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    Revive Script

    It does. With the loadout script launched in the init field of the ammo box. (allowdamage false) But 95% of my missions now use the mobile respawn man, not vehicles...
  2. fleepee

    Revive Script

    if no AI is used and there are only players, try to create a trigger with in the activation field: player getVariable "NORRN_unconscious" in the revive scripts, the NORRN_unconscious variable is set to true when a player is... unconscious! for AIs, that variable is: NORRN_AIunconscious You can then with that trigger launch a script that creates smoke on the player's position. But how can you make smoke visible by all other players in a MP game? Headaches guaranted as "player" is local! EDIT: I edited the revive_player script (found in the revive_sqf folder) and inserted a line after line 833 of that script. It works in the editor, I didn't test it on a dedicated server... if (_name == player && !_dead) then { [b]_smoke = "smokeshellblue" createVehicle _pos;[/b] _bee = "butterfly" createVehicle [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2) + 1]; [_bee, _pos] spawn NORRN_UNC_CAM; };
  3. civilians react differently (FSM in game scripts) than soldiers when fight is near them, so...
  4. fleepee

    [FOCK]ers IED

    I looked at the scripts and noticed that only west side can trigger an IED. So Un and PMC forces won't activate them... Perhaps just change line 19 of fock_road_ied.sqf: if (side _x == WEST && isPlayer _x) then To: if (side _x !=EAST && isPlayer _x) then
  5. :cool: just because I'm pleased and proud of it, I relay that post here! But the purpose of this message, as I still see some old versions of these missions being played on dedicated servers, is to inform players that the missions pack was updated a while ago... In a next release, some minor fixes will be made, and an allready tested twelth mission added...
  6. After Months of editing and tests, here comes the time to announce the release of the 11 coop missions pack from the: Peace Keepers Campaign (Play on the oboe and bagpipes merrily, I'll release soon the MP campaign file...) Technically, all missions were designed to be played coop only on a ARMA2 CO dedicated or hosted server No addons are required, just put the PBOs in your MPMissions folder! No known bug at the moment...* I didn't deactivate AI units (20 to 30 playable slots), so you can play those missions even alone with the usefull help of AIs, I can guarantee you'll need them if no other player join the game! Just don't forget to deactivate unwanted AIs, as my ennemy reinforcements scripts depend on the number of playable units ingame, and choose Alpha Leader, as he's in charge of the mobile respawn function... All missions include intro, outro, briefing (basic armament available in the briefing) and de-briefing, and Norrin's revive scripts (lightly customized), and MP choosable parameters in lobby. All missions (but [PK-05]) include life and points penalties for civilian casualties, so check your targets! A lot of scripts are used, some home made, some edited. I want to thank for their great scripts: Xeno (lift script extracted from Domination by Grimes), Norrin, Tophe of Östgöta, Drapper, Pumpkin, Kronsky, Murklor, Celery... I hope I don't forget anyone! What is the story line? You'll discover it by yourselves! Read the post about first mission (get Steve Harris, linked below) to know about the campaign starting situation. Play missions in order, from [PK-01] to [PK-11]. Just know you'll play with, and against: US, Takistan, UN, BAF or PMC factions, in Takistan and Zargabad... If you search for pure infiltration games, these missions are not for you: I edit missions full of action, may be some of you allready experienced it! But that doesn't mean that infiltration is not a choosable tactical option, or that rushing is the one... (and it's definetely not!) But I'm not going to give you any tactical piece of advice, play the missions and make your own tactical choices "on the fly", depending on the number of players! You'll find in each mission briefing important or enough information to handle the situation. Weapons in crates or vehicles are also not randomly placed... (of course?) I hope you and your team mates will enjoy yourselves for several hours, and that you'll hate me! :cool: Important Notes: I'll really appreciate ANY feedback, so don't hesitate to criticize, to give coments and suggestions, or to congratulate, of course! :rolleyes:. * Even if several times tested, some of the missions are still in beta version, please report any bug you find. I'll also be really thankfull for any grammatical or orthographic correction of my english version (all missions support english and french languages) When I started editing the campaign, I wanted to add voices for all missions, but as I wasted a lot of time with voices in the "Rainy Fall" campaign, only two missions do have voices at the moment. PM me if you think you can help me with voices (mainly US, english and arabic accent) as I'm fed up hearing my big french accent! If you want to use one of my home made script, don't ask for it but please, just give credit... and let me know if you improve them, I'm not a (good) scripter! Three missions from this campaign were allready released and are still downloadable in updated versions from the armaholic database: [PK-01] Get Steve Harris: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14176 [PK-05]Secure Oilfields": http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13435 [PK-07]South Patrol: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12420 Download the "Peace Keepers Campaign Missions Pack" RAR file at: Armaholic (really BIG thanks to them!!)
  7. Here's another mission using the mod Invasion 44! Operation "Blind Falcon"! http://i48.servimg.com/u/f48/16/38/84/46/falcon11.jpg (121 kB) Historical Situation: This is a fictitious situation… As far as I know, no ME-262 squadron has ever been on French soil… Some names are real, like the "Erprobungskommando 262", and the name of Adolf Galland, who was in charge of the developing of the German M2-262 jet planes. Today's Mission: The experimental squadron "Erprobungskommando 262", made up of Messerschmitt Me-262 prototypes planes, was spotted in Normandy, in the brand new Adolf Galland airfield, specially built in order to create operational fighter jets squadrons. We also know that the four test pilots in charge of the program settled down in the Kommandantur installed in Cabourg. We must at all costs slow down their testing program; planes destruction and pilots elimination are perfect for that purpose... It's the task assigned to French resistance fighters, you'll find at our camp recently parachuted weaponry. Features: • 20 French resistance fighters slots. You can play it with Ais, just don't forget to deactivate unwanted AI units as reinforcements are relative to the number of west units in game… Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder. Credits & thanks: • Revive scripts by Norrin • Remove dead scripts by Celery • Simple Vehicle Respawn script v1.7 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops • Voices and all other scripts by FleePee • "Partisans' Song" lyrics translation by Ebden [sparta] • Beta testers: Team OTEA • "grenade in tank" scripts made by Titi Requirement: - Arma 2 - Invasion 1944 - D-Day - Invasion 1944 - D-Day Patch #1 - Community Base addons - Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI) (optional) Operation Blind Falcon V1
  8. fleepee

