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  1. Yeah the first thing I did after the data dump was a defrag. While I will admit to being a techie 'clot', I did know that much to do! ;)
  2. It has certainly helped thanks mate, I am narrowing it down and I think it could well be a 'missions/server' issue as opposed to an ACE issue... but certainly for some reason Arrowhead is tasking my lappy far harder than vanilla A2. Will have to do for now... until I get a new rig. Thanks again for the assistance.
  3. Sick, thanks mate, a number of useful suggestions there. Will endeavour to try all and report back. EDIT- This was my RPT file from just starting up with the thread=0 fix: ===================================================================== == D:\Bohemia Interactive\arma2OA.exe == "D:\Bohemia Interactive\arma2OA.exe" -nosplash -cpuCount=2 -exThreads=0 -mod=@cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_usnavy;@acex_sm;@acex_ru;@KHPackAce ===================================================================== Exe timestamp: 2011/03/31 22:28:01 Current time: 2011/04/06 16:33:04 Version 1.59.79384 Item str_disp_server_control listed twice Conflicting addon WarFXPE in 'warfxpe\', previous definition in 'warfxpe\loading\' Updating base class ->BulletCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/BulletBase/ Updating base class ->ShellCore, by ca\weapons\config.bin/CfgAmmo/ShellBase/ Updating base class F35_base->Plane, by warfxveh\config.cpp/CfgVehicles/F35B/ Updating base class Plane->F35_base, by x\ace\addons\c_vehicle\config.bin/CfgVehicles/F35B/ Warning: looped for animation: ca\wheeled\data\anim\uaz_cargo01_v0.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: kia_uaz_cargo02 Warning: looped for animation: ca\wheeled\data\anim\uaz_cargo01_v0.rtm differs (looped now 1)! MoveName: uaz_cargo02 [409,67.556,0,"XEH: PreInit Started. v3.0.6"] [409,67.729,0,"MISSINIT","intro","utes",false,true,false] [409,76.107,0,"XEH: PreInit Finished"] [409,76.505,0,"XEH: VehicleCrewInit: 10"] [411,77.995,0.1,"XEH: PostInit Started"] [411,78.148,0.1,"CBA_VERSIONING",["#CBA_HASH#",["cba","ace","acex","acex_ru","acex_usnavy"],[[[0,7,4,151],-1],[[1,10,0,475],-1],[[1,10,0,323],-1],[[1,10,0,42],-1],[[1,10,0,44],-1]],[[0,0,0],0]]] [411,78.727,0.1,"XEH: PostInit Finished; [true,false,false,true,false,true,true,true,true,false]"] [409,75.425,0,"x\ace\addons\sys_wounds\XEH_preInit.sqf:8","WARNING: Enhanced Armor difficulty options enabled - this is not recommended in conjunction with ACE Wounds!"] All seems pretty good so far, will test tonight and check further in MP. This is my machine spec! (Dont laugh!) ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 4/6/2011, 00:47:41 Machine name: Operating System: Windows Vistaâ„¢ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.100608-0458) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA System Model: Satellite X205 BIOS: Ver 1.00PARTTBL Processor: Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.8GHz Memory: 3070MB RAM Page File: 1428MB used, 4912MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 10 DX Setup Parameters: Not found DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 32bit Unicode
  4. Not that I am aware. I have AA pretty much switched off. It seems to be just ArmA2 OA Ace, I can run A2 without ACE and with ACE and it seems fine. The biggest issue I have noticed is mission loading time. This has gone up MASSIVELY with Ace OA and significantly different since ACE for A2 first came out. ACE is a truly fantastic mod and credits to those who have made it what it is, but I am wondering if it is simply too big now with too many features being loaded up, that unless your running an all singing all dancing gaming desktop, you will have problems. I also considered the hard-drive issue, and in fact just the other day I backed up my HD and deleted a huge tonne of data from the machine (about 140gigs worth) and it made no noticeable major improvement. Truly not sure what is going on...and like I said, maybe my machine is simply not capable of handling ACE2OA in which, sadly it will mean a massive reduction in my playing ArmA2, which would be a huge shame. I would really love the developers to consider putting all their efforts into making the game run considerably faster thus helping borderline machines, rather than more content.
