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  1. MarineSeaknight

    US Desert Vehicles (WIP)

    What island/map is that you are picturing your vehicles in? It looks nice. (And so do the re-skins dude, awesome job!)
  2. The same community that brought you #1 Gametracker.com ranked servers and a teamwork-oriented, mature environment is back with the second iteration of the Armed Assault title. What is Tactical Gamer? For those of you who have not gotten the chance to visit TacticalGamer.com or play on its servers yet, I will give a brief explanation. TG is not a squad, it is an open, public community for like-minded gamers. Basically, we provide the servers, you provide the teamwork. When playing on TG servers, teamwork and maturity aren't just expected, they are a requirement. As some of my friends put it, "We try to run a tight ship which means troublemakers, lone wolves, people who do not follow their Squad Leader/Commander's instructions, all dont last long." That being said, TG welcomes all willing players to our casual gaming environment and hope that your stay on our servers is an enjoyable one. TG Server Information In-game VON (Voice Over Network) is now enabled and working well on both the TG Servers, with the help of the 58972 beta patch. Passwords to the servers are no longer available on Teamspeak, but it is encouraged that you join us on TS anyway to get the full community experience. To obtain the passwords to the servers, please make sure you are up to date with the 1.03 and 5972 beta patch by reading this and this. All TG servers are based in the United States, but offer generally good connections to our friends in Europe as well. Things to Consider Tactical Gamer is proud to be one of Dslyecxi's promoted gaming communities, as seen near the bottom of the first page of his recently published guide, Dslyecxi's ArmA2 Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures Guide - Be sure to check that out when you have the chance, if you haven't already. Lastly, TG hosts a variety of other games too that may also be worth checking out - including the already popular modification for Battlefield 2, Project Reality. Thanks for your time and we hope you'll be joining us for a mission or two soon! TacticalGamer.com - The PREMIERE online community for mature gamers
  3. MarineSeaknight

    Mature Gaming - TacticalGamer.com

    I know it might seem weird to not play with your mic (I've had issues with mine too), but don't let that stop you from playing! Mics are only required if you want to take a leadership role, but if you still want to play, sign-ups are still open until the start of the event in a few hours.
  4. MarineSeaknight

    Mature Gaming - TacticalGamer.com

    Thanks for your kind words everyone, and you're welcome back anytime! Click on the TG Servers link down in my signature for a complete list of Tactical Gamer servers, including our two ArmA ones. Our forums are located in my signature, as well as a forum to contact TG admins. Almost every Sunday, TG will host a passworded ArmA Event open to everyone. Our other servers will be closed during this event, but if you'd like ot sign up this week, click on this link: (You need to have a registered Tacticalgamer.com account, which takes only a few minutes to sign up) http://www.tacticalgamer.com/armed-assault-general-discussion/138751-sunday-event-may-10-a.html