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    I didn't read all posts, but... I hope I won't be misunderstood, I'm not really able to express clearly these kind of ideas in english... Things are not that simple; from black to white, there are a lot of nuances of grey... Terrorist are generally called so by occupying or illegitimate army forces... It's not the only example, but french partisans were "brave freedom fighters" in WW2, except for german forces and the collaborationnist french government, who called them "terrorists", so... Names depend on which side you're with. Only actions can bu juged: there are of course blind useless terrorist actions, but I respect the bravery of under-armed civilians acting to defend their homeland against powerfull forces, and try to understand their actions: it's not nothing to decide to risk your life (and eventually those of your beloved and relatives because of repression) to regain freedom... I despise actions against innocent civillians, no matter how terrorists, I should better call them criminals, justify them! What would I have done in WW2 in occupied europe? What would I have done if I was born in (north) vietnam in the 40-50's? What would I have done if I was an algerian in the 50's? What would I do if I was chechen, tibetan, etc...? And you, what would you do? Comfortabilly watch others dying for you or fight and risk to be tortured, to die for all the people to be free?
  9. fleepee

    Football: Euro 2012

    No coment... :cool:
  10. Use gloval variable, without underscore: evidences==3 (local variable _evidences won't work in trigger condition)
  11. fleepee

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    And do you also want to have skips and garbage collectors, postmen? :)
  12. fleepee