  5. Yes sir I am ... and latest Nvidia drivers for my 8700m GT
  6. Has anyone else had a significant performance drop off while using ACE 1.9 OA? Since I have been using it recently, it seems to take forever for a mission to load and my FPS has dropped through the floor? to now unplayable levels. Just wondering if it is just my machine or if others have faced performance loss? I am using a big-ass gaming Laptop and have done for the last couple of years with ARMA2 playing no problem, including ACE for ArmA2, where I had not a great 18-25fps but the game was quite playable. Now....I can barely get 10fps and I dont know if it is Arrowhead or ACE OA which is killing my machine, or something else... as it is definitely since I started using ACE OA a few weeks ago. Any suggestions other than 'buy a new PC' greatly appreciated.
  7. Do you have a mission end trigger? If so I would start looking here. Sounds like the mission thinks its over? So maybe check the trigger to ensure it is seeing what is there or not meant to be there, for the mission to finish. Just my 2pence worth.
  8. Hello all... I am working on a mission where I need one of the ambient animals to be able to activate a trigger. For example an Alsatian going into a given area. I have tried editing the animal in the mission.sqf to make the class EAST with no joy, equally I have tried attaching an Opfor with probability of presence set to 0 and still no joy. Is it even possible to make an animal set off a trigger, in which case how? Many thanks BD1
  9. BD1

    Predator Mod

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad this mod is out! I created a Predator style mission a while back...but had no predator in it!! Now......muhahhahaha Great job!
  10. PAC hi, In answer to your question about the AI, I think the biggest issue is detection zone. I have tweaked all the AI to highest skill and increased the rank of spotting officers etc, but in low light/night they really often dont react unless you fire at them. I have some spawned AI using a USPS script that seem to engage a little better, but I might also give Zeus's AI a try. If there was anyway of increasing the AI detection range of Blufor it would certainly help for night based missions. I might add this is only an infantry detection problem. If you jump in a vehicle they spot you straight away and all hell breaks loose! :D Just completed my 2nd mission on the Kelly's Server, which is a Para 20 player CoOp called 'The Red Devils' and I have just released onto the server v3 of 'Devils Kitchen' the 40 player unbalanced TvT. Both seem to be working quite well.
  11. Pac wonder if you have some ideas on a problem I am facing. As you know I made a night mission 'Devils Kitchen' and one of the main problems is the German AI do not seem to react at all to Blufor land forces. They will attack an Allied Aircraft or Vehicle straight away, but not grunts on the ground.... I have actually run back and forth in frnt of a German MG42 nest shouting abuse at the AI gunner with little affect... I was at least expecting him to get a little upset after the 6the 6th pass of 'Your mothers a whore!!' but alas no shooting and no response...so I shot him! ;)
  12. Many thanks mate thats grand. ---------- Post added at 03:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 PM ---------- This may have already been created... but does anyone have a script that can be linked to a trigger that forces an AA unit to start to fire for say a 30 second continuous burst? That would be REALLY useful to me right now! ;)
  13. PAC.....bloody great mod mate! I am just in the midst of finishing a mission for this great mod. It's an unbalanced TvT that can be played as a CoOp when server numbers are low. 10 British Commando's versus 30 German players with German AI. It's called 'Devils Kitchen' and it will be played soon on the Kelly's Hero's Server.... Anyone who has played any of my previous missions at KH or at TG will know how I like to set 'ambience' in my missions ;) and I just spent 2 days solid sound sampling true P51, B24 and other WW2 sounds. This will be a dusk into night mission... so far all seems to go well and I hope to begin testing this week at KH. Quick question.... on briefings. what do we need to place instead of USMC in briefing format so that it will display for either German or British forces?