all the little details u put in them keep up the good work Ice :)
  22. runforrest

    transport mod

    i think this belongs more into editing section of this forum, since this can be done by script, no need for a whole mod (mod=compilation of addon,scripts... etc put together to have a complete package) maybe u r looking for something like this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10834 or, more basic, this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9733 follow the instructions in the readmes, should help u how to use this
  23. runforrest

    ATI cards

    i never used that menus in ATT before, i dont get that profile stuff with ATI, with Nvidia that was very much easier is the profile also loaded when i start arma with a launcher or bat file? or do i need to launch arma via the profile? what if i use beta patch? i select other armaoa.exe location? what happens when i close arma? do i get the default settings, or better said, what I defined as default settings? the "texture LOD adjustment" i can only set to full numbers -1, 0 , 1, 2 etc... :confused: ill try ur settings, but i dont think vsync will work for me with vsync off theres already enough situations (a few more trees) where FPS drop below 30, and theres no settings that can change that, unless i chosse settings that make arma look like ofp
  24. OT @Myke that leaning looks awsome. i wouldnt need it in a plane but it would be bloody helpful in some vehicles, especially trucks
  25. runforrest

    ATI cards

    hey Horus, long time no hear :) OCing: jea i know, its not exactly running on 3,2 more like 3.15 or so, because i cant get it running stable without increasing the voltage, so the RAM has to run slower. position of pagefile: i think i read that before, thats why i have it on a not used HD. about ur settings: im surprised u can set objects on very high and vsync on, for me that would be the ultimate fps killer in environments with just a few trees and objects around. resolution on 100% is a NOGO, no sir, NEVER EVER :D where do i find "Texture LOD Adjustment: -0.4" ? and catalyst AI options for me are: disabled, default or advanced ? no high or low or something regarding the memory setting: i also believe, like mentioned by others in other threads, thats the main problem. at a certain point i have fps drops and i can notice how the engine is loading new data, not only when zooming, also when running around in towns, and the stutter is very bad.