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    The campaign is a MP coop one. As I never tested it in SP mode, you may encounter bugs in SP... The best way to play it is to host either LAN or internet game; You'll then can disable unwanted AIs, change MP parameters in the lobby, and be sure you'll save weapons and ammo for the next missions, which is an important feature of the campaign.
  13. I'm releasing my first Campaign for ARMA2&OA: Rainy Fall Features: It's a 10 slots MP campaign in Chernarus featuring 12 missions, with, I hope you'll agree, not a bad storyline. The campaign is available with English and French versions, there are voices on all missions. The missions are also playable on dedicated servers with ArmA 2 Combined Operations with this missions pack. Installation: Campaign: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Campaigns folder. Missions: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder. Credits & Thanks: I want to thank everyone at OFPEC, Armaholic (hosting the files), BIS forums, and everyone who helped me! *BRAVO* In particular: Norrin(Revive script) Kronzky (Urban Patrol Script) Tophe of Ostgota (Random House Patrol, Vehicle Respawn) Draper (Air Support) Odin(Gaz Bomb, Edited by FleePee) Killer [ADO], for the radio-active LAV texture the Beta testers: Hoz (OFPEC), Lega Voices: Lou_Montana (a few US voices) Resistance-rat (Jan Hitnik character, chernarussian voices) JHunter ~Sparta~ Ebden ~Sparta~ for the english version corrections and storyline suggestions. Description: It's two years now that Chernarus people live in a fragile peace... Russians did never accept to be driven out of the country by the coalition leaded by US army. Since that camouflet, they only think of revenge, they still want to appropriate Chernarus territory and its natural resources, the harbors to where they want to build pipelines and oil terminals... Thanks to an US military satellite, huge troops movements have been noticed near the border. Questioned about them, the Russian government pretend that it's just exercises, they are on maneuvers... Hard to believe... I hope you'll enjoy, it was a lot of work!! Feel free to give some feedback about it! FleePee
  14. fleepee

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    Just for information, PC Games Deutschland contacted me in March; they wanted to write in their magazine an article about "cool" realisations for ARMA2, and include the campaign file in the DVD coming with the magazine, because it was an interesting one... :rolleyes: I of course have been very touched! :dancered: Sorry, I've no translation of the article... http://i48.servimg.com/u/f48/16/38/84/46/rainy_10.jpg (124 kB)
  15. Add too water purifying tablets to the inventory... And if you drink polluted water, you can get dysentery and have to stop and "move your bowels" every 5/10/15 minutes until you find some medics...
  16. Here's my first mission using the mod Invasion 44! Situation: 1944, december 7th, 6h45 AM. Landing operations continue. German Panzer divisions converge now towards the north and the Ardennes. The allied forces high command decided to set a pincer movement. Your today's mission is the key of that operation: control Chef-du-Pont and its bridge, the only one still able to support the crossing by our tanks of the river blocking their path to the east. Royal Air Force bombed the town, but the french resistance informed us that a german infantry battalion is entranched in the ruins, without armored support. While aerial bombing, a drop of weapons and ammunitions for the resistance has been done. Regroup at the resistance camp to meet the resistance leader and get equipment and intel. Features and credits: 32 players slots: 24 british commandos and 8 french resistance fighters As there is a lot of ennemy units well entranched in the ruins and houses of the town, in my opinion, a solid group of 6-12 players is needed to enjoy the mission… You can play it with Ais, just don't forget to deactivate unwanted AI units as reinforcements are relative to the number of west units in game… (And by the way, AIs have difficulties to move in town and cross the bridge...) Revive scripts by Norrin Remove dead scripts by Celery Voices by Domokun, FleePee and… Winston Churchill! "Partisans' Song" lyrics translation by Ebden [sparta] Beta testers: Team OTEA Requirements: Arma2 OA patch 1.60 Mod Invasion 44 V2.60 + hotfix 2.61 CBA Optionnal: RUG_DSAI (adds german voices) Installation and download link: Just put the PBO file into your MPMissions folder Operation Goulash Bridge V1
  17. I thank you for the feedback! Following your remarks: - Are you sure some AI para died? (you can see the unconscious markers from the revive scripts). You should disable unwanted AI slots; I don't disable them to allow players to play the mission with AIs. - I've allready lowered the volume of the partisans' song since the mission release. - I do like long missions! Only 3 objectives in that one, but you're right, I could have split the mission in two, but I like it like this! - I first added the B17 wreck as a possible cover place in that open field at town entrance... then 2 dead crew men for the look, and then, why shouldn't I add a secondary objective to search and rescue the other crew members? ;) Thanks again, it's always great and helpfull to have some feedback!
  18. Any feedback/suggestion on that one?
  19. fleepee

    Revive Script

    I do. I posted about it in this thread. I updated the way i'm doing it, check any of my missions...
  20. fleepee

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    Thanks for your invitation, I'll check the servers list!
  21. I just changed the position of one line, it should work if you also add a fade in line (or volume remains at 0 level!!): private ["_musicTrack","_transitionLength"]; _musicTrack = _this select 0; _transitionLength = _this select 1; _transitionLength fadeMusic 0; sleep _transitionLength + 2; _transitionLength fadeMusic 1; playMusic _musicTrack;