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  1. intruder_ger

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Ok guys, got it. I have checked my Installation on steam, and now it works fine. Thanks for your help.
  2. intruder_ger

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    I cant find a selection under controls/weapons, no kidding. When i play the Showcase/Marksmen, then i get the Information on weapon deployment *to deploy your bipod press "undefined". Would be nice to get the opportunity to select a button, but i dont know how?
  3. intruder_ger

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    I can not assign a key for deploying the bipod, where can i find it ? Solved
  4. intruder_ger

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    Same here. Pressing button "C" doesn´t work for me.
  5. intruder_ger

    Parachute classname

    this addbackpack "B_Parachute";
  6. intruder_ger

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I had the same problem. It can be solved, when you save the mission after place your soldier, and then use the preview. works fine for me Regards Intruder
  7. Delete this clamps "",{[_this] execVM " or better write like below Regards Intruder
  8. For to test, i have created two triggers The first Trigger on condition on activation on deactivation and in the second Trigger on condition on activation on deactivation h1 is the name of the ai for the animation and both with repeatedly of course. When the player is in the area of the first trigger, the ai is stay in his animation Regards Intruder
  9. Why you are not using the Arty from SSM Module? With the other Module, there are two circles on the Map when selecting point to fire. The inner is min range circle and the outer is the max range circle. Your target must be between this two circles. edit: Tested a few minutes ago, works fine here. Inner circle is green and the outer is red. I think i known you problem. The M119 is changing to M2 Gun when you copie them to zargabad, so you must change them back to M119. Regards Intruder
  10. intruder_ger

    Script commands

    not 100% sure Regards Intruder
  11. intruder_ger

    New to hostage scripting

    condition Regards Intruder
  12. intruder_ger

    New to hostage scripting

    hmm, you can create a sqs and write this inside hostage.sqs [activate with [this] exec "hostage.sqs" With this, the hostage is joining the players group. And for leaving with a trigger condition on activation But i´m sure, somebody has a better solution for this. Regards Intruder
  13. Why you not place a trigger on your H with timeout approximately "5-7-10" condition on activation So after the land "land" order, the chopper is landing and waiting with running engine. Regards Intruder
  14. intruder_ger

    Problem TRACK IR 4

    Hmm, maybe the thread below include a solution for you. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=80433&highlight=TrackIR Regards Intruder
  15. intruder_ger

    Problem TRACK IR 4

    Win7? Create a shortcut on the desktop, take a rightclick and change the security(fully rights) also on the user. hope that helps Regards Intruder
  16. After Grouprespawn, the earplugs and glasses are not longer available in the actionmenue. Any ideas? Regards Intruder
  17. shortcut must be show like this. Regards Intruder
  18. intruder_ger

    Isla Duala

    Yep, its v1.3, but its not an Islandproblem, because its on Utes too. I dont know why, but textures shown just in a range of 500 meters. The viewdistance in the video options ist 3900 meters. I did try it with ace mod and without, no difference. Then also tested vanilla, and the same problem. Funny is, i didnt have this problem a few days ago. Great work IceBreakr, thats the best ArmA2 Island for me. :bounce3: Regards Intruder
  19. intruder_ger

    Isla Duala

    Roads and airporttextures not showing from far distance. Can anybody confirm this? Regards Intruder
  20. :D Big regards to sweden. :cheers:
  21. Great work A very good balance of objects, not to less and not to much. :bounce3: regards Intruder
  22. Can anyone confirm this please. Regards Intruder
  23. Press F10 first and create a center, than press F2 and create a group and then press F1 and set an unit, this is automatically a playable unit. ;) Regards Intruder
  24. intruder_ger

    Turn off lighthouse?

    try this Works fine on Utes Island Regards Intruder
  25. Write this in a trigger Regards Intruder