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  1. kadinx

    Respawn Menu Position

    Just in case any developers is lingering around...
  2. Is it possible to give us control on the delay of "menuPosition" opening? e.g. Suggestion in Bis_fnc_showRespawnMenu line 7 can you give us control on the "3" in this: _time = time + 3; maybe an addition to the code below: if (isNil "Bis_RscRespawnMenuDelay") then {Bis_RscRespawnMenuDelay=3}; and change the line 7 to: _time=time+Bis_RscRespawnMenuDelay; below extract from the original function [ _this spawn { disableSerialization; _mode = _this select 0; if ((_mode == "open") && (time > 1) && (isNil {uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_RscRespawnControls_skipBlackOut"})) then { _respawnDelay = playerRespawnTime; switch true do { case (_respawnDelay > 5): { _time = time + 3; waitUntil {(time > _time) || (!isNil {uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_RscRespawnControls_skipBlackOut"})}; cutText ["","black out",0.5]; sleep 1; cutText ["","black in"]; }; case (_respawnDelay > 2): { _time = time + 0.5; waitUntil {(time > _time) || (!isNil {uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_RscRespawnControls_skipBlackOut"})}; cutText ["","black out",0.5]; sleep 1; cutText ["","black in"]; }; }; }; ]
  3. kadinx

    [Bug Report] Dedicated Server

    Issue RESOLVED in today's update. Game version: 1.63.137761 Thank you.
  4. kadinx

    [Bug Report] Dedicated Server

    Still Crashing on Todays update...
  5. On Today's Dev branch update: 1.63.137721, the dedicated server crashes when Tanoa is being loaded. Mission progresses to briefing map but server crashes afterwards. Altis and Stratis map missions are loading with no problems
  6. kadinx

    Apex Weapons Demonstration

    I did not even know that they were included in the Dev Release yet!!
  7. kadinx

    Map Markers "Disabled by the Server"

    Noticed the same issue. However if the same mission is loaded a few times it looks that the issue resolves itself. I also notice this issue with my missions in Altis and Stratis after the update that introduced Tanoa.
  8. Kind Request: Documentation on modparams, maxping, maxDesync?
  9. kadinx

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    @darkdruid Going through a mod sounds like an interesting idea. I will start exploring it. Thank you for your guidance. PS: However I run into trouble and searching this came up: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186742-how-to-make-an-addon-that-replaced-a-bis-function/ I wonder if I might not be able to do it.
  10. kadinx

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    I actually would like to Increase the delay. I understand that after all is settled I can create new functions from the existing Bis ones, recompile them and guide/redirect the script from there but that implies that a custom template should be accepted in Description.ext to replace the preexisting "MenuPosition". Unfortunately, the word "MenuPosition" is embedded in more that one other functions that are involved in the Respawn process that makes it impractical to recompile so many functions for one small delay. However there is a chance that I got it wrong and there is another way. Please, and when you get around it, redirect my thinking process and I will find the answer.
  11. Found out that the Playable Leader DOES get a duplicate which spawns at the bottom left corner of the map
  12. Since Game version: 1.61.136177, Duplicate playable units are created on mission start up. All human players occupying any position except the leader position will get one mirror image of themselves spawned where originally they were placed in the mission editor. The actual human playable units will spawn and relocate wherever the mission scripting requires but not the duplicates. Those units have identical names and will obey leader orders as normal AI units of the same group.
  13. Much obliged...thank you
  14. Game version: 1.61.136128 Dedicated server does NOT crash anymore when a mission rotation list exists but clients log to a empty black screen. Server comments do show up on bottom left of screen. When rotation list is empty in server.cfg, clients log in mission setup page as normal.