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  1. Help! How do I surrender as a player? Like put my hands up and give up? I am playing opfor and I want to surrender to my friends if they capture me, so they can use the (excellent) capture feature. Please help!
  2. Playing around with the latest ACE3 and the Captives features, which are awesome. Heres my problem: I want to be the opfor unit that when the players yell "Freeze! hands up!" I can put my hands up, and be captured. How do I put my hands up and surrender though? Please help!
  3. Having a problem - When using the Remote Control feature while I am Zeus - to take over the driver of a vehicle, I cannot turn the headlights off and on. In fact Remote Controlling any bot on the map and getting into the car, "L" does not - the headlights stay off (or on, if forced on). When I jump in as the Zeus unit himself, its fine. But those under his control cannot. Please fix this! Means a Zeus controlled unit cannot get into a vehicle at night and then turn the lights on!
  4. bloodbomb

    [SP/CAMP/CO] Real-World Operations (RWO)

    Just found this, awesome thread :) I would like to make a mission, just getting a feeling of what kind of mods people are using for them, ive had a bit of a look around and checked out a few (i only use Arma3) and would love to do one with RHS Russian troops in the Crimea or Ossetia etc, on one of my favorite european maps, Panthera. Problem is by the time youve downloaded RHS then AiA map pack thats 6 gigs (required for Panthera apparently) then youve got a massive download for anyone who wants to play it. Ive been out of the community for a while but it seems RHS and AiA are incredibly popular, but is it a bit much to assume everyones got them?... thanks!
  5. bloodbomb

    Not able to select fire of a weapon

    Thanks, very helpful man.... :rolleyes: Yes ive tried all that and still nothing, happens in OA too....and im not the only one to get it. Any ideas yet anyone?
  6. Bloody good missino pingu, hadnt played it before and thouroughly enjoyed it. I knew we were in for an arse raping when I heard some of the boys go "never played it with this many people before...uh oh". So yes, the scaling certainly works lol ;) We took all sorts of mortar and arty fire, all while rushing to find and counter it with our own arty....was intense and hardcore! We got through alright in the end, but it most certainly requires teamwork, quick wits and a sharp eye. Feedback wise: - kept getting double (or triple) ups on mission objectives. We took one town only to have "Take town X" tasks come up like 3 or 4 times suddenly, all saying to take the same town we took. - People got slightly different tasks, not the same ones as others were getting, though I assume this is to do with the doubling up and glitching of the tasks as above? - Squad leader couldnt be revived. If I died I spawned immediately back at base. Apart from once, which confused me lol. - More MK19 hummers or maybe some TOW ones please! EDIT: Seems several people experienced revive/heal/spawn issues. Ive directed them to this thread to put down their specific problems, hope this helps mate Thats all I can think of now, its 3am lol so im gunna go crash. Any other feedback ill chuck your way. Thanks again for a badarse mission man. Whats "non ACE" mean? :P
  7. Look forward to playing this with the boys tonight, havent checked it out yet but have heard good things. Im lead too so should be fun :)
  8. Nice, very nice, good work guys.
  9. bloodbomb

    Not able to select fire of a weapon

    Nah havent got that mod, I have others but this was happening before Im sure
  10. bloodbomb

    Not able to select fire of a weapon

    No one get this? just me?
  11. Just wondering why I cant select fire on weapons I know have select fire. Im using mods yes but even before that, I would hit F and scroll through the different options and see only, say "Semi" and "Grenade". But then randomly later on id be toggling through my weapons and "Auto" will come up suddenly, where I couldnt use it before, and then I can fire in full auto. Sometimes if I go off that fire mode and back to Semi I cant select Auto again, its not there... what.the.fuck. help?
  12. I want some players to play as OPFOR insurgents whilst still being hostile to them so they get attacked, would this work? The idea being to have some players play insurgents that infilitrate an insurgent base then suddenly start gunning them down (I assume some kind of use of SetCaptive might be used as well?)
  13. Is there a way to trigger SetCaptive off and on on a particular unit? Also can you apply SetCaptive to a vehicle so that only while inside the vehicle are the occupants safe from enemy fire, but as soon as they get out they are regular BLUFOR (I want to do some missions where players sneak in in civvie vehicles undetected and launch a surprise attack) Any other tips/tricks/hints re: SetCaptive would be appreciated
  14. you fuckin legend! works a treat, thanks so much bro appreciate it