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  1. Can you not disable the behaviour for player squad via the in-game Lambs options?
  2. Just had a great experience clearing a town. Lot's of enemy garrisoned, with 6 friendly teams all with hunt waypoint's in the centre of the town. They all seemed to work together to clear through the town. Clearing one building all together, then moving on to the next one. Separate groups coming together as one and clearing the same series of buildings, is that by design? or just happy coincidence due to having their hunt waypoint's all in the same spot? Also, after half the town was cleared all teams stopped, is there a limit to how many times they move within one hunt waypoint? [EDIT] Just read the description and it says this only targets players, but it seemed to work well against enemy?
  3. Brilliant to see this back in action. I've been checking in on this thread weekly to see any news. Time to get back in to the game I think. Fantastic news on the CBA inclusion
  4. Also patiently awaiting the next release!
  5. This negative spam persists amongst all AI groups regardless of whether their part of the player squad or not. For me personally, I just use the variable that nKenny helpfully provided to disable danger.fsm solely in my squad so that I can control them how I like. That way I can both have full control of my teammates, and have the added benefit of having an enemy AI that is generally more dangerous and varied than before.
  6. @spyderblack723 @HeroesandvillainsOS I do indeed. I should reiterate, the actual app key opens up the menu just fine. It just doesn't work when rebound to any other key (The sound plays, but the menu doesn't open). I can't use the app key however, since the keyboard I actually use doesn't have one, and obviously switching to an old half-broken keyboard, albeit with an app key, to play this fantastic mod isn't ideal. Also, this is without any other mods installed, just using AliVE and CBA so I imagine it should be reproducible unless something reeeally weird is going on my end.
  7. I'm currently having trouble rebinding the Open Menu (My keyboard doesn't have the App key). I have the latest version of CBA_A3 I have the latest version of AliVE both from steamworks I've tried rebinding both the 'use action 20' and 'Open Menu' in the configure addons menu, after every change I restarted the game. I get the Open Menu sound, but the menu itself doesn't open, and I've plugged in an old haggard keyboard with an App key and the Menu comes up just fine. I've tried various keys, including the letters, numbers, right windows/shift etc etc, made sure none of them are bound to another action but it just doesn't want to play.
  8. Are there currently any AliVE configs available for the factions?
  9. Do we have to add any modules/optional pbo's or anything to activate the Medical AI? I tried popping some AI down. Put a couple of rounds in some legs and waited for a few minutes but no one did anything.
  10. I don't, no. Seems to just crop up when I sync PLA units
  11. No problem. Thanks for the mod :) The units are: China - People's Liberation Army Infantry by Majoris.
  12. Getting a whole bunch of errors after placing a couple of Sector placements and linking them to a couple of leaders Line 238. 197, and 194 in the fn_BLSpawn.sqf it seems to be cycling through. Downloaded via PWS, using PLA and RHS units [edit] Seems to be a problem with the PLA units. took them out replaced with RHS opfor and the error's gone.
  13. AI utilising the new medical features hasn't been implemented yet.
  14. This is my main gripe at the moment. As someone who rarely ventures in to multiplayer, the new system seems to be a step back from what AGM had implemented. Even when playing multi-player enemy squads are affected with entire squads made immobile due to the leader getting hit in to an unconscious state and the AI powerless to do anything until the unit bleeds out. Everything else, fantastic. Just the AI inability to use the medical system.
  15. Cheers mate, will try it out today. [edit] Also, I notice that the feature slowing down the leader has been been deprecated as of v0.14, but I've only really noticed this behaviour re-arise in I think either 0.18beta or 0.18final. [edit2] Also, I realise that it may be a taste thing with one or two units breaking off and doing their own thing. Other people may prefer to have individuals in a squad work with autonomy and be a bit more aggressive rather than as a single team unit that's maybe a bit more passive.