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    The Community Mission

    I guess i'll just add some more... 18.The confrontation with the Russian ambassador doesn't end well and the Russian ambassdor is verbally assualted and the media takes this and bends this to their cause with the general population of the US questions the involvement of the US forces because of a significant amount of troops dying from escalating terrorist attacks on US and Russian military installments... the support from the population seems to be ending similar to Vietnam many years earlier...
  2. Yrkidding

    The Community Mission

    When Bob's statement reaches US ears tension runs high. The president contacts a Russian ambassador and sets up a meeting. He confronts the ambassdor about it.
  3. Yrkidding

    The Community Mission

    continuing with the story...... The Russian officer did not believe Lena, and began to walk back to the trucks.
  4. Yrkidding

    The Community Mission

    6.The note read: "Please Help My People" under that were a set of longutiude and latitude coordinates.
  5. Yrkidding

    North America Release / Publisher

    Well I've seen two different release dates in NA on two diff website one said June 23rd and IGN said Sept. 30th I mean I hope it gets released in the Canada ASAP but I don't know when that will be...either way Im gonna do my best to get it with the money I have even if (assuming I can afford it) It has to be shipped across the Atlantic!
  6. Yrkidding

    Anyone got some of those small helpful tips?

    Thanks alot im gonna take a look at that
  7. Yrkidding

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    IGN says Sept. 30th this year fo US release but I saw another site say June 23rd for NA release so....
  8. Im just curious about tips for the game....I haven't played Arma I but i've played Project Reality and just to make sure Im not asking hey how do I drive this or whats the controls for/wat is it like to.....Im asking for any small tips that you can only learn from experience of playing in Arma. Just those small but helpful tips that I may be able to apply to the game once I get it.
  9. Yrkidding

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    So whats the Release date for ARMA 2 in Canada? In a hurry can't read the entire thing
  10. Yrkidding


    yea but SOMEONE ex-military or someone who even learned to fly on their own has to know how to fly in alll of Chernarus...if determined enough u give an insurgent group a DC-3 which is pretty easy to look at and say what is what they could prob fly it.
  11. Yrkidding


    I mean Insurgents......Insurgents to fly it not the marines
  12. Yrkidding


    I was looking through the original Arma site and I took a look at the Queen's Gambit expansion and I happened to see the DC-3 as an added vehicle and i was wondering it it would be in Arma 2 too because ii think it would be good for some of the insurgent forces to have it because A. Im sure someone other in military or even EX-Military would know how to fly in the entire state of Chernarus....B. the DC-3 is a readily available plane thats been since like the 30s and as is still used by several touring agencys etc around the world. C. Its simple to fly and reliable meaning not alot of effort would have to be put into maintaining suiting the insurgents lack of knowledge in planes perfectly! D. It wouldn't be too impractical also because the insurgents could fly low under radar and go in the country side flying through vallies etc. to trans supplies and men from hideout to hideout. An Image Of The DC-3
  13. Yrkidding


    Actually i think the weather forecast thing u said is a good idea s!fkaIaC..i think that would be a good feature for a breifing.
  14. Yrkidding

    Is Sopwith Camel included?

    I think there should be a Grumman Goose, its an WWII era plane used by the US Navy..... I think itd be a good plane for that purpose
  15. Yrkidding


    can u give me a link to this pic i can't find it and i'd like to see :D